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The Green Lantern Movie Has “The Touch!”


Check out the fan made tribute to the upcoming Green Lantern Movie featuring Stan Bush’s “The Touch!”

“The Touch” debuted in 1986’s animated Transformers: The Movie and to this day is still sung by fans of the Autobots and Decepticons.

You can find – and play- this iconic song on Rock Band and Rock Band 3! “The Touch” is available to download through the Rock Band Network.

A Rock Band contest has also been announced which you can find details about at StanBush.com and AuthorityMusic.com. Create a video with “The Touch” and Rockband – and you can be a winner!

Here’s the fan vid from Darth Andrea and be sure to check out her “Wheel of Time” column at InvestComics.com!


CosBlog: She’s just not that into you, Death


Over at the Cosmic Book News CosBlog, Ryan Read posted an article about Lady Death!

Here’s an excerpt:

The Thanos Imperative has come to a shocking end and the winner in all of this is of course Death. Yes, Lady Death did it all, she took out Lord Mar-vell of the Cancerverse, she hid inside of Thanos and then turned her back on him… again. She played Oblivion like a fine tuned violin and she got to consume an entire universe and make the Chaos King look like a chump. Yet… everyone seems to be wanting Death’s affection but she just turns her nose up at them and walks away. Only about two certain Marvel Characters have ever truly gained Death’s true affection, and they are the most unlikely two but who has Death given the middle finger to in the last few decades?


Spacenite 2: Benefit For Bill Mantlo



On December 2nd, 2010 Float World Comics will be having a Rom Spaceknight benefit for creator Bill Mantlo who was tragically paralyzed in a hit and run car accident fifteen years ago.

Digital prints of various artist’s interpretations will be on sale with proceeds to go to Mike Mantlo, Bill Mantlo’s brother and caregiver. The original artwork will be offered for auction on Ebay after the exibit ends.

You can view the artwork from the exhibit here: http://romspacenite.blogspot.com/.

In addition, a book featuring the artwork will become available this January.

You can donate via Pay Pal to the Bill Mantlo Fund as well (credit cards accepted).

Head on over to Float World Comics for more information.


WHO: Mike Allred, Jeffrey Brown, Michael DeForge, Tan Eng Huat, Ben Marra,  Luke Ramsey, Jon Schnepp, Matt Timson, and dozens more.

WHAT: ROM Spaceknight benefit art show for Bill Mantlo

WHEN: Thursday, Dec. 2nd, 6-10pm

WHERE: Floating World Comics

20 NW 5th Ave #101

Portland, OR 97209


Artwork on display until Jan. 2nd.


Talking About an Evolution: The Silver Surfer returns to Earth: An Interview with Greg Pak

By Byron Brewer, Managing Editor
Matt McGloin, Editor/Publisher


Spinning out of the pages of Chaos War is a tale of triumph and tragedy that will define a cosmic champion for a new generation!

Writer Greg Pak (Chaos War, Incredible Hercules) teams with fan favorite artist Stephen Segovia (Dark Wolverine) to bring you the next chapter in the life of the star-spanning Silver Surfer – and the man known as Norrin Radd!

The Sentinel of the Spaceways returns to Earth, a planet where he has been feared by a world he once swore to protect. What ramifications does this pose for his vow of service to the World Devourer, Galactus? And what new plot has the High Evolutionary (most recently seen in DnA’s Iron Man/Thor mini) looking at the Herald’s return with a big, broad smile?

If you are new to Marvel Cosmic and the Surfer, this five-issue limited series should be a great jumping-on point. If you are old Surfer fans like many of us in the CBN offices, you are relishing any chance to see this former Fantastic Four foe in solo action!

Cosmic Book News caught up with Greg Pak and quizzed the writer about his take on the Sentinel of the Spaceways.

Cosmic Book News: You have previously used the Surfer in a cosmic setting with “Planet Hulk” as the Silver Savage and enslaved to Skaar during Skaar: Son of Hulk. Per the first issue solicit we are told it will be a “Surfer we have never seen before“ and one set on Earth. What can you tell us in regards to that?

Greg Pak: We’re taking our hero into uncharted territory here — but it’s a move that’s true to the themes that have driven the character from day one. Long time Surfer fans (like me!) won’t want to miss this — it’s the next huge step for Norrin Radd. And brand new readers? Come on in — this is a great place to find out just what the Silver Surfer is all about in an emotionally charged, cosmically driven story in the heart of the Marvel Universe.

Cosmic Book News: As the Surfer is from an alien world, do you feel readers will be able to relate to the character as opposed to say a Nova, Quasar or even a Hulk which share an Earth-based origin? What is it about the Surfer that draws you to continuously use him in your books?

Greg Pak: The Surfer’s technically an alien from Zenn-La, but under that silver skin, he’s pretty darn human. Even the way he’d be horrified by the horrors of humanity in so many of those classic early stories is quintessentially human.

On the other hand, the Surfer has been possessed of a cosmic awareness of truths we puny humans can never fully comprehend — which has resulted at times in a chilling commitment to his day job as the Herald of Galactus, Eater of Worlds.

I’ve been drawn to the Surfer again and again because of that great contradiction — he’s an utterly relatable hero whose heart longs to do the right thing, but he’s bound to serve an avatar of horrific destruction. That combination of great nobility and terrible conflict is compelling and disturbing in all the right ways.

Cosmic Book News: For someone new who may have just been introduced to the Surfer in the pages of Chaos War, would can you tell them about the Sentinel of the Spaceways?

Greg Pak: The Silver Surfer is Norrin Radd, a man who saved his world from destruction by volunteering to become the Herald for the cosmic entity known as Galactus, Eater of Worlds. As the silver-skinned Surfer, Norrin must find new worlds for Galactus to consume — or risk upsetting the balance of the Universe and precipitating total destruction.

He’s also possibly the most original superhero character ever, with an insane design (silver dude on a surfboard???) that became instantly iconic through its sheer awesomeness. And “Silver Surfer” #1 is where you can rediscover this fierce hero all over again!

Cosmic Book News: With Chaos War, the Incredible Hercules summoned the Surfer to Earth to join him as a member of the new God Squad opposing the forces of the Chaos King. Do the events from Chaos War factor in?

Greg Pak: Yes. The Silver Surfer book spins right out of the climax of “Chaos War,” so folks who have been following that story should have fun seeing some of the repercussions. At the same time, the book is entirely accessible to folks who don’t know Chaos War from chamomile.

Cosmic Book News: How different will it be writing a Surfer on Earth compared to a Surfer in space? Do you need to take into consideration other parts of the Marvel “street-level” U.? Speaking of which will we be seeing any of the Surfer’s fellow Defenders or other terran heroes figure into this mini?

Greg Pak: There’s a ton of fun and drama in the contrast between the cosmic Surfer and the everyday life of mere mortals on Planet Earth. One of my favorite Surfer issues is the 1969 story that introduced physicist Al B. Harper, who was a regular guy and a fantastic foil for the Shining Sentinel of the Starways.

In terms of specific Marvel heroes that might show up, I’ll just say that an unexpected character from another series I’ve worked on recently will play a key role. And whatever you do, don’t miss issue #4. I’ll say no more.

Cosmic Book News: In regards to Earth, how does this return to Earth figure into the Surfer’s search for worlds for Galactus to devour? We know the High Evolutionary is no stranger to the Big G as well. Is Galactus a part of this mini?

Greg Pak: I can’t say too much for fear of spoilers. But that’s Galactus’s mug next to the High Evolutionary on the cover of issue #1, so stay tuned.

Cosmic Book News: The High Evolutionary has been appearing in various corners of the Marvel U. including Annihilation: Conquest, Uncanny X-Men, the current Iron Man/Thor mini,  as well as in the background of Jonathan Hickman’s “War of Four Cities” in Fantastic Four.  Do any of these threads figure into your adventure?

Greg Pak: Yes. But to say anything more right now would be telling.

Cosmic Book News: At times the High Evolutionary comes off as a benevolent figure while also being portrayed as the “mad scientist” antagonist. Which will we see here and does the HE’s agenda go further than just the Surfer?

Greg Pak: I was blown away by the High Evolutionary when I first met him in the pages of “Warlock” tinkering with Counter Earth. I see him as someone who’s obsessed with improvement, even perfection — which of course was part of his motivation for hunting the Surfer’s DNA back in the day. Whether you call him a villain or a hero may depend on your own perspective.

Cosmic Book News: You are teamed with artist Stephen Segovia who previously worked on Dark Wolverine, can you tell us what we can expect from Stephen?

Greg Pak: Cosmic madness unleashed — combined with beautiful naturalism and genuinely affecting attention to tiny emotional details. I’m ridiculously excited about what he’s doing and can’t wait ’til we can reveal more.

Cosmic Book News:  Anything you wish to add?

Greg Pak: Just because I’m having so much fun on the book, I’ve started a little feature on my website called “The Silver Surfer is Awesome.” (Pretty straightforward, huh?) Check out http://gregpak.com/silver_surfer for periodic uploads of panels from my favorite Silver Surfer stories of all time — and hit me up on Twitter @gregpak with your own suggestions of installments.

Also, please don’t forget to pre-order the book from your local comic shop! Pre-ordering helps everyone — you’ll definitely get the book when it comes out, comic shops know there’s a demand, and we have a better chance of continuing to be able to tell these kinds of stories. Here’s a handy link for finding your local store: http://comicshoplocator.com

Cosmic Book News: Greg, thanks for your time! We appreciate it!

Greg Pak: You guys have been incredibly supportive and I hugely appreciate it — many thanks!

“Silver Surfer #1 (of 5)” hits this coming February!


Cosmic Book News Terms Of Service

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Indie Comics Magazine Premieres in January Previews

Press Release

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:102:]]“Indie Comics Magazine is 64 pages of the best story and art from today’s independent comic book creators,” Editor Gary Scott Beatty announced today. “It’s also a valuable resource for anyone interested in the world of independent comics.”

Each issue will feature eight full stories from eight different creators, said Beatty. The first issue is scheduled for preorder in Diamond Comic Distributors’ January 2011 Previews catalog and is available only through Previews.

“It’s important to read done-in-one stories,” said Beatty, “to get a feel for what these creators can do.” Short biographies and contact information are included with the stories so readers can easily seek out more of the creators’ work.

“The sheer number of comic books, graphic novels and online entertainment available today is overwhelming,” Beatty explained. “We help readers cut through the reviews and hype to experience these creators’ raw talent.”

Indie Comics Magazine will present a variety of art styles and genres, said Beatty. “Adventure, superhero and ninja tales will appear side-by-side with comedy, romance and mystery. We plan a real variety show format.” He laughed. “Just call me the Ed Sullivan of indy publishers.”

Indie Comics Magazine is available only through the Previews order magazine at your local comic shop. The first issue premieres January, 2011. Find your local comic shop at 1-888-COMICBOOK (1-888-266- 4226) or online at http://www.comicshoplocator.com. Information about Indie Comics Magazine is online at http://indiecomicsmagazine.com.


Preview: The Armory Wars: In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth: 3 #6


PUBLISHER: Boom! Studios

Written by Claudio Sanchez, Peter David
Drawn by Chris Burnham
SC, 24pgs, FC, SRP: $3.99
COVER: Chris Burnham
Diamond Code: SEP100872

Wilhelm Ryan…ARRESTED! The most feared name in The Keywork may soon see the justice he has outran for far too long. But what is his loyal Red Army planning? All the while Al the Killer is investigating who Claudio really is. The saga from Coheed and Cambria frontman Claudio Sanchez and comics legend Peter David continues.

On Sale: November 17th, 2010

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Preview: Shadowland: Blood on the Streets #4



Penciller: Wellinton Alves
In Stores:
November 24, 2010


The Story: (hide) It’s the chilling climax for the odd squad of Misty Knight, Paladin, Silver Sable and The Shroud! The unlikely quartet believe they’ve
uncovered the real villain behind the mob murders. But the truth is even more shocking than they realize! To lay a trap for the death-dealing ninjas,
the four fearless fighters must execute a daring plan, coming together to face off against The Hand…and one of them must face an ugly truth!
Don’t miss this explosive, dark and bloody conclusion from Antony Johnston (DAREDEVIL) and Wellinton Alves (THUNDERBOLTS)! 32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99

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Preview: New Mutants #19



Zeb Wells
In Stores:
November 24, 2010


The Story: “FALL OF THE NEW MUTANTS” comes to a close and the New Mutants lose the battle against Project Purgatory. Who has fallen? Who will no longer
be on the New Mutants? The most heart-wrenching issue of the series is courtesy of Zeb Wells (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) and Leonard Kirk (DARK X-MEN,
CAPTAIN BRITAIN & MI13). Part 5 (of 5) 32 PGS./Rated T …$2.99

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Movie Review: Skyline

Please, Don’t Look Up

A Film Review of Skyline

By: Lawrence Napoli


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:98:]]When I first saw the trailer for Skyline I assumed it represented the remnants of an impromptu ID4 (1996) sequel which Will Smith subsequently jettisoned for lacking vision, thus terminating all hope for that franchise to develop into at least a trilogy.  Alien attack films are fun!  They tend to be a much more positive spin on the disaster film genre because more often than not, it features the banding together of all humanity against a common foe.  This formula has become so refined by professionals and accepted by audiences of so many different backgrounds that I truly wonder if this is the only circumstance for which humanity would ever achieve some real level of world peace.  Skyline is certainly no exception in terms of its overall story, but what makes this film unique is how it digresses from certain rules that have been assigned to the construction of contemporary films in this blockbuster category. 

The most curious “rule violation” happens to set the restriction meter for all the aspects of filmmaking that are typical of alien attack, action films.  There was practically no money put into this film!  Actually the budget was estimated at $10 million dollars and for this type of project such a pathetic investment redefines the concept of “shoestring.”  The masterminds and co-directors of this film, Colin and Greg Strause, had no production experience outside the realm of visual effects, for which the duo has accumulated an impressive résumé.  Just to give you an idea, these men were involved with The Day After Tomorrow (2004), Constantine (2005), Fantastic Four (2005), 300 (2006), Jumper (2008), Avatar (2009) and Iron Man 2 (2010).  Suffice it to say, if you need something to appear on film/video that simply does not exist (except in fantasyland), these men are on the short list of top level talent that you contact.  Bearing this in mind, I can only imagine how they pitched the idea for Skyline and I assume it went something like this: We have an idea for a sci-fi thriller that will cost an investing studio 1/10thof the presumed budget for all films of this magnitude and it will look every bit as impressive because we have profitably proven records in visual effects and we can make anything look better than Hollywood!  I believe they had the executives of Universal at, “1/10thof the presumed budget,” for sci-fi blockbusters which traditionally start out at a $100 million dollar investment.  I would be shocked if the green light wasn’t instantly given at this point because as we all know; studio executives (like all business executives) ONLY care about being firmly rooted in the black.

And the Strause boys did not disappoint because the visual effects in Skyline are quite epic.  There are plenty of intricately detailed alien “mother” ships to see in addition to several other manifestations of alien invaders: from smaller fighters in the air to massive behemoths on the ground.  Honestly, the destruction of LA never looked better.  Therein lies another significant “rule violation,” because the visual effects of this film were truly relied upon as a crutch for the entire production and the story was laughable, if not completely forgettable.  The screenwriters for Skyline, Joshua Cordes and Liam O’Donnell, are a couple of dudes who worked with the brothers Strause in some of their past visual effect jobs.  Therefore, it is no surprise that the plot for this particular alien invasion is exceptionally watered down due to its heavy handed borrowing from films like ID4 and videogames like Resistance: Fall of Man.  Nothing in this film is something you haven’t seen before.  The dialogue follows suit in that it is as equally uninspiring as the plot.  Fortunately though, the audience is treated to an expedient body count so as to minimize the eye rolling factor and refocus on the alien eye candy.  Say what you will about the debatably “cheesy” story and lines of ID4, but that film truly kicked ass because it was an epic story told through very personal struggles of characters we cared about and their lines of dialogue sold enough audiences to gross over $300 million dollars at the box office.  Good writing is the reason why people like Stephen King get paid lots of money.

And speaking of the actors that helped produce the characters that the audience is supposedly required to care about, yet another “rule violation” occurs with the absence of any alpha level actor being attached to this production.  There isn’t even a Samuel L. Jackson being eaten by sharks within the first 5 minutes of the movie moment from Deep Blue Sea (1999).  Again, I refer to the allowed budget for this film and it is quite obvious why Eric Balfour from Dexter and Donald Faison from Scrubs are the top billed talent for Skyline.  Granted, the script’s pedestrian nature disallows even a cast comprising of Kevin Spacey, Sean Connery, and Tom Hanks (all agreeing to work for “scale,” i.e. nothing!) to turn this good looking movie into an actual good movie.  As a result, I’m not sure how much blame I can place on a cast of character actors.  But I can say that alpha personalities do add credibility to a production where the artistic foundation (story, script, actors, directors, effects, and scenery) is somewhat in question. 

Skyline is an experimental film from Hollywood.  If anyone has attended or heard stories about film school, “experimental” films usually involve things like short videos of staring at sill life, extreme close ups of genitalia, animation that is neither purposeful nor entertaining, people staring at each other and shameless nudity for the sake of nudity (not even pornography).  Experimental films tend to have one or two things that are interesting about them, while the rest leaves the viewer confused as to the purpose of the entire production.  Skyline is Hollywood’s answer to The Blair Witch Project (1999) and it doesn’t appear this film will be a success as it has only grossed $11.7 million at the box office at the time of this article’s composition.  Every now and then, the American audience does me proud and treats films that are trying to hoodwink your wallets they way they ought to be treated: by ignoring them.  Well done, all of you!  You deserve a treat.

That being said, if one is able to completely nullify the importance of plot, character and dialogue, Skyline is a truly remarkable feat if it is true that it was created for a mere $10 million dollars.  I would recommend this film to any amateur filmmaker or visual effects artist in that it is an impressive example of doing more with less.  This is what you get when the production staff is made of visual artists.  Do you think you’d get the best acting performance on film if the staff were comprised of only actors?  Whatever the result, it certainly would be more Jersey Shore than Shakespeare.


Movie Review: Due Date

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:96:]]I am a sucker for sexy young women.  Not that Due Date is a film that is riddled with them, but it was highly recommended to me by a very attractive female for whom I have a significant crush on.  I often hear recommendations for films from several different outlets such as the TV, newspapers, …

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Movie Review: Hereafter

Clint Eastwood is a Hollywood icon.  Americans know this mostly due to his acting contributions to the western and cop film genres.  Age catches up with every actor and limits what one can do in front of the camera mostly because of aesthetic reasons.  I always felt that Clint’s move to the director’s chair was …

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From Above To Below: Chaos War: Chaos King – Interview With Brandon Montclare



The battle for the very fate of all existence is currently taking place in the pages of Chaos War. Not only have both heroes and gods fallen, but complete dimensions — including the ruler of the Dream Dimension, Nightmare — have not been able to stand up to that which is pure chaos – Mikaboshi, the Chaos King!

Desiring to return to that which once was, the Chaos King seeks to restore the original order of the time before everything. The majority of heroes from Earth and across the universe have collapsed into a chaotic comatose of slumber with their hopes lying with the Lion of Olympus — a Lion struggling with his own chaotic demons — Hercules!

Next week from writer and former DC Editor Brandon Montclare, along side legendary artist Michael Wm. Kaluta, comes Chaos War: Chaos King which gives us the back-story leading up to issue 3 of Chaos War.

Cosmic Book News spoke with Brandon Montclare as he takes the Chaos King from the homeworld of the Silver Surfer, Zenn-la, to Earth where the Chaos King encounters the Impossible Man – and all the way down to the very depths of Hell.



Cosmic Book News: Chaos War: Chaos King is an over-sized one shot with three chapters. Is that correct?

Brandon Montclare: That is correct! It’s a total of 30 story pages.  It’s packed with action, detail, mind-blowing cosmic visuals, and a couple of big surprises.

Cosmic Book News: We are three issues into Chaos War with Mikaboshi, the Chaos King, already having caused massive chaos to the heroes of earth. In the main story we have seen little of his own personal thoughts. What can you tell us about the Void that predates all existence? Will we be getting more of his back-story?

Brandon Montclare: Readers will get an up close look at the immediate events that led into Chaos War: Mikaboshi gathering his army of galactic gods; him scouting Earth before the attack; and his conquest of hell.  It’s all the good stuff that’s alluded to in the main miniseries fleshed out and given room to breathe.  It brings you right up into the action of Chaos War #3—so in that way, it couldn’t be more in the “now.”  And while it’s not a strict origin story, readers will find out all about Chaos King’s motivations, plans, and powers.

The Void where Chaos King once ruled was a pre-existence chaos state.  It’s not the empty vacuum of space—rather, it’s the indecipherable mish-mash where matter and space and energy and time are all compressed.  It’s how physicists would describe the universe the instant before the Big Bang or how one might imagine the state of things described by the Old Testament before light was separated from darkness.  In that way, it’s beyond our full comprehension.  The Greeks has a word for it: COSMOS—which as you know has a special meaning in the Marvel Universe.



Cosmic Book News: The solicit reads that the Chaos King has targeted the Silver Surfer’s homeworld of Zenn-la with the gods of that world set to oppose. What can we expect to see from these pantheons?

Brandon Montclare: In its Silver Age inception, Zenn-La was intended to be a mirror of earth.  So while everything is alien, the designs were built upon familiar human archetypes.  I think when you look at the interactions over the last few years between Hercules, Thor, Mikaboshi, and other deities, you see that all pantheons share a lot of their core ideas.  Also, the planet Zenn-La is defined by its advanced technology, so the mythological icons are amped up with a lot of tech.

Cosmic Book News: The denizens of that world faced the World Devourer before; how would you compare the Chaos King to Galactus?

Brandon Montclare: What the Zenn-La gods did (and didn’t do) when Galactus threatened their world is a big part of the Chaos King one shot.  As for how he differs? Galactus is a man of few words while Chaos King likes to spout a never-ending stream of haiku.  Chaos King is a lot more powerful—he’s taking out the universe where Galactus is on a planetary level.  A bigger difference is their respective motives.  Galactus enjoys a high place in the cosmic food chain—but ultimately he’s a force of nature, not “evil.”  Consuming planets is his part in the cosmic balance.  And while Mikaboshi doesn’t consider himself “evil” (who does?), he is trying to force his will on others.  He thinks his way is the only way to be (or, more precisely, not be).



Cosmic Book News: The Impossible Man is set to appear and be at odds with the Chaos King right here on Earth. He is a powerhouse in his own right, will the  “master of disguise” being taking the shape of anyone familiar? What role will the rather humorous Poppupian be playing here? And how will the Chaos King react to a character that is The Impossible Man?

Brandon Montclare: Yes! He will take the form of some familiar Marvel characters, and other creatures too…

I liked writing Impossible Man because he saw the humor in everything, but the events of Chaos War aren’t funny.  Like everyone else in the universe, he has everything to lose if Mikaboshi conquers Earth.  And more specifically, both characters represent a conflicting aspect of Chaos—and it’s the kind of misunderstanding that leads to big, big fights.

Cosmic Book News: Now, you take the Chaos King from a cosmic setting on Zenn-La to one on Earth and finally all the way down to Hell. I take it the Ruler of Hell will not take too kindly to getting his dominion encroached upon by the forces of the Chaos King?

Brandon Montclare: He takes none too kindly indeed.  And to counter the Chaos King Satan recalls all of Hell’s superheroes.  You might need your copies of Marvel Universe to spot them all.  But Mikaboshi, perhaps, scores some points.  He sees Hell as a symptom of the problems with Existence.  When there’s a place of eternal pain and suffering, perhaps the nothingness of Chaos is preferable?



Cosmic Book News: Chaos War: Chaos King is being drawn by legendary artist Michael Wm. Kaluta. What was it like collaborating with such a renown artist?

Brandon Montclare: It was in every way amazing.  He brought so much innovation to the new characters, was a good sport about all the guest-stars, and really embraced defining Mikaboshi.  “Living Legend” is a rare title to apply to an artist—and to have a Living Legend doing some of his best work (Michael was nominated for an Eisner for Madame Xanadu last year, as well as inducted into the Hall of Fame) is an exceptional situation of which I’m incredibly lucky to be a part.

And in Chaos King the fans get a Tour de Force.  You have alien gods in outer space; superheroes in New York City; demons in Hell.  It’s a rollercoaster of great art.  Cataclysmic action splashes and clever sequences—complete eye candy that I hope my words live up to…

Cosmic Book News: Will we be seeing any guest-stars in addition to the characters on the cover?

Brandon Montclare: Yes, plenty more!



Cosmic Book News: Any parting thoughts and where will we see more from you in the future?

Brandon Montclare: A lot of credit needs to go out to the three spectacular colorists who each contributed to a different chapter.  Brad Anderson, Nathan Eyring, and Jim Charlampidis made each distinct piece an awesome final product.  And you’ll see the great letterer Jared Fletcher going above and beyond.  Everything from the slightest story suggestion to the physical book you’ll be holding was brought to you by the dedication of editor Mark Paniccia, assisted in no small part by John Denning.  As for me, the very next thing I have coming out is a short back-up in Incredible Hulk #620… they haven’t announced the artist yet, but amazingly it is another true living legend!  And other stuff is developing both Marvel and DC, so hopefully you’ll be seeing a lot more of me in 2011.

Cosmic Book News: Sounds great! Thanks for your time!

“Chaos War: Chaos King #1” hits this Wednesday November 17th!

pic pic pic


DnA QnA: Movies, Jackets, Gods, Martyrs and Infestations


Cosmic Book News is pleased to present a “QnA with DnA” wherein the cosmic duo answers your questions!

Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning — the masterminds behind Marvel Cosmic and current writers on the recently-released Iron Man/ThorI Am An Avenger #3 and The Thanos Imperative (both of which hit this week), the upcoming Rocket and Groot mini, Devastation and IDW Infestation — have taken some time out of their busy schedules to answer questions from some of you, our fearless CBN Forum members.

To get involved, just head on over to the CBN Cosmic forums!

In this week’s QnA, DnA discuss: the possibility of Nova and the Guardians of the Galaxy in television and movies; Star-Lord and what type of jacket he wears; the complex character that is the High Evolutionary; the martyrdom of Phya-Vell; and the Transformers infesting G.I.Joe!

Join the galaxy-spanning fun and find out what is on the minds of these weavers of wonderment. And then shoot us your own Qs for DnA! Only on Cosmic Book News!



Timelord: Earlier in the year there were articles and interviews where Nova and GotG were mentioned as possible film, TV, or direct to DVD animated features. The quality of your work on Nova and GotG has obviously gotten the attention of some producers. We haven’t heard anything more since early in the year. With Starz partnering with the BBC to bring us a new Torchwood series, it seems that the US pay cable networks might be developing an interest in capturing the SF genre audience. I’d personally love to see a Nova and GotG ongoing live action series on Starz or Showtime. Has anyone pitched that idea?  

DnA: Not to us they haven’t, but we know that Marvel has a weather eye on all its properties and sub-properties for development potential. So who knows? Of course, if we’d signed an NDA, we would say that, wouldn’t we? But we haven’t. Or have we?

FitzOtter: It was thanks to the writing of DnA, also the art of Brad Walker, in the Guardians of the Galaxy that got me back into reading comics. In fact it was Star-Lord who quickly became my favorite character. How did you approach the character and his evolution from a 70s standalone space opera character to the leader of the GOTG? Also would you happen to know the name of type of jacket he wears? Will any of the characters who donned the ‘Star-Lord’ name ever show up, such as Jason Quill (Peter’s father) or Sinjin Quarrel? Is Quarrel even cannon?  

DnA: StarLord was a particular fave of ours. The Claremont/Byrne one shot adventure is one of our all time favorite stories. We had to find a way to bring him back – and finding him ‘powerless’ and Ship-less, we had to find a way to make that work. Making him a world-weary Han Solo with bags of experience to make up for his lack of powers seemed to fit. A real team leader. Jason? Sinjinn? Ship herself? Who knows? And it’s a Hussar’s style/lancer’s jacket, isn’t it?



Arivelo: The Iron Man/Thor mini features the High Evolutionary. How hard was it to write such a complex character? Which version of the Evolutionary will we see? The guy is either crazy, brilliant, or both but always has some sort of God complex.  

DnA: He’s a favorite of ours, and favorite of our editor, Ralph Macchio. Ralph really wanted us to get under the HE’s  skin and play him the way that Ralph had always seen him – not as a villain, but as a driven genius so far up ‘the spectrum’ he often does things that seem callous or villainous. We all think that’s the way he’s been in the very best of his previous outings. And the series is called God Complex, after all…

CapMar: In regards to Phyla, she has really bounced around of sorts in regards to her identity. She went from Captain Marvel to Quasar to Martyr and has seemingly been killed off. I was wondering what your opinion of the character is and if you had (have?) any future plans with her related to Oblivion and Maelstrom.  

DnA: She was very interesting, if tied up in a lot of complex baggage. We felt it was better to try and do something strong and positive with her than simply lose her in the scenery, so we went with the story we did. Now she’s dead, but as part of a big story, and her death was a dynamic piece of punctuation to thats tory. We really liked the ‘pact with the devil’ thing she underwent to get Moondragon back, and the awful price for that – Thanos! Because she’s dead, of course, that’s it. She’ll either stay dead, which draws a line under everything, or she come back, because this is cosmic AND comics, in which case her death tidies up her baggage and allows a new, ‘clean’ version of her to return.



Kirrmistwelder: Could you tell us some more about Infestation? Will the stories actually connect together, for instance will we be seeing a crossover between Transformers and G.I. Joe – or is it just that they’ll all be facing the same (common) threat? How did this story idea come about?  

DnA: It’s huge, IDW’s first cross-over. They had already worked it all out, we were hired to make it work! Crossing between licenses is INCREDIBLY difficult, so somethings are out of bounds, but we’ve tried to construct and tell the most satisfying story possible. There will be some actual crossover beyond the ‘facing common menace’ deal. We’ll have to see what’s strictly allowed. It will be HUGE fun, however.

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