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Cosmic Book News is a website that covers news, reviews, and commentary related to comic books, movies, television, video games, and other forms of popular culture. The site was launched in 2008 and is based in the United States.

Cosmic Book News features a variety of content related to comics and other forms of entertainment, including news and rumors about upcoming movies, TV shows, and video games, interviews with creators and industry insiders, reviews of new comics, movies, games, and TV shows, and features topics ranging from comic books to fan culture.

While Cosmic Book News is primarily focused on comics and related media, the site also covers a wide range of other topics related to popular culture and geek fandom. The site has a large following among fans of comics, sci-fi, fantasy, and other genres, and it has been recognized as a valuable resource for news and commentary in the industry.

Across our platforms, we reach upwards of 7 million fans a month.

Editor/Publisher: Matt McGloin

Matt McGloin

Established in 2008, Matt McGloin created and designed Cosmic Book News, an independent website that covers entertainment news including movies, comics, tv, video games and more. Cosmic Book News was started to promote the Marvel COSMIC comic books, the 2007 Nova and 2008 Guardians of the Galaxy series (Marvel COSMIC comic book news; hence: Cosmic Book News) and expanded from there. Matt was regularly in contact with the Marvel Comics Editor and creative team behind the titles. Matt writes the content and regularly attends comic conventions and more. Find Matt on Twitter @CosmicBookNews and @MattMcGloin.

Chris Bushley

Chris Bushley

You can say Chris Bushley is the “grandfather” of Cosmic Book News as Chris first introduced Publisher/Editor Matt McGloin to the wonderful world of comics. Lifelong friends, Chris is our “street-level” expert, covering titles such as Daredevil and X-Men. Chris’ reviews have also been quoted in press releases by Marvel as well as appearing as cover blurbs. Mark Millar even said Chris’ reviews might be the best he has ever read! Cosmic Book News is glad to have Chris “DOC” on board! His knowledge of comics is a great asset.

Lawrence Napoli

Lawrence Napoli

Lawrence Napoli is our expert movie reviewer and podcaster. Lawrence is a film school student graduate.


Timelord Cosmic Book News

CBN’s “Timelord” is our expert on all things science-fiction and cosmic. Timelords reviews Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy. His reviews have been quoted by Marvel Comics for cover blurbs, in press releases and solicits. Timelord’s reviews have also been directly sent to Marvel Comics Editorial, and Timelord has provided Marvel Comics Editorial notes for their various cosmic comics including Nova.

Will Harrigan

Will Harrigan

Will is the latest addition to the CBN team and is a comic book and film enthusiast.

Patrick Scanlon

Patrick enjoys writing about pop culture and one day hopes to break into the industry with his own comic books, animation, and more.

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