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American Gods Season 2 Trailer

The epic war of the gods begins.

Jon Bernthal On Punisher Cancellation

Executive producer wants a third season.

Shazam! Trailer Is Not So Serious

New superhero footage.

Leslie Jones F-Bombs Ghostbusters 3

Guessing Leslie Jones isn't getting the call.

Disney Hiding Star Wars Losses

Move along. Move along.

Justice League DCEU Is Dead

The new DC playbook.

Green Lantern Corps Production Sheet Leaks Online

Sounds like Tom Cruise could have played Hal Jordan.

Ghosbusters 3 Rumor Sounds Iffy

Ghostbusters or Goosebumps?

Reign of the Supermen NYC Premiere Cast Announced

Jerry O’Connell, Rebecca Romijn, Cress Williams, more.