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Lady Gaga Rumored For ‘Joker’ 2; Possibly As Harley Quinn

Rumors are offering that director Todd Phillips has cast Lady Gaga opposite Joaquin Phoenix in Joker 2, possibly as Harley Quinn. The rumor comes about via older casting rumors that have resurfaced and says Phillips originally wanted Rooney Mara to play the female lead in Joker 2 but is now going with Lada Gaga. In addition, …

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Joaquin Phoenix Offered $50 Million For More Joker (Rumor)

It’s rumored that sequels to the Joker movie are in development with Joaquin Phoenix offered $50 million to reprise DC’s Clown Prince of Crime two more times. The rumor comes from the UK’s Mirror that claims to have an insider that says while Joaquin Phoenix “initially felt Joker was a standalone movie,” that he is …

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Nightmare Alley Films In Buffalo This Week With Guillermo Del Toro, Bradley Cooper

Once again confirming my scoop from back in July, Guillermo Del Toro will be filming his latest movie, Nightmare Alley, sometime this week in Buffalo, NY along with star Bradley Cooper, who I also first confirmed for the flick. Local news outlets are reporting production is being set up in locations that include Buffalo Film …

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Guillermo del Toro’s ‘Nightmare Alley’ Confirmed For Buffalo: Toldja

Confirming my scoop from this past July, local news outlets now confirm that Guillermo del Toro will be filming Nightmare Alley in Buffalo, NY. Worth a mention is that yours truly is from Buffalo, NY, and I am well, well connected within Hollywood, as, among other things, I revealed the title for The Avengers: Endgame …

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Exclusive: Bradley Cooper and Guillermo del Toro’s ‘Nightmare Alley’ Filming In Buffalo

A big Hollywood movie will be filming in Buffalo, NY, and I am told it’s the Bradley Cooper and Guillermo del Toro adaptation of the noir thriller, Nightmare Alley. Last month saw it reported that Bradley Cooper was in talks to replace Leonardo DiCaprio in Guillermo del Toro and Fox Searchlight’s Nightmare Alley remake which …

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Bradley Cooper Producing Joker Movie

Warner Bros. officially announces the start of filming on the Todd Phillips-directed Joker movie where it’s revealed that Bradley Cooper is on board as producer. The info reveals that Todd Phillips and Bradley Cooper’s production company, known for The Hangover films, Joint Effort, is producing the Joker flick. WB also confirms the cast as well as …

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James Gunn Says Bradley Cooper Didn’t Spoil Guardians of the Galaxy 2


Earler saw Bradley Cooper seemingly spoil Guardians of the Galaxy 2 by revealing the villain to be Thanos as well as that Thanos is the father of Star-Lord.

However, Cooper seems to have gotten his facts mixed up as James Gunn has taken to Twitter to clear things up.

“In response to all the stories coming out, Bradley Cooper didn’t reveal anything,” Gunn tweeted. “He just got the script and hasn’t read it yet. I promise.”

Cooper seems to have mixed up Star-Lord and Ronan; however, he did seem pretty sure Thanos was the villain.

Update: Gunn also said that Cooper doesn’t know who the villain is.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” has a May 5, 2017 release.


So I woke up this morning to a thousand posts about Bradley Cooper having revealed that the primary villain in GotG Vol….

Posted by James Gunn on Monday, November 9, 2015

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Bradley Cooper Spoils Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Villain & Star-Lord’s Father? (Video)


Update: James Gunn says Cooper didn’t reveal anything.


Whoops?! Did Bradley Cooper just spoil the big villain of Guardians of the Galaxy as well as the identity of Star-Lord’s father?

Check out the video below where Cooper seems to say (or at least think) that Thanos will be the big bad of Guardians of the Galaxy 2, but that’s not all as Cooper also seems to say (or at least think again) that Thanos is also the father of Star-Lord.

It is possible that Cooper may have mixed up Star-Lord and Ronan, as Cooper references the throne scene from the movie, which saw Thanos talking with Ronan — not Star-Lord.

Cooper may actually have thought Thanos was Ronan’s father, but regardless, at least it does seem he did reveal Thanos as the villain of the sequel.

Interestingly enough, regarding Thanos potentially being the father of Star-Lord, Gunn did cut the love scenes* out of the first movie between Star-Lord and Gamora (even though they were in the trailers). I do recall Gunn stating he didn’t want Guardians to be too similar to Star Wars, and if Thanos is indeed Star-Lord’s father, we now know the reason Gunn cut the Star-Lord/Gamora relationship from the movie is because it’s similar to the Luke/Leia and Darth Vader relationship (Star-Lord and Gamora would be brother and sister/Luke and Leia kissed).

*Correct me if I’m wrong, but if I am recalling correctly, Star-Lord and Gamora kissed in a trailer as well as checked each other out, which didn’t make it into the final cut of the movie (or even the Blu-Ray deleted scenes).

Here is some of the text from the interview with Cooper:

Cooper: Josh Brolin’s the villain, though. Or he is the main villain, no? He was in the first one. He played what’s his name’s dad. You know who I’m talking about? The Dark-Lord? The main guy…

Interviewer: We don’t know who his dad is.

Cooper: Oh… [laughter]

              No, no, you see him. The guy who turns around and talks to him. 

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Danny DeVito Tried Out For The Voice Of Rocket Raccoon


Yesterday saw James Gunn take part in a live Facebook Q&A where he spoke about a variety of topics with one including the voice of Rocket Raccoon in Guardians of the Galaxy.

While we all known Bradley Cooper ended up getting the part, Gunn let it be known they actually considered using Danny DeVito, but decided against it because of DeVito’s age.

“In all honesty, Danny DeVito is one of the voices we tried out, but Danny DeVito is an older man now and Rocket is not an older man, he’s a younger man,” Gunn explained. “Danny DeVito’s voice just wouldn’t work.”

Gunn also let it be known that Thanos was the villain in the original Guardians of the Galaxy script, and also that he isn’t a big fan of the Guardians of the Galaxy animated sound track.

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SyFy Teams With Bradley Cooper For Hyperion Event Series


Syfy announced today it is teaming with Oscar-nominated producer Bradley Cooper (American Sniper), Oscar-winning producer Graham King (The Departed, Argo) and Todd Phillips (The Hangover, Old School) to develop Dan Simmons’ Hugo Award-winning best-selling novel Hyperion as an event series.

Cooper will executive produce along with King and Phillips. Itamar Moses (Boardwalk Empire) will write the screenplay and serve as co-executive producer. Universal Cable Productions will serve as the studio. Hyperion will be a production of Graham King’s GK Films and Bradley Cooper and Todd Phillips’ 22nd and Green.

Set on the eve of Armageddon with the entire galaxy at war, Hyperion is the story of seven pilgrims who set forth on a voyage to seek the answers to the unsolved riddles of their lives. Each carries a desperate hope and a terrible secret — while one may hold the fate of humanity in his hands.

“It is an absolute honor to enter into the world created by Dan Simmons that is arguably one of the greatest works of science fiction, and help realize it for television audiences,” said executive producer Cooper.

Said Dave Howe, President, Syfy & Chiller: “As Syfy continues to forge important partnerships with award-winning talent on and off screen, this powerhouse team led by Bradley Cooper, Graham King and Todd Phillips brings an extraordinary track record in producing entertainment of the highest creative ambition. Epitomizing the gold standard of science fiction story-telling, Hyperion tackles smart and provocative themes that help define Syfy’s development vision.”

Hyperion is a science fiction masterpiece. Dan Simmons’ universe is unique and darkly compelling, and the creative team assembled here is simply as good as it gets,” said Jeff Wachtel, President & Chief Content Officer, NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment.

Cooper is represented by CAA. Moses is represented by UTA, and Phillips is represented by CAA and attorney Warren Dern at Sloane, Offer, Weber, & Dern. 

Hyperion is the latest high profile scripted project to be announced by Syfy; others include the recently-announced series pickup of The Magicians, based on Lev Grossman’s best-selling books; the 10-part series The Expanse, airing December 2015 and starring Thomas Jane; Arthur C. Clarke’s epic mini-series Childhood’s End, also set to premiere this December; Aldous Huxley’s classic novel Brave New World with Amblin Television; Gale Anne Hurd’s 13-episode thriller Hunters; David Goyer’s Superman prequel, Krypton; and Incorporated, a futuristic espionage drama from Matt Damon and Ben Affleck.

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Watch: Limitless TV Series Trailer Featuring Bradley Cooper

Earlier, CBS announced the Limitless TV series will feature Bradley Cooper in a recurring role reprising as Edward Morra from the 2011 movie, and now the trailer has been released.

Based on the 2011 feature, Limitless follows Brian Finch as he discovers the power of the mysterious drug NZT. In this new drama from executive producer Bradley Cooper, explore what happens when a man unlocks his limitless potential. This Fall on CBS. 

Check it out above.

Limitless will air this Fall and is described as: A man named Brian Finch (Jake McDorman) discovers the brain-boosting power of NZT and is coerced by the FBI into using his extraordinary cognitive abilities to solve complex cases for them. He’ll work with Special Agent Rebecca Harris (Jennifer Carpenter), a “formidable investigator with a dark past,” and Special Agent Boyle (Hill Harper), a former military officer and Rebecca’s confidante. They report to Special Agent in Charge Nasreen “Naz” Pouran (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio), a “canny manipulator of the reins of power.”

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Bradley Cooper Joins Limitless TV Series


Updated: with trailer below.


CBS is adapting the 2011 film Limitless to a primetime series and has announced Bradley Cooper will be featured in a recurring role.

The original movie saw Bradley Cooper play a struggling writer who develops a super-human ability to think thanks to a new pharmaceutical drug called NZT.

The new Limitless series is described as: A man named Brian Finch (Jake McDorman) discovers the brain-boosting power of NZT and is coerced by the FBI into using his extraordinary cognitive abilities to solve complex cases for them. He’ll work with Special Agent Rebecca Harris (Jennifer Carpenter), a “formidable investigator with a dark past,” and Special Agent Boyle (Hill Harper), a former military officer and Rebecca’s confidante. They report to Special Agent in Charge Nasreen “Naz” Pouran (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio), a “canny manipulator of the reins of power.”

Bradley Cooper will be reprising his role as Edward Morra, now a senator and presidential hopeful, and is still a regular user of NZT who has his own plans for his new protege – Finch.

Limitless will air Tuesdays at 10pm ET this Fall.

Here is a first look at Jake McDorman as Brian Finch:


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Review: American Sniper (2015)


War.  War Never Changes.

It is Now; Always Has Been and Always Will Be Hell.

A Film Review of American Sniper


American Sniper, directed by Clint Eastwood, is a work of fiction despite being based on true events as described by the “American Sniper” himself, Chris Kyle, in his autobiography.  Characters will be treated as characters in this review, and any commentary regarding individuals does not refer to their real life counterparts.  The very real issues regarding modern warfare and society will be commented upon and taken as seriously as the film itself presents them.  I have not read Kyle’s autobiography so I will not comment on screenwriter Jason Hall’s reported “loose” adaptation of a book about someone else’s personal observations of their own life.  This film uses the iconic status of Chris Kyle as the deadliest sniper in American history to make some important commentary regarding any war’s effect on any soldier (even exceptional ones) and their families.  No soldier is immune from the harmful touch of war; not even “The Legend.”

The concept of “the hero” is as important to military recruiters as it is to movie makers as this film certainly lays the groundwork early for establishing Kyle as a gifted warrior for the sake of good (the sheep dog) and continues to build his “Achillean” altruism at various moments describing how he transitioned from civilian to soldier.  Hawks will love how this story makes the motivation for the soldier and potential soldier simple and uncompromising.  Someone sees something on the news or reads something online and it becomes personal, so much so that anger inspires vengeance and that leads to enlistment.  Such is the case for Kyle as his journey to weaponize himself in SEAL training is insanely difficult, but despite the adversity, he stares it down with another signature of the classic hero: a never give up, never surrender code of conduct.  But this screen story doesn’t sell out completely by romanticizing Kyle as the golden calf that belongs on everyone’s altar of American glory.  Every sequence where “The Legend,” Chris Kyle, aces terrorists in Iraq is followed up by “Lesser than the Legend,” Chris Kyle as he struggles to keep it together back home in between tours.  He’s despondent, disinterested, paranoid and losing every personal connection he has to his family.  This is the kind of balance that Doves would appreciate because as simple as the motives and rationale may be for going to war, the psychological fallout of such an experience is layered with complexity.  Kyle isn’t the sharp, charismatic, collected and concerned warrior/brother he was in Iraq.  He’s a man that has seen and done horrific things and slapping labels like “patriotism” and “freedom” to cover it up becomes a less and less effective means of compartmentalizing.

Still, this film favors the heroic Chris Kyle overall because it isn’t concerned with being critical of war as much as it is about being critical about how war changes soldiers.  It’s a shame that Eastwood did not take a more significant moment to make some commentary regarding an important part in the process of a soldier returning to civilian life whether it is permanent or in between multiple tours: psychological debriefing.  Every soldier goes through this process to some extent when coming home and most people don’t know much about it.  Soldiers who obviously needed more critical attention and therapy are the ones who come back and beat their wives, shoot their friends or commit suicide.  If we are to take this country’s less than stellar record regarding the physical care of its veterans as a measuring stick, one can presume that the resources available for helping soldiers work out the psychological hell they went through is equally lacking.  Chris Kyle is clearly depicted as a soldier who would have greatly benefited from more thorough debriefing, but this classic hero is capable of willful, self-healing as he gives back by helping other wounded and maimed warriors of the VA.  Please note: This is not an easy, sure-fire fix that works for every soldier.

Despite this film being a drama, it shows off a number of expertly shot and visually satisfying action segments.  The film begins with a number of tension building sniper sequences where Kyle stalks his prey through a magnified scope which are quite adept at allowing the audience to identify with Kyle’s inner turmoil over taking human life, especially for the first time.  However, the audience will not be kept in the bell tower for the duration of the film as Kyle gets down and dirty on the ground floor with Marines charged with clearing buildings, one of the most dangerous jobs for soldiers in an urban warfare environment.  Gunplay sequences are procedural, but acute, demonstrative and indicative of films more strictly devoted to explosions and body counts.  I won’t go so far as to say this film could teach the likes of Black Hawk Down a few lessons, but it certainly gets across the lethality of Navy SEALs as well as the contemporary American soldier in general.

Most of the cast puts forth very adequate performances to support the main character’s evolution and journey.  Sienna Miller as Taya delivers every wife of a soldier’s worst nightmare regarding the safety and return of their husbands from the brink of disaster.  However, this film makes no mistake regarding the singularity of its focus and it is all about Chris Kyle, or rather Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle.  Cooper undergoes a significant physical transformation favoring a wider and buffer frame than the trim and defined body type he regularly sports.  He assimilates a Texan accent with acceptable fluency and does not break for the film’s duration.  As physical as Cooper is in his embodiment of Chris Kyle, it is his facial expressions that sell his performance.  The audience shares in Kyle’s horror at watching the Towers fall on the news.  We grate our teeth in his determination to become a SEAL.  We hold our breaths before he pulls the trigger.  And we are completely lost when he is unable to reconnect to anything real in his civilian life.  Bradley Cooper is an actor who has developed a reputation for really getting into and emotionally selling out his characters with consistency, reliability and superiority.  His interpretation of Chris Kyle is no different.  Whether “The Legend” is as close to “the reality” this film presents, Cooper’s Chris Kyle is a sympathetic character whose devotion to his personal mission of protecting his brothers in arms is as admirable as his complete disregard for his own family stateside is deplorable.  This is where Cooper’s acumen really shines through because he’s as devoted to showing a man being disintegrated by war as he is at producing G.I. Joe.  Bradley Cooper is every bit as classic as any other Hollywood leading man in history and his performance in American Sniper is a continued testament to that fact.

Clint Eastwood may be turning 85 years old this year, but his ability to direct a poignant and entertaining film is defying the physics of father time.  I have enjoyed a number of the films he has directed, but this is easily my favorite.  It’s got intellectual meat, visual eye candy and cultural significance.  All these things combined make it the clear cut leader for Best Picture at the Academy Awards, right?  Hold the phone.  There’s still a ton of Indie love for the rest of the nominees and in an off year for Hollywood, it might be too much of a taboo for a big budget studio film to walk away with the gold, especially when most of the contenders in every category is being maligned for what one could describe as a vanilla sky of alternatives.  American Sniper is not an easy film to watch because no matter how romanticized war can be, it’s still hell and this film has a number of absolutely gut-wrenching moments.  A number of films this year are worthy of my personal recommendation, but few are as accessible as this one.  Regardless of where your personal politics regarding the state of current American warfare stand, everyone can come together to acknowledge its brutal nature as well as its human cost.

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Bradley Cooper Indiana Jones Rumor Not True: Ditto With Frank Darabont


A recent rumor stated that Disney LucasFilm might be going the James Bond route with Indiana Jones, and that Bradley Cooper was being eyed to take over from Harrison Ford.

The same rumor also stated that Frank Darabont pitched an idea for the new Indiana Jones.

Turns out it isn’t true as a website, Frank Daramont and producer Frank Marshall shoot the Indiana Jones Bradley Cooper rumors down.

SlashFilm has it from a “high-placing” source that the rumors are not true.

Likewise, producer Frank Marshall took to Twitter to offer the following.

And Frank Darabont told AICN:

This is an internet rumor with not a shred of truth in it. I have not pitched an idea for a proposed Indiana Jones movie, nor has anybody approached me with such an idea. The inaccurate report on Latino Review was the first I’d heard of it.

As we mentioned, the rumors contradict an earlier report that stated Harrison Ford’s Star Wars contract includes more Indiana Jones, which means he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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Bradley Cooper Rumored To Take Over Indiana Jones


A new rumor has hit the net suggesting that Bradley Cooper may take over the Indiana Jones role.

It’s suggested that a new Indiana Jones trilogy may launch using a younger actor much the way the James Bond movies have used new actors, which would mean no reboot.

Latino Review has it from a source that the window for new Indiana Jones movies starring Harrison Ford is narrowing, and if something isn’t done soon Disney Lucasfilm is looking to recast the role using a younger actor.

It’s noted that Bradley Cooper is just on the top of the list and doesn’t have the role.

The report also mentions that Frank Darabont apparently pitched an idea for a new Indiana Jones movie as well. 

The rumor seems to contradict an earlier rumor that stated as part of Harrison Ford’s contract to return for Star Wars: Episode VII that Ford will be returning in two new Indiana Jones films.

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