From Above To Below: Chaos War: Chaos King – Interview With Brandon Montclare



The battle for the very fate of all existence is currently taking place in the pages of Chaos War. Not only have both heroes and gods fallen, but complete dimensions — including the ruler of the Dream Dimension, Nightmare — have not been able to stand up to that which is pure chaos – Mikaboshi, the Chaos King!

Desiring to return to that which once was, the Chaos King seeks to restore the original order of the time before everything. The majority of heroes from Earth and across the universe have collapsed into a chaotic comatose of slumber with their hopes lying with the Lion of Olympus — a Lion struggling with his own chaotic demons — Hercules!

Next week from writer and former DC Editor Brandon Montclare, along side legendary artist Michael Wm. Kaluta, comes Chaos War: Chaos King which gives us the back-story leading up to issue 3 of Chaos War.

Cosmic Book News spoke with Brandon Montclare as he takes the Chaos King from the homeworld of the Silver Surfer, Zenn-la, to Earth where the Chaos King encounters the Impossible Man – and all the way down to the very depths of Hell.



Cosmic Book News: Chaos War: Chaos King is an over-sized one shot with three chapters. Is that correct?

Brandon Montclare: That is correct! It’s a total of 30 story pages.  It’s packed with action, detail, mind-blowing cosmic visuals, and a couple of big surprises.

Cosmic Book News: We are three issues into Chaos War with Mikaboshi, the Chaos King, already having caused massive chaos to the heroes of earth. In the main story we have seen little of his own personal thoughts. What can you tell us about the Void that predates all existence? Will we be getting more of his back-story?

Brandon Montclare: Readers will get an up close look at the immediate events that led into Chaos War: Mikaboshi gathering his army of galactic gods; him scouting Earth before the attack; and his conquest of hell.  It’s all the good stuff that’s alluded to in the main miniseries fleshed out and given room to breathe.  It brings you right up into the action of Chaos War #3—so in that way, it couldn’t be more in the “now.”  And while it’s not a strict origin story, readers will find out all about Chaos King’s motivations, plans, and powers.

The Void where Chaos King once ruled was a pre-existence chaos state.  It’s not the empty vacuum of space—rather, it’s the indecipherable mish-mash where matter and space and energy and time are all compressed.  It’s how physicists would describe the universe the instant before the Big Bang or how one might imagine the state of things described by the Old Testament before light was separated from darkness.  In that way, it’s beyond our full comprehension.  The Greeks has a word for it: COSMOS—which as you know has a special meaning in the Marvel Universe.



Cosmic Book News: The solicit reads that the Chaos King has targeted the Silver Surfer’s homeworld of Zenn-la with the gods of that world set to oppose. What can we expect to see from these pantheons?

Brandon Montclare: In its Silver Age inception, Zenn-La was intended to be a mirror of earth.  So while everything is alien, the designs were built upon familiar human archetypes.  I think when you look at the interactions over the last few years between Hercules, Thor, Mikaboshi, and other deities, you see that all pantheons share a lot of their core ideas.  Also, the planet Zenn-La is defined by its advanced technology, so the mythological icons are amped up with a lot of tech.

Cosmic Book News: The denizens of that world faced the World Devourer before; how would you compare the Chaos King to Galactus?

Brandon Montclare: What the Zenn-La gods did (and didn’t do) when Galactus threatened their world is a big part of the Chaos King one shot.  As for how he differs? Galactus is a man of few words while Chaos King likes to spout a never-ending stream of haiku.  Chaos King is a lot more powerful—he’s taking out the universe where Galactus is on a planetary level.  A bigger difference is their respective motives.  Galactus enjoys a high place in the cosmic food chain—but ultimately he’s a force of nature, not “evil.”  Consuming planets is his part in the cosmic balance.  And while Mikaboshi doesn’t consider himself “evil” (who does?), he is trying to force his will on others.  He thinks his way is the only way to be (or, more precisely, not be).



Cosmic Book News: The Impossible Man is set to appear and be at odds with the Chaos King right here on Earth. He is a powerhouse in his own right, will the  “master of disguise” being taking the shape of anyone familiar? What role will the rather humorous Poppupian be playing here? And how will the Chaos King react to a character that is The Impossible Man?

Brandon Montclare: Yes! He will take the form of some familiar Marvel characters, and other creatures too…

I liked writing Impossible Man because he saw the humor in everything, but the events of Chaos War aren’t funny.  Like everyone else in the universe, he has everything to lose if Mikaboshi conquers Earth.  And more specifically, both characters represent a conflicting aspect of Chaos—and it’s the kind of misunderstanding that leads to big, big fights.

Cosmic Book News: Now, you take the Chaos King from a cosmic setting on Zenn-La to one on Earth and finally all the way down to Hell. I take it the Ruler of Hell will not take too kindly to getting his dominion encroached upon by the forces of the Chaos King?

Brandon Montclare: He takes none too kindly indeed.  And to counter the Chaos King Satan recalls all of Hell’s superheroes.  You might need your copies of Marvel Universe to spot them all.  But Mikaboshi, perhaps, scores some points.  He sees Hell as a symptom of the problems with Existence.  When there’s a place of eternal pain and suffering, perhaps the nothingness of Chaos is preferable?



Cosmic Book News: Chaos War: Chaos King is being drawn by legendary artist Michael Wm. Kaluta. What was it like collaborating with such a renown artist?

Brandon Montclare: It was in every way amazing.  He brought so much innovation to the new characters, was a good sport about all the guest-stars, and really embraced defining Mikaboshi.  “Living Legend” is a rare title to apply to an artist—and to have a Living Legend doing some of his best work (Michael was nominated for an Eisner for Madame Xanadu last year, as well as inducted into the Hall of Fame) is an exceptional situation of which I’m incredibly lucky to be a part.

And in Chaos King the fans get a Tour de Force.  You have alien gods in outer space; superheroes in New York City; demons in Hell.  It’s a rollercoaster of great art.  Cataclysmic action splashes and clever sequences—complete eye candy that I hope my words live up to…

Cosmic Book News: Will we be seeing any guest-stars in addition to the characters on the cover?

Brandon Montclare: Yes, plenty more!



Cosmic Book News: Any parting thoughts and where will we see more from you in the future?

Brandon Montclare: A lot of credit needs to go out to the three spectacular colorists who each contributed to a different chapter.  Brad Anderson, Nathan Eyring, and Jim Charlampidis made each distinct piece an awesome final product.  And you’ll see the great letterer Jared Fletcher going above and beyond.  Everything from the slightest story suggestion to the physical book you’ll be holding was brought to you by the dedication of editor Mark Paniccia, assisted in no small part by John Denning.  As for me, the very next thing I have coming out is a short back-up in Incredible Hulk #620… they haven’t announced the artist yet, but amazingly it is another true living legend!  And other stuff is developing both Marvel and DC, so hopefully you’ll be seeing a lot more of me in 2011.

Cosmic Book News: Sounds great! Thanks for your time!

“Chaos War: Chaos King #1” hits this Wednesday November 17th!

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DnA QnA: Movies, Jackets, Gods, Martyrs and Infestations


Cosmic Book News is pleased to present a “QnA with DnA” wherein the cosmic duo answers your questions!

Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning — the masterminds behind Marvel Cosmic and current writers on the recently-released Iron Man/ThorI Am An Avenger #3 and The Thanos Imperative (both of which hit this week), the upcoming Rocket and Groot mini, Devastation and IDW Infestation — have taken some time out of their busy schedules to answer questions from some of you, our fearless CBN Forum members.

To get involved, just head on over to the CBN Cosmic forums!

In this week’s QnA, DnA discuss: the possibility of Nova and the Guardians of the Galaxy in television and movies; Star-Lord and what type of jacket he wears; the complex character that is the High Evolutionary; the martyrdom of Phya-Vell; and the Transformers infesting G.I.Joe!

Join the galaxy-spanning fun and find out what is on the minds of these weavers of wonderment. And then shoot us your own Qs for DnA! Only on Cosmic Book News!



Timelord: Earlier in the year there were articles and interviews where Nova and GotG were mentioned as possible film, TV, or direct to DVD animated features. The quality of your work on Nova and GotG has obviously gotten the attention of some producers. We haven’t heard anything more since early in the year. With Starz partnering with the BBC to bring us a new Torchwood series, it seems that the US pay cable networks might be developing an interest in capturing the SF genre audience. I’d personally love to see a Nova and GotG ongoing live action series on Starz or Showtime. Has anyone pitched that idea?  

DnA: Not to us they haven’t, but we know that Marvel has a weather eye on all its properties and sub-properties for development potential. So who knows? Of course, if we’d signed an NDA, we would say that, wouldn’t we? But we haven’t. Or have we?

FitzOtter: It was thanks to the writing of DnA, also the art of Brad Walker, in the Guardians of the Galaxy that got me back into reading comics. In fact it was Star-Lord who quickly became my favorite character. How did you approach the character and his evolution from a 70s standalone space opera character to the leader of the GOTG? Also would you happen to know the name of type of jacket he wears? Will any of the characters who donned the ‘Star-Lord’ name ever show up, such as Jason Quill (Peter’s father) or Sinjin Quarrel? Is Quarrel even cannon?  

DnA: StarLord was a particular fave of ours. The Claremont/Byrne one shot adventure is one of our all time favorite stories. We had to find a way to bring him back – and finding him ‘powerless’ and Ship-less, we had to find a way to make that work. Making him a world-weary Han Solo with bags of experience to make up for his lack of powers seemed to fit. A real team leader. Jason? Sinjinn? Ship herself? Who knows? And it’s a Hussar’s style/lancer’s jacket, isn’t it?



Arivelo: The Iron Man/Thor mini features the High Evolutionary. How hard was it to write such a complex character? Which version of the Evolutionary will we see? The guy is either crazy, brilliant, or both but always has some sort of God complex.  

DnA: He’s a favorite of ours, and favorite of our editor, Ralph Macchio. Ralph really wanted us to get under the HE’s  skin and play him the way that Ralph had always seen him – not as a villain, but as a driven genius so far up ‘the spectrum’ he often does things that seem callous or villainous. We all think that’s the way he’s been in the very best of his previous outings. And the series is called God Complex, after all…

CapMar: In regards to Phyla, she has really bounced around of sorts in regards to her identity. She went from Captain Marvel to Quasar to Martyr and has seemingly been killed off. I was wondering what your opinion of the character is and if you had (have?) any future plans with her related to Oblivion and Maelstrom.  

DnA: She was very interesting, if tied up in a lot of complex baggage. We felt it was better to try and do something strong and positive with her than simply lose her in the scenery, so we went with the story we did. Now she’s dead, but as part of a big story, and her death was a dynamic piece of punctuation to thats tory. We really liked the ‘pact with the devil’ thing she underwent to get Moondragon back, and the awful price for that – Thanos! Because she’s dead, of course, that’s it. She’ll either stay dead, which draws a line under everything, or she come back, because this is cosmic AND comics, in which case her death tidies up her baggage and allows a new, ‘clean’ version of her to return.



Kirrmistwelder: Could you tell us some more about Infestation? Will the stories actually connect together, for instance will we be seeing a crossover between Transformers and G.I. Joe – or is it just that they’ll all be facing the same (common) threat? How did this story idea come about?  

DnA: It’s huge, IDW’s first cross-over. They had already worked it all out, we were hired to make it work! Crossing between licenses is INCREDIBLY difficult, so somethings are out of bounds, but we’ve tried to construct and tell the most satisfying story possible. There will be some actual crossover beyond the ‘facing common menace’ deal. We’ll have to see what’s strictly allowed. It will be HUGE fun, however.

Look for a future installment of “DnA QnA” soon and remember to ask your questions in the CBN forums! Special thanks to Darren Blackburn (Nova3333) for the above caricatures!


Movie Review: Saw 3D

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Green Lantern Movie Scream Awards Video


We saw the first pics of Ryan Reynolds accepting the award for the Green Lantern Movie winning the Most Anticipated Movie for 2011 at the fifth annual Spike TV Scream Awards that was held last Saturday night.

Before the Scream Awards debut on Spike TV tomorrow night, you can check out some video from the event with Green Lantern star Ryan Reynolds reciting the oath (background) as he is introduced!


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2010 Buffalo Comic Con Report

This page has been removed. If someone knows of any other Comic Cons in the Buffalo area – feel free to contact CBN for coverage.


Green Lantern Movie Wins Most Anticipated Movie At Scream Awards


The fifth annual Spike TV Scream Awards was taped yesterday with the Green Lantern Movie winning the award for most anticipated movie!

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively were on hand to accept the award with a Lantern stage prop, green ambience and smoke to boot!

Green Lantern beat out not only Harry Potter, X-Men and even Disney’s Tron – but Marvel’s Thor and Captain America! Readers were asked to send in their votes via e-mail to Spike TV.

The Spike TV Scream Awards air Tuesday October 19th, check local listings for the time.

The Green Lantern Movie hits theaters June 17th, 2011!

For all the GL related news and more check out CosmicBookNews.com’s Green Lantern Movie -Core-!

Image Sources: JustJared.buzznet

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Rhys Ifans Is The Lizard!


Thewrap.com has confirmed that Rhys Ifans will be playing Dr. Curt Connors aka The Lizard in the next Spider-Man movie!

They also report that Venom will not be in the movie.

Spider-Man stars Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker and swings into theaters in 3-D July 3rd, 2012!


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The Cosmic Triune Plus One

BY: Managing Editor Byron Brewer

(Editor’s note: For the past few weeks, you have been reading The Cosmic Triune by the Cosmic Book News brass about the state – or lack thereof – of Marvel Cosmic. This piece by Managing Editor Byron Brewer presents another perception.)

I know how Joe Q. feels.

I think I know how Tom Brevoort feels.

I certainly know how Cosmic Book News publisher/editor Matt McGloin and other staffers and forum posters feel …

Feel about the lack of respect Marvel in general and its decision makers in particular seem to be treating us fans who are the backbone of its cosmic movement. With our base titles, Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy, “on hiatus” and probably never to return, we have been scrambling to get any piece of cosmic epoch left that we can, be it from Avengers, Thor or Chaos War and its infinite spin-offs, etc., etc.

Of course, some do not want to scramble. If it does not feature [fill in your favorite Marvel Cosmic character here; mine is the Stranger and he has been no where during the Annihilation buzz!], it is simply “not cosmic.” And besides, only DnA write such great tales, right? Of course, fans (like myself) of Jack Kirby, Roy Thomas, Walt Simonson, Jim Starlin, Steve Englehart and others may have something to say about that, if we are dealing with the long, broad picture.

But really, we are not. We are dealing with today. With a Thanos: Imperative that was a runaway sell-out hit, a critical success and the news that comes of wasted talent like Abnett and Lanning and Walker on an Earth-based book like Heroes for Hire. That, my friends, may be seen as a slap in the face to some Marvel Cosmic fans. Me? I am trying to see it as a simple waste of talent, and that is not unique to our industry.

How many years was Bill Everett, creator of the Sub-Mariner, alive and well and working in and out for Marvel before he was allowed his time at the character he created? Mere months before his death! The Silver Surfer was given his first book and who drew it? Certainly not his creator, King Kirby, but John Buscema (a nice substitute, but at the time a sub nonetheless). Don McGregor was making magic with the Black Panther in Jungle Action and suddenly one of the most beautiful, soul-searing storylines in history is interrupted by who? Jack Kirby, with a less-than-appealing arc or two for T’Challa. Same happened with Steve Englehart on Captain America.

The times, they aren’t a’changin’, kids. It has nothing to do with Marvel Comics, Marvel Cosmic or us as fans. It is the way “suits” think, perceive things in dollar amounts and flood, flood, flood. Ask anyone who was reading these titles when the bottom dropped out in the 1990s. Superman cannot save a DC line and Deadpool and Spidey by themselves cannot a Marvel Universe make.

The Marvel Universe. Called “your” universe. Yet some folks think that universe barely leaves Yancy Street, much less Manhattan. Where is the “Universe,” the wonder promised us in Fantastic Four #1 by Lee and Kirby? Will it die with the recently-announced Devastation?


No, True Believers. For Lee and Kirby, Thomas and Buscema, and Starlin all by his lonesome proved that storylines can be attached to this mudball Earth and still be cosmic with a capital “C.” Read “The Hive” in the FF, wherein Adam Warlock (then Him) was born. Read most of the “Kree/Skrull War,” the ultimate cosmic tale, where most of the action occurs on Sol-3. Take a gander at “The Celestials Saga” in Thor, “The Korvac Saga” in Avengers … for Christ sake, “The Galactus Trilogy!” Many involve space or time-travel, but the main front of battle, of story is Earth. That does not make them less cosmic; that just makes them great Marvel Cosmic stories rooted on Earth.

I understand everyone’s cynicism. No one has enjoyed the tales of Nova, Star-Lord, the Guardians and Darkhawk as much as me (not even you, Bill!) and I have really been glad to see them occurring in deep space, a venue I have always loved, away from the madness of mankind.

As a 30-plus-year newspaperman and editor/writer for CBN, I always try to maintain a “glass-half-full” attitude, as you may have noticed. I am not Gomer Pyle, who never heard of Vietnam, viewing things through rose-colored glasses. But this is not a science class! This is supposed to be our fun, after all! Like the characters mostly appearing in What the D’ast?, I don’t mind searching for my Marvel Cosmic if Joe Q. is not willing to hand it out to me under a Realm of Kings banner. It is there to be found, if you look, despite what many of the MU architects have said.

But I would also use CBN as a “bully pulpit” to voice my objections and desires loud and clear, in a language ($$$$) Joe, Tom, Brian and others understand!

And never forget: Out there somewhere, beckoning, is the next writer with a pitch for a trend-setter like Annihilation. And we will be here to receive it!


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The Cosmic Triune: Nova

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Rhys Ifans: Villain In Spider-Man Movie


Rhys Ifans

Actor Rhys Ifans will play the part of a villain in the next Spider-Man movie opposite Andrew Garfield who will be playing Spider-Man.

The new Spider-Man is set to swing into theaters in 3-D on July 3rd, 2012!

Ifans previous credits include Notting Hill, The Replacements, Hannibal Rising and many others.

The identity of the villain hasn’t been released as, “The filmmakers prefer to not reveal which character Ifans will be playing in the forthcoming film” according to the press release which you can read below; however, there is speculation it could be the Green Goblin.


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Press Release

CULVER CITY, Calif., October 11, 2010 – Rhys Ifans will play the villain, opposite Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker and Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy, in the next installment of Spider-Man from Columbia Pictures and Marvel Studios, it was announced today by Amy Pascal, co-chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment and Matt Tolmach, president of Columbia Pictures. The film, to be directed by Marc Webb from a screenplay by James Vanderbilt and produced by Avi Arad and Laura Ziskin, will begin production in December and will be released in theaters nationwide in 3D on July 3, 2012.

Commenting on the announcement, Tolmach said, “We have been very fortunate to attract some of the best actors working today to play the villains in the Spider-Man movies, and it is exciting to see that trend continue with Rhys Ifans. After seeing his performance in our upcoming film Anonymous, we’re in awe of his talent and think he’s the perfect choice to take on this role.”

The filmmakers prefer to not reveal which character Ifans will be playing in the forthcoming film.

Webb added, “What sets the Spider-Man villains apart is the complexity of their relationships with Peter Parker. Rhys’ incredible ability to embody both warmth and rage makes him the ideal choice for this character.”

Spider-Man is being overseen at the studio by Tolmach and Rachel O’Connor. Ifans is represented by United Talent Agency, Brillstein Entertainment Partners, and Independent Talent Group.

RHYS IFANS’ breakout performance came in 1999 in Roger Michell’s Notting Hill, opposite Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, for which he received a BAFTA Film Award nomination for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role. Prior to that, Ifans starred in Heart, Twin Town, August, and Dancing at Lughnasa, and since then, he has appeared in more than 20 films, including Vanity Fair; Rancid Aluminium, Little Nicky; The Replacements; Hannibal Rising, Enduring Love; Human Nature; Formula 51; Hotel; The Shipping News; Once Upon A Time in the Midlands, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, Pirate Radio; Greenberg; and Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang. He will next appear in Mr. Nice, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Passion Play, and Columbia Pictures’ Anonymous, for director Roland Emmerich.

On television, he played the role of Peter Cook in Terry Johnson’s “Not Only But Always,” for which he won the BAFTA TV Award for Best Actor. He also appeared in “A Number.” In the theatre, Ifans has appeared in “Accidental Death of an Anarchist,” “Bad Finger,” “Volpone,” “Under Milk Wood,” “Beautiful Thing,” “Thyesters,” and, most recently, Patrick Marber’s adaptation of “Don Juan in Soho” at the Donmar Warehouse.


Emma Stone as Gwen Stacey in new Spider-Man Movie



Actress Emma Stone (Superbad, The House Bunny, Zombieland) has been cast as Gwen Stacey in the new Spider-Man movie announced yesterday by Amy Pascal, co-chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment and Matt Tolmach, president of Columbia Pictures according to Marvel.com.

Directed by Marc Webb from a screenplay by James Vanderbilt, produced by  Laura Ziskin and Avi Arad  from Columbia Pictures and Marvel Studios, the new Spider-Man stars Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man and is slated for a July 3rd, 2012 release – in 3-D!


Andrew Garfield Is The New Spider-Man!


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Green Lantern Movie Website Is Up!


Geoff Johns, the Co-Producer on the Green Lantern Movie, tweeted the link to the official Green Lantern Movie Website.

Currently, all that is shown is the GL symbol with some background music and “2011.”

Go to http://greenlanternmovie.warnerbros.com/ to check that out!

The Green Lantern Movie is due in theaters June 17th 2011 and stars Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan!

Head on over to our Green Lantern -Core- movie hub for more info, images and news!



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