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Review: Lady Death #2


Writer:   Brian Pulido & Mike Wolfer

Artist:   Marcelo Mueller

Colorist:   Digikore Studios

Publisher:   Boundless


Oscars 2011: Anne Hathaway confirms Catwoman to Oprah Winfrey (The Dark Knight Rises)

Two instances we have heard Anne Hathaway's name come up, but not in direct relation to Catwoman – just her alter-ego Selina Kyle. Now, Hathaway, in a post-Oscars interview with Oprah Winfrey, confirms the role of Catwoman while receiving news about hosting the 83rd Academy Awards. Turns out, the actress was waiting on word from …

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Peter Weller on Robocop Statue


Peter Weller who played Officer Alex Murphy/RoboCop in the classic 1987 sci-fi action film offered his two cents on the Robocop statue.

Fans got together and asked the mayor of Detroit, former Pistons star David Bing, to erect a statue in honor of the cyborg cop.


Transformers: Dark of The Moon: Meet Sentinel Prime!

Now Sentintel Prime looks awesome!

In the latest issue of Empire Magazine (any subscribers – how is it?), the predecessor to Optimus Prime – Sentinel Prime – is featured.

I wonder where they are going with SP in the movie? We know he was the one to give the matrix of leadership to Optimus and that he perished fighting on Cyberton. Of course, that happened in the comics, I believe.

Also, SP was mention in Revenge of The Fallen when Sam was under the “influence” of the All Spark and started babbling.

What else do we know?


X-Men: First Class Character Movie Posters

Check out two “International” movie posters for the Matthew Vaughn directed X:Men: First Class via MovieWeb.

The first features Michael Fassbender as Eric Lensherr, the Master of Magnetism – Magneto.

The second – James McAvoy as Professor Charles Xavier ie Prof. X.

Hate to say it, but the more images I see from this film the worse it looks.


Trailer: WWE Allstars screen shots and roster reveal video

Here are 15 recently released screen shots to WWE Allstars and a roster reveal video.

WWE Allstars is available March 29th, 2011 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable and Wii.

The revolutionary new addition to THQ’s distinguished WWE videogame portfolio and debut release from the company’s San Diego-based studio, WWE All Stars will bridge generations of WWE enthusiasts and casual followers alike with a fun, fresh and fast-paced experience inside the virtual ring.

Screen shots (click any image to launch viewer):

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Marvel Comics On-Sale 3/2/11

Press Release Marvel Comics On-Sale 3/2/11 Hey there True Believers, here's your official list of comic books, collections and posters arriving in comic stores on March 2nd, 2011. For more information on any of these titles, and on upcoming mighty Marvel releases, please visit Marvel.Com or contact your local comic book retailer at 1-888-comicbook. Stay …

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