Review: Hulk #29



Writer: Jeff Parker

Artist: Gabriel Hardman

Colorists: Elizabeth Breitweiser with Jim Charalampidis

Letterer: Ed Dukeshire

Cover: Ed McGuinness & Steve Firchow

Back-Up: “Things Best Left Unseen Part II”

Writer: Jeff Parker

Artist: Ben Oliver

Colorist: Frank Martin

Letterer: Ed Dukeshire

Editor: Mark Pannicia

Publisher: Marvel

Release Date: February 2nd, 2011


*Warning: Spoilers*


Hulk #29 sees the finale to M.O.D.O.K.’s “Scorched Earth” protocols – and it’s a Rulk fanboy’s dream come true!

I’m not sure, but Marvel may actually be reading the reviews and message boards in regards to what fan’s think. Can it really be?

Without giving too much away, we know that General Ross is not the Rulk he used to be. Last issue, saw Ross sent in to find out what happened to to Rick “A-Bomb” Jones (love this character). However, Ross has been having, shall we say, peformance issues! Ok. Ok. Ross has been having trouble changing into his heated alter-ego — so Banner, as good ol’ Green Skin, is forced to make the save.

This issue is full of twists, so much so that they never stop. Kid you not, as even the back-up featuring the female Watcher takes us for a doozy. Kudos to the team behind these quality back-ups in both Hulk titles as they actually have something to do with the main story.

As to be expected from a Hulk title, a lot of pounding takes place, but don’t let that all that brawn mistake you for no brains. This issue is full of them! While that statment may not pertain to Ross (I thought the fly-boys were supposed to be the smart ones in the military), it does to Banner who shows off his experience dealing with the emotional battlefield that comes with being the Hulk. Just who is the General?

Gabriel Hardman’s art is perfect for this title. When it was announced that McGuinness was returning, I wondered what was to become of our current Hulk artist. No worries as we see Hardman is doing Hulk 30.1 and then is back on with #31. Actually, McGuinness returning to #30 is a big clue as to what happens in this issue. Sorry, no spoilers!

Back to Hulk #29; one of my big gripes with the first few issues of Parker’s run was the lack of Rulk-worthy villains. Sure, we saw Thor and Iron Man pound the crud out of the Red Skinned Goliath; however, now Ross has joined them to take on the Hood and his Infinity Gauntlet over in Bendis’ Avengers (sorry, JRJR can’t draw Rulk). Plus, Iron Man and Thor are not villains – or at least Thor isn’t! Well, that is all about to change as this issue gives us TWO arch-enemies to counter the Incredible Rulk. One of those villains was featured in a huge Marvel marketing blitz; one I wasn’t too thrilled about. That changed after reading this issue. To be honest, it almost reminded me of a Dalek (Who fan here!) – and that is a great thing. I like this rendering better than the previous versions or related entities. Very cold and calculating. The other villain was previously mentioned and is the “doozy” (see above).

Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman excel at balancing the physical features, that are required of this title, with the intellectual aspects that are necessary to counter all that Hulk smashing – and vice-versa. Parker and Hardman give us a nicely wrapped conclusion (with a big red Rulk-sized bow and all!), not only tieing everything together from the start of their run, but from events preceding – and also events not yet taken place.

Looking forward to what is to come!


Smallville Preview: “Masquerade”



The CW released a bunch of promo images for the February 18th episode to Smallville, “Masquerade.”

Click on any pic to enlarge and launch our viewer.


CHLOE AND OLIVER ARE KIDNAPPED – Chloe (Allison Mack) and Oliver (Justin Hartley) are mistaken for FBI agents investigating Desaad’s (guest star Steve Byers) recent string of murders and the pair are kidnapped by Desaad’s minions. Desaad tries to infect Chloe with the darkness. Meanwhile, Lois (Erica Durance) tells Clark (Tom Welling) he needs to be more careful with his identity and suggests a disguise. Tim Scanlan directed the episode written by Bryan Q. Miller.

Smallville returns Friday, February 4th at 8pm Eastern/7pm Central with “Collateral.”

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