Green Lantern Movie Website Is Up!


Geoff Johns, the Co-Producer on the Green Lantern Movie, tweeted the link to the official Green Lantern Movie Website.

Currently, all that is shown is the GL symbol with some background music and “2011.”

Go to http://greenlanternmovie.warnerbros.com/ to check that out!

The Green Lantern Movie is due in theaters June 17th 2011 and stars Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan!

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Dead Avengers Re-Assembled: Interview With Fred Van Lente


The Earth’s Mightiest Dead Heroes re-assemble in response to the threat imposed by the Chaos King this November from writer Fred Van Lente and artist Tom Grummet in the three-issue mini-series, Chaos War: Dead Avengers.

With the fate of all existence at stake, a protector is reborn out of the chaos — Captain Marvel! Side-by-side with his fellow Dead Avengers — the Swordsman, the Vision, Deathcry, Yellowjacket and Doctor Druid — Mar-Vell and the reluctant Re-Assemblers must face an Avengers foe of yesteryear: the Grim Reaper, one of the Chaos King’s lieutenants.

Cosmic Book News spoke with Fred Van Lente on his Dead Avengers, including Mar-vell, Deathcry, the Grim Reaper and whether or not the dead shall live again!

Cosmic Book News: First: This is the real Captain Marvel, the Mar-Vell, correct?! And these are not zombies, but the real characters?!

Fred Van Lente: Correct. They are not zombies. Just dead. Slight difference. The Chaos King has destroyed the Underworlds, so anyone who’s ever been dead has been dumped into the mortal realm. Some are good, some are evil.

And one is the real Mar-Vell, one of my favorite characters recently, having read the first Essentials volume for an unrelated project. He’s such a terrific idea for a character, an alien invader who goes native and decides to fight on our side instead. It’s like, what if Superman was sent by Krypton to conquer Earth, but changes his mind?

Cosmic Book News: Can you tell us the reasoning behind why the Dead Avengers first come together and assemble?

Fred Van Lente: That is part of the mystery of the first issue. They don’t really know. I mean, we know why they come back (see my previous answer), but that doesn’t explain why they specifically have been assembled with their living counterparts in a particular place.

But they find out by the end of #1. And it’s not necessarily a happy reason.

Cosmic Book News: Will these Dead Avengers be fighting the Chaos King alongside living comrades, beside the coming Dead X-Men or Alpha Flight members, or in a battleground all their own?

Fred Van Lente: That’s giving a little too much away. Let’s just say the Dead Avengers’ relationship to the living Avengers is the most important thing in the series.

Cosmic Book News: All the members of the Dead Avengers seem to share a similar background in that they are or were “villainous.” What was the reasoning behind assembling a group of characters such as this — other than that they were dead, of course?

(Captain Mar-Vell led an invasion of the Kree; the Vision was created by Ultron; the Swordsman infiltrated the Avengers with help from the Mandarin; Yellowjacket was a member of the Masters of Evil; Deathcry, a Shi’ar, was killed fighting Captain Universe; Doctor Druid was mind-controlled by Terminatrix and others, leading to his death.)

Fred Van Lente: That’s an excellent point. I’m not really sure how much that influenced my decision on who got picked and who didn’t … after all, Comic Book Death being what it is, there aren’t really all that many truly dead Avengers to choose from … but it is definitely contributing to my enjoyment of the series. I like rogues, rascals and rapscallions … partly, I guess, because I’ve always been something of a compulsive troublemaker myself. 

I think the one character that will surprise people will be the Swordsman. We’ve done our best to make him a total badass. He’s a classic swashbuckler, a blade for hire, but in modern times, and we’ve had great fun playing that up.

Cosmic Book News: How much of a difference will we see between their living personas and their “dead” ones? Will having been dead brought about any new powers or characteristics?  

Fred Van Lente: Not particularly. In Mar-Vell’s case, to a certain extent, powers like cosmic awareness have been heightened. This is the end of everything, or the brink of it, and every sense Mar-Vell was given by Eon is crying out. The cosmic entities are arraying in terror against the overwhelming threat of the Chaos King – who was all the multiverse was before there was a multiverse, and seeks to become once again with the only thing in existence – and so Mar-Vell, in his Protector role, is a huge part of that.

Cosmic Book News: Regarding Deathcry, how will she deal with working with all these heroes? She has never really been known as a team player; in fact, as one of Star-Lord’s team, that is how she died!

Fred Van Lente: Yes, and she is keenly aware that she died less than honorably. She is hoping to change that now that she’s apparently been given a second chance, but old habits die hard, and Deathcry’s temper is her worst quality. Will it overtake her a second time?

Cosmic Book News: Will any of these Dead Avengers attempt to rectify what happened with their past lives as now they have a second chance of sorts?

Fred Van Lente: Yes. All of the Dead Avengers in one way or another, even Mar-Vell, who died relatively peacefully, have left unfinished business. This is part of the theme of Dead Avengers – if given the opportunity, will we change our destinies, or simply fall back into old patterns? Is change possible?

Cosmic Book News: The super-villain Eric Williams, the Grim Reaper, is said to be the main foe in Dead Avengers. Countless times he has faced the Avengers and has history with two of the Dead Avengers, namely the Swordsman and the Vision. What can you tell us about his role as one of the Chaos King’s lieutenants and involvement in the Chaos War?

Fred Van Lente: Grim Reaper has dabbled in the occult more than once (and has even been brought back from the dead himself), and that connection has allowed him to give himself wholly over to the Chaos King. He’s so maddened with hatred for the Avengers, he’s going to devote his last few hours on this Earth to utterly destroying them – the living and the dead ones. And by the time he attacks, the Dead Avengers are the only Avengers team left in existence, so it’s up to them to defeat him.

Cosmic Book News: Will we be seeing any more Avengers foes alongside the Grim Reaper or past villains from the Marvel U.?

Fred Van Lente: GR’s long-time squeeze Nekra, Priestess of Hate, is back, and since she’s the one who actually killed DA member Doctor Druid, that reunion could be … awkward.

Cosmic Book News:  Post-Chaos War, if the Marvel Universe is still intact and these characters still “dead,” given they have had a small taste of life again, will they want to stay dead or return to the land of the living on a more permanent basis?

Fred Van Lente: I think it is quite possible that some of them will be resurrected. But the stakes are quite high – those who are “killed” by Grim Reaper don’t just die, they will be erased from the continuum for all time. So if the Dead Avengers don’t succeed, all will be lost to the multiverse forever.

Cosmic Book News: Anything you wish to add?

Fred Van Lente: Tom Grummett’s pencils are absolutely epic and amazing! He’s a pleasure to work with and he’s bringing the old-school Avengers action like we haven’t seen in some time. I think you’re gonna dig it.

Thanks for your time.

And thank you for your interest!

“Chaos War: Dead Avengers #1” arrives in stores November 17, 2010!  “Chaos War #1” begins next Wednesday October 6th!


Thor Movie: First Image of Thor and Jane Foster



HeyGuys.Co.Uk released some images from Empire Magazine that shows a first look at Thor and Jane Foster! Thor is played by actor Chris Hemsworth with Jane Foster by Natalie Portman.

We also see more images of Hemsworth as Thor – and a siloutte with Tom Hiddleston as Loki!

Thor hammers into theaters May 6th, 2011 and is being directed by Kenneth Branagh, also starring Anthony Hopkins, Kat Dennings, Idris Elba, Stellan Skarsgard, Ray Stevenson and Rene Russo.

Be sure to check out our Thor -Core-! The Thor movie hub where you can find all the related news and more!

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Spider-Man Big Time

Spider-Man Big Time

Press Release Your New Look at SPIDER-MAN: BIG TIME!   This is the biggest change in Peter Parker’s life in years and it’s all happening in Amazing Spider-Man #648, from the new ongoing creative team of fan-favorite Spidey Scribe Dan Slott and red hot artist Humberto Ramos! Spidey’s new status quo starts right here in a …

Spider-Man Big Time Read More »

Definition of cosmic, science-fiction, fantasy

The Cosmic Triune: Definition Of Cosmic

  Hard Cosmic versus Soft Cosmic (Editor’s Note: Article was written in 2010: This is the third in a series of opinionated articles focusing on Marvel Cosmic. CosmicBookNews.com’s very own “Nova” and “GoTG” reviewer, Mr. Bill Meneese, offers up his opinions on just what “Cosmic” means.)   There has been considerable consternation on the part …

The Cosmic Triune: Definition Of Cosmic Read More »


Hulk Knows Best: Interview With Greg Pak

The family of Hulks recently united with the reconciliation of father and son, Hulk and Skaar, in Incredible Hulk #611. Unbeknownst to the green-skinned Patriarch was the fact that the seed he planted on Sakaar, during Planet Hulk, not only produced two World Wars — but two sons of Hulk! 

As the more Hulk-like of the two, Skaar has come to terms with his origin. Hiro-Kala, resembling more his mother Caiera the Oldstrong, bares an inner turmoil, one that can only come with being a Hulk. This could result in the destruction of not only the Hulk family, but the Earth itself.

The Steve Rogers-led Secret Avengers have taken notice as Hiro-Kala makes his way to our world. His offer to the Hulk of assembling was turned down by the Gamma-Irradiated Green Scar which has put the two super-powered groups at odds.

Cosmic Book News caught up with Incredible Hulks writer Greg Pak to find out more about Hiro-Kala, the family that is Hulk, the Secret Avengers, his thoughts on the Red Hulk and what comes next.

CosmicBookNews: What can you tell us about Hiro-Kala? We have seen him come face to face with Galactus and shake the very foundations of worlds, just what sort of power does he wield?

Greg Pak: As we’ve just learned in Incredible Hulks #613, he’s terrified of using the Old Power — his mission is to destroy it at all costs.  But he’s amped up with the power of Planet K’ai’s Worldmind, which is essentially the cosmic/mystic power of the soul of a planet. So he’ll pack a punch.

CosmicBookNews: Would you say Hiro is a “villain” in the classic sense of the word? You could argue trying to destroy the Old Power to save the Universe is a noble cause; however he seems to go about it in a rather “aggressive” way.  Just what exactly is the Old Power?

Greg Pak: Some say the Old Power is simply the tectonically-based power that the Oldstrong of the Shadow People are able to channel from the planets they’re standing on. But Hiro-Kala is convinced that the Old Power is a corrupted version of the Power Cosmic that is destined to one day consume the entire universe.  Hence his interest in eradicating it.

So yes, if you take him at his word, Hiro-Kala seems to have heroic motivations. But there’s something about his murdering millions of innocents that puts a different spin on things, wouldn’t you say?

CosmicBookNews: While his father and brother undergo physical transformations, does Hiro undergo the same or are they more internal (and leading to his awesome power)?

Greg Pak: Can’t say anything here for fear of spoilers. Keep on reading!

CosmicBookNews: Speaking of transformations, how is the relationship between Banner and Hulk, after the recent return of the Green Scar? It seems to be one of less opposition and more mutual acceptance.

Greg Pak: Yes and no. We’ll see Banner and Hulk working together in critical ways — they both seem to share a commitment to this new family of Hulks. But we’ll also see the tension between the two — which may have shocking repercussions as the story reaches its climax.  Incredible Hulks #615 is a must-read issue for more on all of this.

CosmicBookNews: With Incredible Hulk #611, we not only saw the return of the Green Scar, but also the formation of the “family of Hulks” with the reconciliation between Banner and son, Skaar, — with Betty as Red She-Hulk present as well. These father-son (and extended family) issues will be present and continue with Hiro, I take it? How will Banner react to having another Hulk son? How will Hiro appearing affect Banner and the rest of the family’s relations?

Greg Pak: Those are exactly the key questions we’re tackling in this story. And I can’t say anything more about them without spoiling the story right now!  But yes, yes, and yes!

It’s also worth noting that Banner and the Hulk may have very different ideas about Hiro-Kala and how to deal with him…

CosmicBookNews: What can you say in regards to Betty and her role in “Dark Son?” Will we see her take on a maternal Step-Mother role or Red She-Hulk smashing?

Greg Pak: The Betty/Bruce/Red She Hulk/Hulk relationship is an absolutely key part of the extended emotional story we’re telling over the next few story arcs. Betty and Bruce are learning a huge amount about each other — not all of which they might have wanted to know. Then again, they say that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger… There’s a definite end game to all of this — but you’ll have to keep on reading to find out what it is!

CosmicBookNews: We see Steve Rogers and his Secret Avengers take notice of the Incredible Hulks with Incredible Hulks #614. What can you tell us about that issue?(Might take a couple of Hulks to take down the Human Rocket, Nova!)

Greg Pak: Incredible Hulks #614 is when the world learns about what’s coming their way — and the Hulks step into the middle of everything and end up in a massive throw down with the Secret Avengers. It’s a heck of a fight — on one side, you have Steve Rogers’ unmatched strategic genius and the insane might of War Machine, Valkyrie, and Nova. On the other, you have Bruce Banner’s massive intellect — and a bunch of freaking Hulks.

CosmicBookNews: Speaking of Avengers, we learned that General Thunderbolt, Red Hulk, Ross will be assembling in Avengers under the guiding hand of Brian Michael Bendis. Thoughts on that?

Greg Pak: It’s going to be awesome.  It’s always a blast when characters who have been spending most of the time in their own books get to bust out big time in a core title like the Avengers.  As an added bonus, Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman are continuing the Hulk book starting with issue #25 — add it to your pull lists, folks!

CosmicBookNews: Scott Reed, who is co-writing “Dark Son” with you, is also penning Incredible Hulks: Enigma Force. Can you tell us how that ties into “Dark Son?”

Greg Pak: Scott’s a wild worldbuilder who laid much of the groundwork for Hiro-Kala and Planet K’ai in his Realm of Kings: Son of Hulk miniseries. Now he continues the saga in the Enigma Force book as Commander Rann and his crew tackle the second front in the Dark Son war.  

CosmicBookNews: I read you were a Bill Mantlo fan, will we be seeing any more from the Bill Mantlo “Space” library?!

Greg Pak: That would be telling!

CosmicBookNews: Obviously, without giving too much away, what can you tell us about the Hulk family after “Dark Son?”

Greg Pak: Whoever survives will take on the worst the Chaos King has to throw at them in Incredible Hulks #618-620, our tie-in to the Chaos War epic. Hulk fans won’t want to miss the return of two (count ’em, two!) of the worst enemies Bruce Banner has ever faced.  And cosmic fans may be intrigued by the involvement of one of Marvel’s abstract entities.  I should also say that this may be the most brutal Hulk story I’ve written so far.  It’s supernatural super-hero horror action, and Paul Pelletier is drawing the heckity heck out of it.

CosmicBookNews: This six issue arc is being drawn by Barry Kitson, what can you tell us in regards to his Hulk?

Greg Pak: Actually, the first two issues of “Dark Son” were drawn by the phenomenal Tom Raney and Brian Ching.  Barry comes on board for #614 to #617.  I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to work with all of these artists. They each have their own way of drawing the Hulk, but all of them deliver that insane smash while bringing out the emotional character moments that are so important to the book.

One thing to look out for in #614 is the sleek redesign Barry did of the Hulks costumes.  The Hulk’s sporting a slightly different look that reflects his focused mindset.

CosmicBookNews: Anything you want to add?

Greg Pak:  I just want to thank you again for all your coverage of all things Hulk and Hercules!  We really appreciate it and our doing our darnedest to deliver the crazy, epic stories you’re hungry for.

CosmicBookNews: Greg, thanks for your time! Looking forward to more of “Dark Son” and of course, Chaos War!

Be sure to look for “Incredible Hulks” #614 and #615 on sale in October; “Incredible Hulk: Enigma Force” #2 hits October 13th and “Hulk” #25, by Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman, is currently in stores!

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High Res Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern Image


The LA Times Hero Complex has an interview up with Greg Berlanti, one of the screen writers on the Green Lantern movie.

Seems Warner Bros. provided them a high resolution image of Ryan Reynolds and the Green Lantern ring.

If you like – download the image right here from Cosmic Book News!

File: ryan-reynolds-in-green-lantern.jpg 2000×1333 525KB

The Green Lantern movie stars Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan and is due in theaters June 17th 2011.

Head on over to the Cosmic Book News Green Lantern -Core- movie hub for the full movie sypnosis, news and related images, polls – and more!


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Movie Review: The American

Ever wonder what the life of a professional assassin would be like in real life?  My guess is it would be a little less romantic, prolific and lucrative than it has been made out to be in popular culture.  If less is what you are looking for, then Anton Corbijn’s The American certainly delivers in …

Movie Review: The American Read More »


The Cosmic Triune: Nova


It’s hard thinking about your favorite hero, who might be on a path leading upwards, when his title explodes into oblivion – even for one ironically named Nova.

After taking the lead position in Annihilation and becoming the flagship title for the cosmic line afterwards, Nova is in a precarious spot right now. With his book “on hiatus” and The Thanos Imperative quickly coming to its conclusion, what does the future of Nova hold?

Based on comments from Marvel, Nova won’t be back right away after The Thanos Imperative is over. Of course, with the sell-out success of Thanos, it’s possible that Marvel will green-light his book’s return. I certainly hope so, but I’m only cautiously optimistic right now.

Matt McGloin, Editor of Cosmic Book News, and I talked on Skype for over three hours a couple of weeks ago. We both agree that the decision makers at Marvel don’t seem to have a good grasp on what cosmic is to those of us who read it. To emphasize the point, I look to this quote from Marvel VP Executive Editor Tom Brevoort in response to questions from Matt:

“I think one of the reasons that we don’t do more to connect our Cosmic storylines to Earth is that it’s often difficult to make those kinds of storylines relevant to a wider mainstream audience without losing the appeal that they hold for the dedicated Cosmic fans.

We love the fans of our Cosmic titles, don’t get us wrong—but once you’re operating on such a scale and at such a remove from the day-to-day concerns of humanity, it becomes difficult to find those touch-points of relevance that really distinguish a Marvel story from what everybody else does.”

Now, it’s completely possible that I’m misinterpreting Tom’s meaning, but it sounds as if Marvel believes that what brings cosmic readers to the books are only the settings and scale — that “cosmic” means somewhere other than Earth and the threat has to be universal oblivion. At least to me personally, that’s only part of the attraction; however, just like the “Earth-based” series published by Marvel, what truly appeals to me are the characters and how they face the threat – big or small.

Annihilation succeeded for me because I was following a hero’s journey and evolution as a character. It’s Richard Rider’s very humanity that drew me in, not the fact that they were fighting Annihilus and a huge group of bugs (which was extremely cool – don’t get me wrong). Keith Giffen (along with DnA in Annihilation: Nova) made me care about the young man and how the United Front was going to turn back the threat. Isn’t basic survival the foundation of what Tom called “the day-to-day concerns of humanity?”

However, by thinking the setting is the key to cosmic, Marvel appears to be going down a bad highway. Instead of continuing what works with Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel is attempting to marry the “mainstream audience” with us cosmic readers by taking perhaps better known characters such as Thor and Hercules and throwing them into a “cosmic” setting via Chaos War — and since it’s in a non-Earth setting and has Galactus, then all of us cosmic readers will automatically buy and love it, right?

Um…, no. Not for me, anyways. I have no interest in the characters in the series so I won’t be picking it up. To those who feel that we cosmic readers need to pick it up to show Marvel there’s interest in cosmic titles, and we’ll get Nova back as a result, I believe it actually sends the opposite message. If we buy it for just that reason, it says that we’ll drink whatever Kool-Aid Marvel gives us as long as it’s not on Earth and that they don’t need to bring Nova back because they can just plop Thor into a new book.

It has been shown that “cosmic” can do Earth bound stories very well. All of the issues of Nova where he came to Earth were excellent. The reason they were that good wasn’t so much where the stories took place, it was because of the character and how the stories were written. Abnett and Lanning are in the top-tier of writers around and they understand the importance of character.

Nova was able to maintain respectable and steady sales numbers because of the quality of the work and the attention to the characters in the book. The setting and threat were important, of course, but only because we cared about the people that threat was aimed at.

Just so it doesn’t seem like I’m Marvel-bashing, and to those who spew stuff about how Marvel hates cosmic and wants it to fail (although why anyone would think a business would want a property – something it has invested a lot into – to fail is beyond me), I do want to give Marvel credit along with a big thank you for what we have been given over the last four years.

It’s public knowledge that Joe Quesada isn’t necessarily the biggest fan of cosmic stories. However, he recognized that there is a market for it and saw an opportunity in what Andy Schmidt presented in Annihilation. When that series succeeded, instead of saying “that was great, thanks for the ride and good night,” he gave the green light for Nova’s title under Marvel Editor Bill Rosemann’s solid leadership.

With Nova leading the charge, Marvel allowed Bill and DnA to expand the cosmic line and grow it to a point we haven’t seen since the Infinity books of the 1990s. The quality of the work was so high that other writers now want to use Nova (Marvel Adventures Super Heroes and Secret Avengers to name two).

In Secret Avengers, Ed Brubaker has shown that you can be in a space/cosmic setting and sell a ton of issues if you make the story about the characters. Personally, I don’t think Nova was handled the best in #4. I believe Brubaker used the ‘Saving Private Rider’ arc of Secret Avengers to show the power of the Nova Force. While that was great and truly appreciated, it was also used as a tool to boost the greatness of his favorite character Steve Rogers and in return made Rich himself look like a tool at the end of the issue. I’m hopeful we will see Bru revisit the storyline in a later arc and show that he is truly a fan of Nova as he has stated. A solid showing of Nova as a character in a hugely popular series like Secret Avengers would go a long way to ensuring that he will be around for the long-term future. Plus, Nova is to be featured in the second season of Super Hero Squad this fall and will appear in next year’s Spider-Man animated series. Along with his role in Marvel Adventures Super Heroes and Secret Avengers, Nova’s future appears to be really bright.

However, my worry is the lack of any sort of news or teases of Nova’s title in the future. The convention season was extremely light on cosmic news outside of Chaos War — and absolutely nothing in regards to the fate of Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy as a whole. I’m hoping we will finally hear more at the New York Comic Con next month. On the one hand, I understand the need to generate drama and interest in the finale of The Thanos Imperative. It has been frustrating not to know if your favorite character is coming back either in a continuation of his series or in a relaunch. Some will say that happens all the time with the big name Marvel characters in an event. The big difference is: Nova is not considered by Marvel to be one of their big guns. Despite having everything that a publisher wants in a licensable character (power, personality, great costume, etc.), Nova has a history of being shelved after spiking in popularity. That difference is what worries me.

I easily can see Marvel deciding that the cosmic titles “need a break” and put them away for some years until a great pitch comes along or a new regime that is a big supporter of cosmic characters. On the flip side of that, I can see a genuine desire to wait until Thanos is closer to completion to make a decision and announcement based on sales of the series. It’s the internal conflict of it all that causes me consternation (I know that’s a big word for me [laughs]).

Bottom line is: I can’t imagine Marvel will blow up Nova while the character is burning so brightly.



Everybody loves crime drama, cops and robbers and bank heists featured in Hollywood films.  Takers is yet another film in the same genre as the Ocean’s films and Heat (1995) that takes the audience on a bullet riddled joy ride from the criminals’ perspective.  These films are notorious for recruiting big names to fill out …

MOVIE REVIEW: Takers Read More »


The Cosmic Triune: Secret Avengers



The Secret Is Out – Secret Avengers Is A Hit!

Over the last couple weeks I have been having conversations, regarding what happened to and what is happening with Marvel Cosmic, with Doug Smith of the Nova Prime Page and Bill Menesse, the CBN Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy reviewer quoted by Marvel in their press releases, solicits and catalogs.

This is the first in a series of opinionated articles, related to those discussions, that will focus on our various points relevant to Marvel Cosmic.

Our friends over at Newsarama posted the top ten sales for August with Secret Avengers #4 coming in at #5! That’s right, the Captain America led group of B-listers placed within the top ten once again. So far, the first issue debuted at #4, the second at #8, with the third at #10 (source: http://www.comichron.com). That’s a lot of readers following Steve Rogers, Beast, Black Widow, Valkyrie, Ant-Man, War Machine, Sharon Carter – and Richard Rider, Nova!

When Secret Avengers was first announced and Nova shown to assemble, Cosmic fans were split into basically two camps. On one hand, you had the readers that were ecstatic that guys like Nova were going to be exposed to a larger viewing audience through the likes of Ed Brubaker and Mike Deodato! On the other hand, fans that had grown accustomed to their cosmic heroes…not getting treated as well(?)…in earth bound books, were a bit cautious to say the least (kids might read this, guys!).

Without getting into specifics, the cosmic crew is all too familiar with the head honchos at Marvel being pretty vocal about the “cosmic“ genre. You can decide for yourself if its good or bad. Regardless, everyone was excited.

Oh, to be honest I belonged to the latter group – hey, I am a Quasar fan after all. Can you blame me?!

It became known that Mr. Captain America himself, Ed Brubaker, was actually a fan of the Human Rocket. In an interview with Newsarama, Ed had this to say:

“Oh yeah, I was on Nova from, like, Issue #1. That was really book as a kid, I think. When I first discovered that book when I was a kid, I was so excited. Even in the early ’70s, it was rare that you could get in at the beginning of a series.

And you know, he’s not in the book as much as I would have liked him to be because he’s involved in so many other things. He’s in his own series and other comics.

So he’s got a really significant role in the first arc, but after that, it’s going to depend on what they let me do.”

That was excellent news for Nova fans! I seem to remember Doug being particularly excited about Secret Avengers in our episodes of the United Front – Going Knowhere Podcast.

Our boy was finally going to get a quality showing in a big time Marvel mainstream title – and an Avengers one to boot! Thousands and thousands of Marvel zombies would be first exposed to the likes of Rich and the Worldmind, not to mention the power that is the Nova Force!

Nova had just been placed on hiatus when the Secret Avengers announcement came – or close to it. This article isn’t going into specifics with the Nova monthly (that is for another article), but from our perspective Marvel knew what they had with Richard Rider and were trying their best to continue to “push” (promote) the hero of Annihilation. After all, Nova has been announced to be a member of the Super Hero Squad with season two, talk of a Nova movie, Nova being a part of the All Ages Marvel Adventures Super Heroes and more! Good times, ahead!

I think you can see where this is going.

I’m not going to rip apart the first arc of Secret Avengers (I’ll save it for the forums), though I am literally biting my lip, or fingers I suppose, to stop myself from doing so — because after reading Secret Avengers #4 I (we? everyone?) was just so darn disappointed.

Does Steve Rogers need another title to boost his credibility as being “the man” at Marvel? And at the expense (at least in my opinion) of a lesser selling, not as popular, recently canceled character who, right now, could use one hell of a push!

Cap is already in an abundance of titles, took Norman out in Siege (where was Pete?!), is head of the entire world, starring in two blockbuster movies, has been on CNN — on and on.

Marvel, you have a great opportunity with Secret Avengers to really promote and introduce a group of lesser known characters to a HUGE audience. SA tie-in, Vengeance of Moon Knight #10, sold out (Where the d’ast was Nova’s?)!

Let’s give these characters a little time of their own to shine. Let’s continue to build up the Marvel Universe. Captain America, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Deadpool, The Incredible Hulk, Iron-Man and why not: Ant-Man! Moon Knight! Nova! Heck, while we are at it – Quasar!

That’s all I’m saying.


Green Lantern Movie: Bzzd


Check out the Green Lantern Corps member Bzzd!

Courtesy of our friends over at Comic Book Movies, here is a look at the little bugger from the upcoming Green Lantern movie scheduled to light our darkest day on June 17th 2011!

Apparently a favorite of director Martin Cambell, Bzzd appeared in the comics taking down Guy Gardner and Mongul! The little guy also saved Kilowog from infected Yellow Lantern spores. Sadly, he met his fate while battling Mongul during the “Rinquest Affair” where he attacked Mongul from the inside. Last seen (I believe) as one of the Black Lanterns, who will Bzzd bug in the Green Lantern Movie?!

Be sure to check out our Green Lantern -Core- movie hub with all the GL news in one location!


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Galaxy’s Mightiest Heroes!



The Thanos Imperative #3 hits today featuring what may be the Cosmic Avengers!

Our very own Byron Brewer and Bill Meneese put together featured reports on each of the Cosmic Assemblers.

Here they are assembled in one easy to find page:

Galaxy’s Mightiest Heroes: Nova

Galaxy’s Mightiest Heroes: Silver Surfer

Galaxy’s Mightiest Heroes: Quasar

Galaxy’s Mightiest Heroes: Gladiator

Galaxy’s Mightiest Heroes: Beta Ray Bill

Galaxy’s Mightiest Heroes: Ronan



The Thanos Imperative #4 Teaser: The Final Assault