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Star Wars Rumor Includes ‘New Jedi Order’

A new Star Wars rumor offers that Lucasfilm may be considering some sort of New Jedi Order project that would connect to its Disney Sequel Trilogy. The info comes from a podcast from The Ringer about The Book of Boba Fett final episode where a reporter who works for Vanity Fair, Joanna Robinson, – who

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Disney Star Wars Characters Rumored To Return With J.J. Abrams

With Disney Plus in desperate need of new content, it’s rumored that the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy characters will be returning in some form. The rumor comes from a pair of separate sources, as YouTuber Grace Randolph, who also said Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni will be tackling Star Wars movies, tweeted that Lucasfilm is

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John Boyega Could Be Marvel’s Nova

A Nova movie is once again rumored to be in development, where it’s possible that Star Wars actor John Boyega might be playing the role. I suppose you can consider this a rumor but I can recall rumblings about John Boyega playing Nova around the time he was involved with the Disney Star Wars movies.

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John Boyega Done With Disney Star Wars

John Boyega starred in three Star Wars movies for Disney as Finn, but that looks to have come to an end, which is no surprise. The actor responded to a fan comment on social media about wielding a green lightsaber for the next Star Wars movie, which saw Boyega offer he has moved on. An

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