John Boyega Reacts To Kang

Fans asked the Star Wars actor on social media which follows Jonathan Majors having been fired by Marvel.

Fans asked the Star Wars actor on social media which follows Jonathan Majors having been fired by Marvel.

John Boyega Reacts To Kang

John Boyega reacts to being asked to take over the Kang role which follows Jonathan Majors having been fired by Marvel following Monday’s guilty verdict.

Majors was found guilty of assault in harassment in the trial involving former girlfriend Grace Jabbari in an incident that occurred last March. Following the guilty verdict having been read in court, Disney and Marvel immediately announced the actor would no longer be playing Kang moving forward in the MCU.

So since Jonathan Majors is no longer playing Kang, what does that mean for the MCU?

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That’s a big no from Boyega

Rumors have offered Marvel could either recast or go with a new villain, said to possibly be Doctor Doom. Also, since it is the Multiverse we are talking about here, and there are already many different variants of Kang, Marvel could easily go with a new actor in the role.

So following Majors getting fired by Marvel, fans took to social media to ask Star Wars star John Boyega if he wanted to play the new Kang. Boyega’s reaction? It’s suffice to say he won’t be playing Kang anytime soon.

It’s probably not also a stretch to think that Boyega’s reaction will be shared by a lot of other actors who don’t want to be associated with the role. While Marvel has recast in the past, it was never over legal reasons, and a guilty verdict in that. There is also a lot of backlash toward Marvel from the Black community which has already been swelling due to Marvel not recasting Black Panther.

It seems more likely the MCU will simply move on from Kang. You can argue the character had a decent arc that came to a conclusion in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumani and Loki Season 2.

Avengers 5 Replaces 'Kang Dynasty'

Avengers 5

Rumors also offer Avengers: The Kang Dynasty has been canceled and the flick is now being referred to as Avengers 5.

There is also speculation that Kang Dynasty has been dropped in favor of something like Avengers: Secret Wars Part 2 and Part 2. Another title floating about is Avengers: Eternity Wars which sounds similar to what the Infinity Saga did with Infinity War leading to Endgame.

Marvel has a lot of time to figure things out. They recently pushed back all the MCU release dates and Kang Dynasty isn’t supposed to get released until May 1, 2026, with Secret Wars a year later on May 7, 2027.

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