Avengers 5 Replaces ‘Kang Dynasty’

Marvel has fired Jonathan Majors following the guilty verdict.

Marvel has fired Jonathan Majors following the guilty verdict.

Avengers 5 Replaces 'Kang Dynasty'

The rumors look to be right as it is reported “Avengers 5” is replacing Kang Dynasty further fueling speculation The Avengers: Kang Dynasty is canceled and instead is becoming Avengers: Secret Wars Part 1 and Part 2.

Following the Jonathan Majors guilty verdict, Disney and Marvel proceeded to quickly fire the actor. It’s been confirmed by the trades that Jonathan Majors will no longer play Kang in the MCU going forward.

In THR‘s report about Majors getting fired, the site notes that:

In November, Marvel hired Loki creator Michael Waldron to work on a new draft of what was once called Kang Dynasty, but is now being referred to as Avengers 5, according to sources.

THR adds:

The studio has had months to plan for such an eventuality, and it’s possible that Waldon was part of that course correction.

It also seems as if possibly recasting Kang has been ruled out as THR offers:

Marvel has recast in the past, but over creative and financial disputes, not for legal troubles. 

The editor and reporter who co-wrote the article also tweeted, “Marvel now has two options: recast, or focus on a new villain. There are indications that Avengers 5 will now focus on a new bad guy.”

doctor doom marvel comics

Bring on Doctor Doom

Jeff Sneider who reported on the potential of a Secret Wars Part 1 and Part 2 tweeted in response.

“I told you that the next AVENGERS movie wouldn’t be called The Kang Dynasty. The name ‘Kang’ only conjures thoughts of Jonathan Majors. I said this BEFORE it was revealed that Marvel hired Waldron, and stood by it when the trades kept calling it The Kang Dynasty,” he tweeted, adding, “Effectively, SECRET WARS is now a two-part conclusion to the Avengers Saga.”

A previous report from Variety has said that instead of moving forward with Majors and Kang, Doctor Doom might be Marvel’s new choice to play the big villain of the MCU going forward.

“At the gathering in Palm Springs, executives discussed backup plans, including pivoting to another comic book adversary, like Dr. Doom,” the said in its report about the crisis at Marvel.

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Fan Art

Fantastic Four to play a big role in Secret Wars

It’s also known a draft of the Fantastic Four movie features Doctor Doom appearing at the end of the film, but Doctor Doom doesn’t have a large role.

Marvel recently announced Fantastic Four has a new writer, so it could very well be possible the new FF writer has been brought on board as a possible course correction.

It could be possible Doctor Doom is given a larger role in Fantastic Four as a result of Marvel no longer moving forward with Jonathan Majors as Kang.

Rumors have already offered Fantastic Four will lay the foundation for Avengers: Secret Wars in the MCU.

The Jonathan Majors trial could also be the reason Marvel hasn’t officially announced the FF cast as they were awaiting the outcome.

Rumors offer the cast is a done deal, with Pedro Pascal having been cast as Mr. Fantastic Reed Richards; Vanessa Kirby is said to be playing Sue Storm Invisible Woman; Stranger Things actor Joseph Quinn as Johnny Storm the Human Torch, and The Bear‘s Ebon Moss-Bachrach as Benjamin Grimm, The Thing. 

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