Fantastic Four Has Been Cast: Rumors True

Sue Storm said to be the stand out role and that the cast is built around the character.

Sue Storm said to be the stand out role and that the cast is built around the character.

Fantastic Four Has Been Cast: Rumors True

It’s claimed that Marvel has finally cast the Fantastic Four with it added that most of the rumors are true.

The info comes from former comic book retailer and YouTuber Nerdrotic who tweeted about the casting on Friday.

“The Fantastic Four has been cast,” states the YouTuber who has nearly a million subscribers.

A fan chimed in reacting to the news, “I’m sure it’s every bit as disappointing as we knew it would be.”

Nerdrotic replied, “I’ll just say most of the rumors are true.”

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What do the rumors say?

Rumors have offered that Pedro Pascal has been cast as Mr. Fantastic Reed Richards, with it already claimed to be a done deal. Additional casting rumors include Vanessa Kirby as Sue Storm Invisible Woman, Stranger Things actor Joseph Quinn as Johnny Storm the Human Torch, and The Bear‘s Ebon Moss-Bachrach as Benjamin Grimm, The Thing. It has also been claimed Anya Taylor-Joy is up to play a female Silver Surfer and that either Antonio Banderas or Javier Barden is playing Galactus. Doctor Doom is also rumored for a small role. Molecule Man might be a villain as well.

Additional rumors have said the Fantastic Four movie is a complete disaster.

It has been claimed by multiple scoopers that the movie centers around Sue Storm and that the character is the standout role. While that in itself is not necessarily a bad thing, it’s the approach that is an issue as it’s meant to send a message.

It is said Fantastic Four is all about Sue Storm but the movie portrays Reed Richards in a negative light in addition to the two other male starring characters (Human Torch and The Thing). The rumor says Sue Storm feels she has been held back by Reed and she hasn’t been able to live up to her full potential because she is in a relationship with Mr. Fantastic. There are even claims about some sort of love triangle and feud going on in the movie.

“Sue has been sacrificing so much of herself being in a relationship with him…” states the previous leak.

The leak also says this is the reason Marvel has had trouble casting the Fantastic Four. Actors have passed on the script because it’s so bad, and it is also said to be the reason Spider-Man director Jon Watts decided against directing the film.

“Reed Richards is so poorly depicted that some actors even passed on playing the role, they did not want to be involved with this toxic masculinity style portrayal, and apparently the original director also left at least partly due to this same issue,” says the leak.

The script is getting a rewrite, so we’ll have to see if Disney and Kevin Feige have learned their lesson from their approach to the Captain Marvel movie and Phase 4 and Phase 5 that has been such a failure.

The Marvels is the worst-performing MCU and superhero movie of all time where 80% of Marvel fans didn’t show up to watch it. Worth pointing out is that the fanboys did show up but families, little girls, and women did not. What does that say for the chances Fantastic Four will be a success which is supposed to lay the foundation for Marvel’s big Avengers: Secret Wars movie?

Fantastic Four has a May 2, 2025 release date directed by Matt Shakman with Josh Friedman writing the script.

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