Anya Taylor-Joy Rumored For Fantastic Four: Silver Surfer?

Following the female Silver Surfer rumors in FF, speculation offers the role might be played by the actress.

Anya Taylor-Joy Rumored For Fantastic Four: Silver Surfer?

More rumors surface surrounding the Fantastic Four movie with it claimed Anya Taylor-Joy is in the running to play a villain, which could be the female Silver Surfer.

The rumor comes from DanielRPK (via Twitter) who recently first said Pedro Pascal was up to play Reed Richards in the flick.

Jeff Sneider also said to expect to see a female Silver Surfer, following rumors the herald of Galactus in the movie will be female.

Rumors from as far back as 2019 have said Kevin Feige would be going with a female herald, with it claimed Frankie Raye Nova at the time. However, according to Sneider, Feige is now going with a female Silver Surfer.

Anya Taylor-Joy played Illyana Rasputin in the Fox New Mutants movie, is known for The Witch, Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit, and recently voiced Princess Peach in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

She also was featured in the BBC’s Atlantis in 2015 where she went bald for the role (pictured above), something possibly required of the Silver Surfer.

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Fans tired of Feige and Marvel’s BS

The topic of Kevin Feige gender swapping the Silver Surfer has been a hot topic among fans online, with the overwhelming majority against it.

The news follows The Marvels which features the gender-bent Captain Marvel tanking and performing as the worst superhero movie of all time. Feige has also swapped out Taskmaster, Makkari, and replaced Black Panther, Hawkeye, etc.

Fans are tired of Hollywood replacing their favorite characters all for the sake of an agenda, where “diversity” comes first and the story (and the fans) last.

Rumors also offer Fantastic Four is all about Sue Storm, that Reed Richards is holding her back, that some kind of love triangle plays out in the movie, and that the flick portrays Reed Richards in a negative light.

Reportedly, many actors have passed on playing the various roles in the film due to the script being so bad, which is undergoing another rewrite by writer Josh Friedman.

Fantastic Four also originally had Spider-Man director Jon Watts attached to direct, but it has also been claimed Watts passed because of the script.

Matt Shakman, who directed WandaVisioin, is now directing the movie which is due out May 2, 2025.

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