Fantastic Four Movie: Galactus Has A Female Silver Surfer?

Female herald rumor first surfaced back in 2019 that Kevin Feige is a big fan of the John Byrne run.

Female herald rumor first surfaced back in 2019 that Kevin Feige is a big fan of the John Byrne run.

Fantastic Four: Galactus Has A Female Herald

It’s again claimed that Galactus will have a female herald in the upcoming Fantastic Four movie, which follows rumors it will be Frankie Raye Nova.

Update: It’s now claimed Kevin Feige might be going with a female Silver Surfer. In his report about Pedro Pascal being cast as Reed Richards, scooper Jeff Sneider says, “And yes, you can expect to see a female Silver Surfer.”

Update #2: Julia Garner has been cast in the role.

Original article continues:

Way back in 2019 saw the Lords of Long Box shoot down a rumor that Tyrant was going to be used as the Herald of Galactus in the flick. The rumor said Frankie Raye is going to be introduced in the Fantastic Four movie as Galactus’ herald after Silver Surfer leaves Galactus and goes off to Earth.

According to the YouTuber, the reason Frankie Raye is going to be used is because Kevin Feige is a huge fan of the John Byrne Fantastic Four comics.

While Frankie Raye first appeared in Fantastic Four #164 in 1975, created by writer Roy Thomas and artist George Pérez, it wouldn’t be until John Byrne made Frankie Raye the Herald of Galactus in Fantastic Four #244 in 1982 would Raye become more of a main character.

Also, let’s be honest, giving Galactus a female herald fits with Feige’s approach to Captain Marvel, Phase 4, and beyond, and the rumors about the Fantastic Four movie. It’s claimed the flick is all about Sue Storm and portrays Reed Richards in a negative light.

Regarding the latest, Twitter scooper MyTimeToShineHello tweeted, “Galactus’ herald in the MCU Fantastic Four reboot will be a woman.”

The account didn’t specifically name Frankie Raye as the character, but again, previous rumors have said the same.

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Frankie Raye

Could it be a female Silver Surfer?

Now it could very well be possible that Kevin Feige plans on gender-swapping the Silver Surfer or another herald, but using Frankie Raye Nova seems more likely. Update: According to the new info from Sneider Frankie Raye Nova is not happening.

Also, not to be confused with the Nova Corps from the Guardians of the Galaxy movies or Richard Rider Nova, Frankie Raye isn’t a Nova but seems to use the name referencing a star going nova as she looks like she is on fire. She also got her powers from the android version of the Human Torch.

Rumors have also offered Silver Surfer isn’t in the Fantastic Four movie, but that could have been from an older version of the script as FF has a new writer with Josh Friedman.

The latest on the Fantastic Four is that director Matt Shakman again confirmed the cast will be announced sometime after the strike ends but Pedro Pascal is said to be Reed Richards, with Vanessa Kirby as Sue Storm.

“I’m thrilled that people are as passionate about these characters as I am,” Shakman told The Playlist. “The fact that there is so much debate, I love it. I have been thinking about who should play these characters before I had the job to direct the movie, and I understand why everybody would be thinking in the same way. Chemistry is super important…It’s Marvel’s first family. I have to get it right. I have to get that chemistry right.”

Shakman continued, “It’s not going to be immediately when the SAG strike has resolved, but we’ll be able to share some news at some point. And I hope people are as excited about this cast as I am.”

Fantastic Four has a May 2, 2025 release date.

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