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Keanu Reeves Thinks It Would Be Cool To Join The MCU

While doing press for The Matrix 4, Keanu Reeves says that it would be cool and an honor to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. “It would be an honor. There’s some really amazing directors and visionaries, and they’re doing something that no one’s really ever done,” Reeves told Esquire. “It’s special in that sense, in terms

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‘Silver Surfer: Rebirth’ Returns With Ron Marz and Ron Lim

Marvel Comics has announced Silver Surfer: Rebirth, a new five-issue comic book series from legendary creators Ron Marz and Ron Lim who return to the Sentinel of the Spaceways after twenty-five years or so. Details include the series kicks off on January 19 with a story surrounding the Silver Surfer, Thanos, Captain Marvel, and the

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Marvel Comes To Fortnite: Galactus, Wolverine, More

Galactus threatens Fortnite as the Marvel heroes are now available within the game as part of the latest Battlepass for Season 2: Chapter 4. The teaser shows that the Marvel heroes are plucked from their universe and transported to the world of Fortnite where Galactus can be seen from a distance as part of the

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Captain Marvel 2 Director Nia DaCosta Is Big Comics, Gamer Fan

Earlier it was announced that Captain Marvel 2 will be directed by Nia DaCosta, which may have left fans wondering who exactly that is. I’ll admit I’m not familiar with the writer and director, so I checked her social media which reveals some promise as she often tweets about comics and video games with mention

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Thor: Love and Thunder Is ‘Over-The-Top’ Says Taika Waititi

New details are learned about Thor: Love and Thunder as Thursday saw director Taika Waititi and Tessa Thompson take part in a live-stream watch party for Thor: Ragnarok. Waititi revealed they have been working on the script and are five or six drafts into the story surrounding Thor: Love and Thunder. Waititi also teased the

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Silver Surfer, Beta Ray Bill Rumored For Thor 4

Silver Surfer and Beta Ray Bill, two fan-favorite cosmic characters, may be working their way into Thor 4, according to rumors. The Lords of the Long Box Twitter account tweeted out that they heard the two characters, who Marvel Comics recently published as part of the Annihilation Scourge storyline, will be in Thor: Love and

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X-Men, Gargoyles, More Coming To Disney Plus

Disney Plus has been tweeting its lengthy list of the available content for the November 12 launch date which includes the X-Men animated series, Gargoyles, Spider-Man cartoons, the Silver Surfer animated series, Fantastic Four and lots more. There will be so much available content on the launch date that a Disney Plus promotional video lasts over

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Marvel Comics Annihilation Solicits From December, Nova, Guardians

Marvel Comics released its December solicitations for 2019 which features the return of Marvel Cosmic in a big way with Annihilation month! The cover art and solicits for Annihilation: Scourge has been revealed, which includes fan-favorite Richard Rider Nova and more. The event kicks off in November with Annihilation: Alpha, with the further good news

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Galactus, Doctor Doom Rumored As Big MCU Villains

According to rumors, Kevin Feige looks to be using two Fantastic Four baddies as major villains in the MCU, with Doctor Doom and Galactus. It’s said the characters will not be coming to Disney Plus but will be a part of the MCU movies and that they will be “Endgame-type” villains. It’s teased, how do you

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Nova Front and Center In ‘Annihilation: Scourge Alpha’

Marvel Comics has officially announced the new Annihilation event, with the “Scourge Alpha” prelude, which was previously teased at the San Diego Comic-Con, where we see Richard Rider Nova is front and center in the variant cover. Matthew Rosenberg is writing who is known for the Punisher and X-Men comics, with art by Juanan Ramirez

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Keanu Reeves Rumored For Moon Knight

With Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige recently revealing that he wants Keanu Reeves to be a part of the MCU, three roles have become rumored including Moon Knight. The Lords of the Long Box YouTube channel claims Keanu Reeves may be up for the roles of Moon Knight, Adam Warlock for Guardians of the Galaxy

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Marvel Comic-Con Panels Includes Agents of SHIELD

Marvel Entertainment reveals their San Diego Comic-Con plans and announcements which includes a first-ever Hall H presentation for Marvel Television’s flagship series, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as well as a signing with the cast. Check out the info below. Note: Marvel Studios is a separate company with it said they will be at Comic-Con as well. MARVEL

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Silver Surfer By Donny Cates Announced

From Donny Cates, the writer of Cosmic Ghost Rider and the current Guardians of the Galaxy, comes Silver Surfer: Black, with art by Tradd Moore. revealed the details about the new mini-series which follows the Silver Surfer having been blown into a black hole in Guardians of the Galaxy #1. Editor Darren Shan offers: “When

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Disney-Fox Deal Going Through March 20

It is reported the Disney-Fox deal is expected to go through next week as a reporter for CNN offers the news. “Just in: Disney says its acquisition of most of Fox will take effect on Wednesday, March 20,” Brian Stelter tweeted. “T-minus 8 days til an epochal event in the entertainment business.” The close of

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Keanu Reeves Rumored For MCU

Apparently, Keanu Reeves was up for a part in the MCU as it is rumored he was originally wanted for a role in Captain Marvel. According to the rumor, Keanu Reeves was all set to play Yon-Rogg, the leader of the Kree Starforce team, but due to John Wick 3 couldn’t do the role, so

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Kevin Feige Open To Adam McKay Silver Surfer

While attending last night’s Golden Globes, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige offers that he is open to an Adam McKay Silver Surfer movie, as a couple of weeks ago saw McKay state that Silver Surfer is the one he wants to do.” “I’ve not gotten a call yet, but I’ve seen Adam tonight. He is

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Disney-Fox Deal Closing Soon

Following the report from last week offering the Disney-Fox deal may close as early as the end of January, now that looks to be the case as a Fox stockholder shares information on the acquisition. A Redditor points out a user on the forums offers, “I received my voluntary letter to make my selection

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X-Men Could Be Back At Marvel By Next Month

It’s possible the X-Men, Wolverine, Fantastic Four and related characters could be back at Marvel by the end of January, according to a new report. An update about the Disney-Fox deal offers that it could be finalized by the end of January, which confirms reports from October the deal would be closing earlier than expected

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Adam McKay Wants To Do A Silver Surfer Movie

Following it learned Marvel approached Adam McKay to direct Guardians of the Galaxy 3 and Inhumans, now McKay offers he wants Silver Surfer. Adam McKay, who also wrote the script for Ant-Man, fills in the Happy Sad Confused podcast the following: Silver Surfer man, that’s the one I want to do. I would do anything to do Silver

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Silver Surfer Trailer For Marvel Contest of Champions

Witness the arrival of the Sentinel of the Spaceways as the Silver Surfer joins the Marvel Contest of Champions video game. Marvel fans will get their first look at the Sentinel of the Spaceways – the Silver Surfer – as he traverses The Battlerealm undetected, witnessing all that has occurred in The Contest of Champions. He rides off