Fantastic Four: LaKeith Stanfield Rumored As Silver Surfer

Julia Warner as the Silver Surfer might be joined by a second version. How is it going to all work out? Possible spoilers.

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  • A new rumor suggests that there will be two Silver Surfers in the upcoming Fantastic Four movie
  • Actor LaKeith Stanfield may be playing one of the Silver Surfers, possibly the male version
  • There is speculation that the Fantastic Four’s origin story in the film may involve the Multiverse and multiple versions of the Silver Surfer

A new rumor claims that a second Silver Surfer will be featured in the Fantastic Four movie, possibly played by LaKeith Stanfield.

It has already been announced that Julia Garner is playing Silver Surfer in Fantastic Four, but she is playing Shalla-Bal, who in the comics is the lover of the real version, Norrin Radd.

In the comics, there is a story (Earth X) where both become the herald of Galactus and both are the Silver Surfer.

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Shalla-Bal and Norrin Radd

What does the new rumor say?

According to Daniel RPK, Fantastic Four will introduce Norrin Radd as the Silver Surfer alongside Shalla-Bal as the Silver Surfer.

Regarding LaKeith Stanfield, when the trades announced Julia Garner as the Silver Surfer, he posted and then deleted on social media, “Thought it was going to be me but ig.”

So if anything, it seems as if Marvel was casting for a male version of the Silver Surfer.

Update: Daniel RPK is stating he didn’t say the rumor (further update here):

“So once again, I haven’t said anything about Norrin Radd actually appearing or 2 Silver Surfers in The Fantastic Four,” he tweeted.

A Redditor claims Daniel RPK said the following which sounds like there will be only one Silver Surfer as Shalla Bal replaces Norrin Rad from the story in the comics:

As you might have thought, the Silver Surfer Story is reversed in Fantastic Four with Shalla Bal taking over as the herald to save her world and Norrin staying behind.

Update #2: LaKeith Stanfield is starring in and producing the video game adaptation of El Paso, Elsewhere.

Original article continues:

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So what’s going on? Possible spoilers follow

It could very well be that the Fantastic Four movie will feature two versions of the Silver Surfer, but the better question is will they be together? Will they be shown on screen at the same time? Will they BOTH be heralds of Galactus? Will they team up?


Another possibility, and again SPOILERS follow…

There is a rumor that the origin of the Fantastic Four is of the Multiverse.

It’s said the Fantastic Four exist on another Earth where their Earth is destroyed by Galactus. Well, we all know the Silver Surfer precedes the Big G.

So it could very well be possible that the opening of the movie deals with the destruction of the FF’s alternate Earth where a version of the Silver Surfer is featured in their universe.

It could very well be the female Silver Surfer, and then the Fantastic Four escape their doomed Earth and end up in the 616 universe where the same thing is about to happen — Galactus is attacking Earth.

So in the 616, a different version of the Silver Surfer could appear, which would explain both actors possibly being in the movie.

That’s my guess, right now.

So in the original FF universe, it could be the female Silver Surfer played by Julia Garner, and then LaKeith Stanfield plays the 616 version.

Or of course, it’s vice versa, and LaKeith Stanfield only plays the Silver Surfer for a short time at the start of the movie, and then when the FF reach the 616 universe, it’s Julia Garner.

Having two versions of the Silver Surfer at the same time could be interesting, as I would guess they would battle each other because two versions of the SS teaming up would be pretty OP, right?

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Silver SurfHER

Still, another possibility is that LaKeith Stanfield simply plays Norrin-Radd as the humanoid version and not as the Silver Surfer with the Power Cosmic.

Since it’s the M-SHE-U we are talking about here, Shalla-Bal is likely to become the Silver SurfHER in the MCU is also my guess.

Fantastic Four gets released on July 25, 2025 directed by Matt Shakman and stars Pedro Pascal as Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, Vanessa Kirby as Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman, Joseph Quinn as Johnny Storm/Human Torch, and Ebon Moss-Bachrach as Ben Grimm/The Thing.

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