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Zack Snyder Trends On Twitter But Is That A Good Thing?

More than likely not a coincidence as it is exactly a week prior to the release of The Batman, but Zack Snyder trends on Twitter as does #RestoreTheSnyderVerse; however, is that a good thing? Thanks Twitter. #ZackSnyder– — Zack Snyder (@ZackSnyder) February 24, 2022 Sure, it’s always cool to see your favorite characters on the

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Batman vs. Superman Remastered IMAX Coming To HBO Max

Zack Snyder teases a remastered version of the Batman vs. Superman movie using the IMAX ratio, which is more evidence the “Snyder Verse” will continue on the HBO Max streaming service following the release of the Snyder Cut of the Justice League movie. Zack Snyder took to the Vero app to offer he is currently working

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Batman vs. Superman Ultimate Edition Now On HBO Max

Zack Snyder confirms that his Batman vs. Superman Ultimate Edition is now on HBO Max with the release of the following Ben Affleck “Knightmare” poster.  What’s also pretty interesting is that the poster Snyder tweeted follows the rumors of Ben Affleck signing a new contract to return as Batman on HBO Max. “Of course he’s real

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan Batman Doubtful For The Flash

Jeffrey Dean Morgan playing Batman for The Flash movie looks to be in big doubt as two sources offer details that seemingly say it isn’t going to happen. While Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been listed on a casting notice circling the role of Thomas Wayne in The Flash, the casting notice is pretty old, possibly

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Zack Snyder Tweets Star Wars Batman

Zack Snyder tweets an image of Batman wielding a dual lightsaber for Star Wars Day, May The 4th Be With You. We also see that Zack added the Rebel Alliance symbol to the Batman vs Superman image. This isn’t the first time the two franchises have merged as Zack Snyder filmed Batman vs. Superman at the

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Ed Boon Wants ‘Injustice Movie’ and ‘Snyder Cut’

Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon wants to see an Injustice movie as well as the Snyder Cut version of Justice League. Boon took to social media to offer up that he was catching a replay of the recent Zack Snyder Batman vs. Superman watch party. “Watching BATMAN V SUPERMAN with @ZackSnyder …kind of. 😉 I

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Snyder Cut Epic Parademon Battle Revealed By Connie Nielsen

Connie Nielsen reveals an epic scene that is a part of the Snyder Cut of Justice League that was cut from the theatrical version. The Snyder Cut scene involves her character, Hippolyta, in a battle against the parademons: “My absolute favorite stunt was cut from the film, and I’m having a hard time accepting that,

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Superman’s Dying Screams Woke Up Mother Boxes Reveals Zack Snyder

It’s learned that Superman’s dying screams woke up the Mother Boxes on Earth, reveals Zack Snyder in the Batman vs. Superman live-stream watch party. “And then if you really want to wake up a Mother Box,” Snyder says. “You do it like this… We have this ‘Excalibur’ moment where they come together… This moment right

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Zack Snyder Teases Justice League Snyder Cut

Zack Snyder teased his release of the Justice League movie while watching the Batman vs. Superman live-stream watch party. Long story short, Snyder wasn’t able to finish his version of the Justice League movie, which saw Warner Bros. bring in Joss Whedon to reshoot and rewrite the majority of the movie. However, Snyder has just

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Zack Snyder Confirms Martian Manhunter Knows About Superman

As many fans have theorized, Zack Snyder confirms that Harry Lennix is the Martian Manhunter, while participating in the Batman vs. Superman live-stream watch party. Zack revealed that Harry Lennix’s General Swanwick understands that there is a relationship between Lois and Clark, and also that Swanwick knows that Clark is really Superman. Snyder also previously

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Zack Snyder Confirms Justice League Five-Movie Arc

Zack Snyder confirms his original plan for his Justice League movies involved a five-movie arc and story. While discussing the film in the live-stream watch party, Zack Snyder touched upon the death of Jimmy Olsen, confirming that, yes, the character is indeed dead. Snyder went on to explain his reasoning for killing off and keeping

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Zack Snyder Confirms Jimmy Olsen Dead in Batman vs. Superman

Zack Snyder confirms the death of Jimmy Olsen in Batman vs. Superman while talking about the movie in the live stream watch party.  As the scene unfolded, Zack Snyder explained they shot the footage in New Mexico at an old abandoned mine that was turned into an Afghanistan practice training camp for the CIA, military,

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Zack Snyder Holding Batman vs. Superman Live Stream Watch Party

Today, Sunday, director Zack Snyder will be holding a Batman vs Superman live stream on the Vero app. The live-stream kicks off at 8am PDT, 11am EST. The flick got released four years ago, March 25. Zack shared the directions on how to get involved in the Batman vs Superman live stream watch party: 1.

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Watch Ben Affleck Do Push-ups As The Batman

Director Zack Snyder posted a cool video on the Vero app of Ben Affleck as the Batman doing push-ups on the set of Batman vs. Superman. Ben Affleck can be seen wearing the Batman armored suit where he is performing push-ups and jokes to Snyder, “So that’s what you did. Twenty. Right.” Snyder chimes in

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Michael Shannon Considering Return To Zod For ‘Supergirl’

Michael Shannon considers a return to the Zod role when it’s brought up to the actor that a Supergirl movie might be happening. Shannon played arguably one of the best DC villains of all time with his portrayal of Zod in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel and then, unfortunately, was turned into a Doomsday in

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Zack Snyder Teases Knightmare Batman

Zack Snyder takes to the Vero app to release a new Knightmare Batman image of Ben Affleck. Snyder didn’t mention anything with the pic, but it features the alternate future of Batman where Darkseid and evil Superman attack and destroy the Earth. Snyder previously hinted that in that future, Darkseid uses a Boom Tube to

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Kevin Conroy About Faces On Violent Batman

Monday night saw part 2 air of the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover on The CW which saw the debut of Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne, aka Batman. Conroy played a murderous and ultra-violent version of Batman, one who actually murdered Superman, who was quickly taken out by Batwoman. Fans aren’t too happy with the portrayal,

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Henry Cavill, Man of Steel Top Batman vs. Superman In Poll

Fans overwhelmingly chose Henry Cavill and Man of Steel over Batman vs. Superman in our latest poll. With near 3000 votes cast, the Cosmic Book News universe on Facebook (also join our FB group here) chose Man of Steel with 67% of the vote while Batman vs. Superman only received 33%. Man of Steel was

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Superman Could Easily Take Batman Teases Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill continues to have Superman on his mind as he apparently thinks the Man of Steel could easily take out Batman. Superstar comic book artist and DC Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee took to Instagram to show how one of his drawings evolved into Superman using heat vision blasting through Batman. “Sunday morning playtime

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Avengers: Endgames Rips Off Batman vs Superman?

A few days ago I wrote an article how The Avengers: Endgame is Marvel’s Batman vs. Superman, and while I wasn’t necessarily talking about the specific footage, it turns out I wasn’t too far off as users on social media have been pointing out that scenes in the third act of Endgame are very similar to BvS. A