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Deadpool Joins The MCU To Promote ‘Free Guy’

Sorta goofy, sorta cheesy, Deadpool is now officially a part of the MCU, as Ryan Reynolds and Disney use the character to promote the release of Free Guy, which also stars Taika Waititi, who appears in the following promo as the voice of Korg from the Thor movies. Watch below. “DP is officially in the […]

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MCU Thor Goofier Than Thought

The MCU version of Thor is even goofier than thought, if that is possible, as details emerge about Love and Thunder and the What If? animated series coming to Disney Plus. Following the goofy versions in Ragnarok and Avengers: Endgame, director Taika Waititi reveals Love and Thunder will be even goofier, as Waititi spoke with

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Chris Hemsworth Ultra-Jacked As ‘Thor’ 4 Finishes Filming

Watch out Dwayne Johnson. Watch out Henry Cavill. Chris Hemsworth is one ultra-jacked dude as the actor shares a photo to commemorate the completion of filming on Marvel’s Thor 4! While Hemsworth may or may not have skipped leg day, the actor is shown with gigantic arms on the set of Thor: Love and Thunder

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Disney Purging Star Wars, Marvel Woke Agenda

With Star Wars failing at Disney and with the fears surrounding the coronavirus causing the company to lose billions, it is claimed that Disney will be changing its approach to various franchises including Star Wars and Marvel. It’s no secret that Disney has been promoting a “woke” agenda in its movies and more, and it’s

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Disney Shuts Down Star Wars Brie Larson, Rian Johnson Movie

It’s claimed that Disney may have shut down a Star Wars movie involving Brie Larson and Rian Johnson as well as head of LucasFilm, Kathleen Kennedy. The Star Wars info once again comes from the “future ruler of Earth,” Doomcock from the Overlord DVD YouTube channel who recently offered that Disney is resetting Star Wars

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