‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Hammered On Rotten Tomatoes

Taika Waititi and Kevin Feige blow it big time as Phase 4 is turning out to be a colossal disaster for Disney and Marvel.

Taika Waititi and Kevin Feige blow it big time as Phase 4 is turning out to be a colossal disaster for Disney and Marvel.


Thor: Love and Thunder looks to be the next big Phase 4 fail for Kevin Feige as you know when the woke media are rejecting a woke movie, it must be really bad.

The Thor: Love and Thunder Rotten Tomatoes score is currently at 71% with 133 reviews, one of the lowest scores for an MCU movie; once the movie gets released this week the Audience Score will become available.

Update: With 289 reviews, the score has dropped to 68% and the Audience Score is at 83%.

The three previous films have scores of 93% for Ragnarok which was directed by Waititi so, much like Doctor Strange 2, Eternals and Black Widow (and Disney Plus), Love and Thunder looks to be another huge disappointment; Dark World is at 66% and the first Thor is higher at 77%. 

That 71% Rotten Tomatoes Score puts Thor: Love and Thunder in line with other Marvel movies such as Doctor Strange 2 (74%), Black Widow (79%), Captain Marvel (79%), Avengers: Age of Ultron (76%), Iron Man 3 (79%), Captain America: The First Avenger (79%), Iron Man 2 (72%) and The Incredible Hulk (67%).

Recall how an early reaction compared the flick to DC’s worst movie with Batman & Robin and said it was a disaster, so the reaction seems to be right on the money and the box office results will be interesting as much like Doctor Strange 2, I expect Love and Thunder to start off with a big box office but peter out due to fans being so disappointed.

Check out some of the Thor: Love and Thunder Rotten Tomatoes score “rotten” review reactions below.

Thor: Love and Thunder opens July 8 starring Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tessa Thompson and Christian Bale.

Thor Love and Thunder Rotten Tomatoes score

Thor: Love and Thunder Rotten Tomatoes review reactions:

With every half-written joke, the creative stasis settles in like a stale fart. – The Review

“Love and Thunder” proves the bloom is off the rose when it comes to Waititi’s cutesy take on the God of Thunder. – Tribune News Service

Everything is pitched at such a frantically insistent pace that the intended laughs die on the vine. – The Daily Beast

I certainly never expected to say this about a Taika Waititi film, but the truth is I hated every minute of Thor: Love and Thunder. – The Independent Critic

It’s the rare Marvel movie that barely holds together. – Digital Trends

[Waititi] ups the absurdity and the antics from his first go at the Norse myth narrative, with many recycled gags and diminishing returns. – Toronto Star

A collision of competing tones, subplots, conceptual big swings and chaos masquerading as pathos, this new addition to the Asgardian-gods-and-monsters corner of Marvel Cinematic Universe is a holy mess. – Rolling Stone

Love and Thunder is badly paced, greenscreened into oblivion, and the constant dribble of jokes and jabs undercuts any attempt at plotting an emotional arc. – Thrillist

Thor: Love and Thunder isn’t just a misfire, it’s a scam. – Polygon

Saying this movie is better than the first two solo Thor movies is faint praise. While not Thorrible, Thor: Love and Thunder has few real triumphs, and its disappointments are glaring. – Unitred Press International

Not even Russell Crowe’s campy version of Zeus raving about space orgies, a running gag involving screaming goats, and a pride-inclusive subplot can elevate a half-baked character piece where the sitcom style humor runs afoul quickly. – The Only Critic

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