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DC Comics Disaster Continues As Offices Close Down

The DC Comics disaster continues, as now it is revealed its swanky offices in Burbank are closing down. Originally out of New York, DC Comics was brought to Burbank, California around ten years ago to align the company closer to its Hollywood counterpart, which was because of the launch of the Zack Snyder DCEU that

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Marvel Changes Punisher Into A Vagina

This just goes to show you how insane Disney is and the people that run and work at Marvel Comics as the Punisher logo has been changed into some sort of demon-shaped vagina form. On Monday, Marvel Comics announced a new Punisher comic book series from writer Jason Aaron with art by Jesus Saiz and

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DC Comics Confirms Gay Superman

DC Comics finally comes out and confirms Superman will be gay in the comic books. “Jon Kent finds his identity in Superman: Son of Kal-El #5,” states the official announcement, which follows former DC Comics and Green Lantern artist Ethan Van Sciver first revealing the news a couple of months ago. The press release, which

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Superman Confirmed As Gay

“It’s confirmed that DC Comics will have a gay Superman, which follows Ethan Van Sciver breaking the news last week. In an article from Bleeding Cool, which is basically a PR piece for DC where they are apparently mad the Superman gay news leaked, the information that Van Sciver revealed is confirmed: DC Comics is

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AT&T Exits ‘The Sector’; Getting Rid Of Time Warner

Monday saw the big news that AT&T is merging its WarnerMedia division with Discovery in a deal worth billions. However, the news and press release wasn’t too clear if AT&T would still be involved in the new company, described officially as a “standalone company.” It’s also been announced the new as of yet unnamed company

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