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Forever Evil Details Announced; Includes Arkham War; Reveals Catwoman Spoiler


Jim Lee and Dan DiDio just announced Villains Month, and now Geoff Johns and David Finch do the same for the New 52’s first line-wide event, Forever Evil.

Johns and Finch spoke with USA Today revealing the following:

Forever Evil is a seven-issue series debuts in September as part of “Villains Month” written by Geoff Johns with art by David Finch.

First issue features 3D cover.

Spins out of Trinity War where “the Justice League winds up out of commission, and the bad guys come to the fore to rule the world.”

Three five-issue tie-in books will launch in October as follows:

Forever Evil: Rogues. Writer Brian Buccellato (The Flash) and Patrick Zircher (Suicide Squad) put the spotlight on the Flash’s colorful and infamous gang of Rogues, led by Captain Cold — a particular favorite of Johns, the former Flash writer, as well as Finch. “I just love his mask,” the artist says. “He looks very steely and a little bit dead in the eye, which is very evil.”

Forever Evil: Arkham War. “The biggest story with Bat-villains you’ve ever seen,” as Johns describes it, features the creative team of Peter Tomasi (Green Lantern Corps) and Scot Eaton (X-Men).

Forever Evil: A.R.G.U.S. Matt Kindt (Mind MGMT) pens a title featuring the government agency Advanced Research Group Uniting Superhumans. DC comic fans have seen increasingly shady things the group’s been doing, and Steve Trevor will be learning about those as the audience does. “His heart is good,” Johns says, “and if ARGUS has a chance of rising above what it is right now and becoming a heroic force in the future, it’s up to Steve Trevor.”

Matt Kindt will take over Justice League Of America with Martian Manhunter at the center.

Johns stays on Justice League which features the rise of villains and new unlikely heroes banding together.

Spoiler for Catwoman:

Guess she’s alive after all as she will have an “integral role” in Forever Evil.

“She’s a sexy character who uses that like a weapon but she also has a more vulnerable side to her that Geoff showed off so well in Justice League of America,” Finch says. “It made me believe in her as a character.”

She is the ultimate thief. She can break in anywhere, she can break out of anywhere, there is no place that can hold her and no place that can keep her out,” Johns says.

“In my mind, she is unstoppable. Her longing for finding out answers about some things in her past that we’ve set up is key for her drive over the next big story.”

By issue two the good guys will be made known that will be taking on the villains.

Johns offers the following tease, suggesting the villains may not get along:

Evil’s relative, right?” Johns says. “There are some that want to rule the world, there are some that simply want to put food on the table, there are some who want to simply kill for the thrill, and there are some who don’t consider themselves a villain.”

Lex Luthor shares a similar sentiment in an upcoming issue: “They call me a bad guy, as if we’re labeled as easily as night and day.”

“The Justice League is dead, the villains inherit the Earth — well, what does that even mean?” Johns says. “Some of them might not like how it’s being run. Some of them might like the old way better.

“Once the heroes are off the table, what’s that mean for the villains? What can they accomplish together?”


Now DC Is Using .1 Issues? Batman Villains Month Solicits Revealed

Guessing by the following September solicits for the Batman comics for Villains Month it seems DC Comics will be going the decimal point route instead of launching all new #1’s.

Maybe they didn’t follow how well that worked for Marvel.

Most likely they are going this route because a majority of the villains titles won’t be going on to a second issue, though some of them are looking to get their own series possibly.

Each issue will also feature a 3D gimmick cover, so the following images we are guessing are not final.

Update: Looks like the issues will have a “#1” listed on the covers, but will be the main title’s “.1” issue as seen in the 3D covers.

Update #2: Joker 3D cover revealed.



Written by ANDY KUBERT
Art by TBA
3-D motion cover by JASON FABOK
On sale SEPTEMBER 4 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T
The Joker has FOREVER been the face of EVIL in the DC Universe…but what led him on this devious path of treachery? Andy Kubert pens this early adventure showcasing the maniacal exploits of the Crown Prince of Gotham—the JOKER!




3-D motion cover by GUILLEM MARCH
On sale SEPTEMBER 11 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T
With The Dark Knight out of the picture, The Riddler engages in an epic game of wits. Learn what maddening early moments led a young Edward Nygma to evolve into Gotham City’s Prince of Mischief! And see how events of ZERO YEAR continue to affect The Riddler today!




Written by FRANK TIERI
3-D motion cover by JASON FABOK
On sale SEPTEMBER 18 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T
Follow The Penguin’s latest quest for power as he prepares to undermine one of Gotham City’s most powerful politicians. What does the criminal mastermind stand to gain?




Written by PETER J. TOMASI
3-D motion cover by GUILLEM MARCH
On sale SEPTEMBER 25 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T
Batman is gone, and the inmates of Arkham Asylum are running wild in the streets! Bane is in Gotham City with one goal…to take it over no matter who he has to break!

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DC Comics Reveals 3D Covers For September Villains Month; Forever Evil Line-Wide Event Announced

The latest gimmick to hit DC Comics is 3D variant covers for its September villains month.

Following the launch of the New 52 and Zero Month is DC’s next big September event with “Villains Month.”

Some details Dan DiDio and Jim Lee offered:

The conclusion of this Summer’s Trinity War will launch Villains Month with the line-wide event Forever Evil, a seven issue limited series, tieing everything together.

A major character will affected in a major way.

There is a chance some of the villains may get their own monthly series.

Won’t feature new villains, but will feature newer villains that recently appeared in other books.

Will feature “older” villains.

Joker, Lex LuthorDarkseid, Parasite, Metallo, Ventriliquist, He’l, First Born, Relic, were mentioned.

Regarding the covers (all priced at $3.99?):

JL: This is actually our first press announcement on this: we’re also commemorating this event by doing something really unheard of, I think, as far as a major publisher – we’re actually adding a special cover on every single villain’s book. It’s called a 3D motion cover and it’s essentially artwork that’s been separated onto different layers, so when you hold the cover, which is a premium stock cover, and you slightly rotate the comic book left or right or up and down, the images move a bit.

DD: It’s an incredible 3D effect that shows depth of field on the covers. It’s the full cover stock, so it’s not anything that’s been glued on. More importantly, it’s actually pliable and soft to the touch – it’s a brand new technology and we’re going to be the first ones debuting in this fashion.

JL: They’re amazing covers. It’s an effect that you haven’t seen before, and like Dan said, it’s an entire cover. Any time in the past that they’ve done specialty covers, you would only get like a small trading card size image on the cover that was a hologram or lenticular bit of technology. This is the whole cover and it is amazing. The colors and the depth of field allows you to actually see the logo of the new book. Let’s say the Joker is taking over, it’ll be the Batman title in the background, and you’ll see the Joker title splattered on top of the Batman logo itself. It really sells the concept in a very visual way. 

The below “example” covers were released.

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DC To Feature Villains Month: 56 New #1s For September

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:6782:]]Looks like DC Comics is going to feature a “Villains Month” for the month of September as a leaked solicit for an Omnibus says as much.

We also see there looks to be a batch of new #1s for the New 52.

CollectedEditions got their hands on the following:

DC New 52 Villains Omnibus
In September 2013, evil took over, as every title in the DC Universe published special new #1s featuring the villains of the DC Universe, collected here in a massive hardcover edition.

A giant-size, hardcover omnibus collection of the special “villains issues” published line-wide in September 2013, spotlighting the greatest villains of the DCU.

They also state there will be 56 of the #1 villain issues.

September 2013 marks the second year Anniversary of the New 52.

The first saw the successful “Zero Month.”

Now we get 56 new #1s coming after the Justice League event “Trinity War.”

Here we go again.

(art depicted is from DCU Online)