John Wick Goes Woke With Stern Pinball: Ditches Guns

John can't do what John does best, at least in this game.

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  • Stern Pinball released a limited edition John Wick pinball machine that does not feature any artwork with guns
  • The game utilizes swords, knives, nunchucks, and spears instead
  • It is unclear who made the decision to not include guns, as the company has previously featured them in other pinball machines

Well, they finally got to John Wick, as the new Stern Pinball machine goes woke, as – if you can believe it – the game ditches use of guns.

Stern Pinball is known for some epic pinball machines, so when Stern unveiled their limited edition high-end John Wick pinball, fans were at first really excited.

However, when taking a closer look at the design, the game doesn’t feature any artwork with guns — something the movies are sure as heck known for.

Update: Not using guns was a mandate from Lionsgate:

Original article continues:

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Swords, knives, nunchucks, and spears

The art features swords, knives, nunchucks (where hilariously it says “shoot again”), and even spears (are spears even used in the movies?!).

The trailer, watch below, even features a voice over by Ian McShane as Winston, who says, “Let’s get you a weapon.” Sorry, nope, no guns.

“Do you what you do best,” says McShane, which we all know is John Wick killing people; the footage from the movies used in the trailers also doesn’t feature guns.

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Limited to 1,000 games

What’s odd is that since there are only a thousand of these in existence and they’re expensive ($12,999.00 each), it’s not like kids are likely to play them, and even if they do, kids play gun games all the time.

It would be interesting to know who made the call, as obviously not using guns in the John Wick game is intentional. Lionsgate owns the IP but likely licensed John Wick out to Stern, I am guessing.

A quick check, I see their James Bond pinball has a big gun front-and center, so maybe it’s not Stern.

“Limited to 1,000 games globally, the highly collectible ‘John Wick’ Pinball Limited Edition model includes the Expression Lighting System™ and Speaker Expression Lighting. These integrated lighting systems are synchronized to custom light shows specifically designed for every song and dynamically responsive to game events,” Stern announced Tuesday on social media.

The announcement continues, “The LE version also includes a full-color ‘Stained Glass’ mirrored backglass, full-color reflective brushed silver foil high-definition cabinet decals with hand-drawn artwork by Randy Martinez, exclusive custom powder-coated pinball armor, a custom designer-autographed bottom arch, upgraded audio system, anti-reflection pinball playfield glass, shaker motor, a sequentially numbered plaque, and a signed Certificate of Authenticity.”

Disappointing. Watch the two trailers below.

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john wick pinball 1
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Watch the trailers:

John Wick Pinball Game Trailer
John Wick Pinball Presented by Stern Pinball

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