Hugh Jackman Cast As Depressed Robin Hood

'The Death of Robin' Hood also stars Jodie Comer as Jackman's salvation.

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They did it once before, and now it’s happening again as Hugh Jackman has been cast along with Jodie Comer in a “reimagining” of the classic character in a movie titled The Death Of Robin Hood.

The kicker this time is that the 55-year-old Jackman plays an older Robin Hood who is “grappling with his past after a life of crime and murder,” where the younger 31-year-old Comer is his “salvation” (sounds like Marvel’s Fantastic Four movie).

Here is the description: “The film is a darker reimagining of the classic Robin Hood tale. Set of its time, the film will see the title character grappling with his past after a life of crime and murder, a battleworn loner who finds himself gravely injured and in the hands of a mysterious woman who offers him a chance at salvation.”

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Fan art

Not a hero?

The original story saw Robin Hood as the hero of the people, robbing the rich and giving to the poor, but apparently that is not happening in this reimagining and the character regrets his years of questionable actions.

Further details include Pig and A Quiet Place: Day One director Michael Sarnoski is the writer and director, and it’s being produced by Arrival and The Prestige producer Aaron Ryder. 

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Fan art

“Incredible opportunity to reinvent and freshly innovate the story”

Sarnoski said in a statement, “It has been an incredible opportunity to reinvent and freshly innovate the story we all know of Robin Hood. Securing the perfect cast to transform the script to screen was essential. I could not be more thrilled and trusting in Hugh and Jodie to bring this story to life in a powerful and meaningful way.”

“Not the story of Robin Hood we’ve all come to know”

Producers Aaron Ryder and Andrew Swett said, “This is not the story of Robin Hood we’ve all come to know. Instead, Michael has crafted something far more grounded and visceral. Thanks to Alexander Black and our friends at Lyrical along with Rama and Michael, the world is going to love seeing Hugh and Jodie together in this epic.”

Full funded by Lyrical Media

Alexander Black, of Lyrical Media, who is fully financing the film, added: “We are thrilled to be part of this very special project and to be working with a visionary director in Michael, a phenomenal cast in Hugh and Jodie, and producing with our frequent collaborators, Ryder and Swett at RPC.”

Lyrical Media is known for the environmental activist flick, How To Blow Up A Pipeline; Bruiser, about a 14-year-old boy turns to a charismatic loner for help after being beaten up that won a Black Reel Awards for Television, and Mother, Couch!, about three children who are brought together when their mother refuses to move from a couch in a furniture store.

Hugh Jackman next stars in Deadpool & Wolverine out this summer.

Source: Deadline

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