Dafne Keen Responds To Deadpool & Wolverine X-23 Rumors

The actress recently attended Mexico City's CCXP and was asked about the movie.

dafne keen responds deadpool wolverine x 23 rumors

Dafne Keen responds to rumors she will be reprising X-23 from the Logan movie in Deadpool & Wolverine.

Along with just about every Marvel character you can think of, Dafne Keen has been rumored for the flick for a while now, and on more than one occasion.

She starred alongside Hugh Jackman in Logan back in 2017 and quickly became a fan-favorite character.

Well, the actress is all grown up now as she is 19 years old and stars in Disney and Lucasfilm’s upcoming Star Wars series, The Acolyte.

dafne keen x 23 deadpool wolverine fan art
Fan art

What did Dafne Keen say?

While appearing at the recent CCXP in Mexico City, she obviously couldn’t confirm if she will be back in Deadpool & Wolverine, but she did say she is excited for the film.

“I mean, I can’t wait to see it. The trailer looks amazing,” she told the Omlete YouTube channeI (translated). “I love Ryan Reynolds. I love them. I love Hugh Jackman. Obviously he’s like my second father.”

dafne keen x 23 deadpool wolverine fan art 2
Fan art

She added, “Matthew Macfadyen. Emma Corrin. This is all really crazy and I’m really looking forward to seeing it.”

Deadpool & Wolverine gets released on July 26 and is directed by Shawn Levy.

The Acolyte gets released on June 4 on Disney+.

x 23 dafne keen fan art
dafne keen x 23 deadpool wolverine fan art 3

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