Welcome Giancarlo Esposito To The MCU

Actor reveals the Marvel deal is done but he's not playing Professor X? Dracula?

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Welcome Giancarlo Esposito to the MCU who has been fan-cast as Charles Xavier, but nope, he isn’t playing Professor X.

The actor confirmed he has joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe while attending a panel at Mexico City’s CCXP convention.

Giancarlo Esposito told the fans in attendance that he will play a different role than Professor X and teased the announcement is coming “sooner rather than later,” and “better than you can imagine.”

“All the fans, all of you out there who really want to see me in a Marvel movie, that will come true,” Esposito confirmed to the crowd. “I cannot promise you I will be Professor X because, here’s what I think: I think there’s something about being original. We’ve seen different versions of Professor X. Wouldn’t you like to see me play a character in a Marvel movie who is original and new and fresh?”

He added, “So, mark my words, this will happen sooner than you think. I can’t announce it right now but it excites me that you, here in Mexico City at CCXP, will be the first to know this! It’s all happening, baby!”

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The Mandalorian

Who is Giancarlo Esposito playing?

No further details are known, but in the works at Marvel includes Fantastic Four, which is about to start filming, and Thunderbolts is in production.

Upcoming also includes Avengers 5 and Avengers: Secret Wars, and Captain America: Brave New World has been undergoing massive reshoots.

Who should Giancarlo Esposito play in the MCU? Any ideas?

Fan speculation includes the actor known for Breaking Bad and The Mandalorian could be voicing Galactus if Javier Barden passed on the role.

Another possibility is Dracula in Blade, as Giancarlo Esposito has previously been rumored to play the Prince Of Darkness.

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Next step is the MCU

Back in 2020, Esposito said he things the MCU is the next step for him as he told Entertainment Tonight the following:

“Well, there’s been all these rumors about being with Marvel. I want to work with those guys, I put it out there all the time. I haven’t created any of those rumors, but I worked years ago with [Marvel Studios producer] Louis Esposito who’s one of the guys at Marvel back when he was doing Cotton Club, and I was doing Cotton Club, he was the First AD (assistant director),” said Giancarlo Esposito.

He continued, “What they do is fantastic, I want to do something enduring with them. I know for me historical dramas are really great. There were so many different characters who where mixed-race. Pushkin, I’d love to play.”

The actor added, “I think the Marvel world would be, likely, the next step for me, and then I would step back into playing some characters that I think really did change the world with their actions and that it really didn’t matter what color they were, that they were mixed breeds or past in our world that would address some of the concerns about us championing one movement or one people without championing another. You know, to understand that we’re all human again is I think where we’re about to get to, and thankfully, I’d like to be able to really play characters who start to extend that in our world and honor that… So yeah, I have my wish list still and I’ll still lookout to do that.”

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