Disney Dominates Annual ‘Bombs’ List With The Marvels, Indiana Jones

For the first time, four Disney movies make the list totaling over a $600 million loss.

disney dominates box office bombs list marvels indiana jones

For the first time, Disney dominates an annual list of box office bombs, which is led by The Marvels, and includes Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, Wish, and Haunted Mansion; DC’s The Flash also makes the list.

Disney previously confirmed a $200 million loss for the Marvel film starring Brie Larson and Iman Vellani, which is a sequel to the billion dollar Captain Marvel movie that was sandwiched between Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.

Disney and Marvel were also previously voted the biggest losers of 2023 along with diversity.

For the first time in a decade, Disney also failed to hit that magic billion-dollar number at the box office in 2023 (not counting the pandemic years).

A recent financial report from Disney also confirmed The Marvels and Indiana Jones lost them nearly $400 million.

Regarding the annual list of top box office bombs, it comes via Deadline in their “Most Valuable Blockbuster tournament” annual bombs section where Disney claims four of the five – for the first time – including The Marvels as the biggest bomb. Check out the data and list below.

the marvels brie larson iman vellani

#1 The Marvels: -$237M

According to Deadline’s data, The Marvels has a net loss of $237 million.

Just as I have said numerous times, the site blames the Ms. Marvel Disney+ series, as no one watched it, and for Kevin Feige hiring directors who have no business directing huge tentpoles (director Nia DaCosta actually said it wasn’t her movie it was Kevin Feige’s so are the directors to blame?).

Total expenses are listed at $455 million but the film only brought in $218 in revenue (theater box office, home entertainment, television and streaming), which equates to a $237 million loss.

the flash ezra miller

#2 The Flash: -$155M

No surprise, The Flash is at #2, another awful movie (see the trend?) which didn’t even feature a super villain (it’s a comic book movie!) and you would think the titular character would want to know who killed his mom (it was Zoom).

The film also brought back Michael Keaton as Batman after 30+ years and introduced Sasha Calle as Supergirl, but they proved meaningless as they died over and over and were simply blipped away by a soup can at the end.

According to Deadline’s numbers, The Flash brought in $250 million in revenue, but has expenses of $405 million, which is a $155 million loss.

indiana jones 5

#3 Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny: -$143M

I actually didn’t think this one was that bad, as thankfully, they changed things around, especially the end; however, fans didn’t show up.

It’s possible they were sour from how Lucasfilm and Kathleen Kennedy treated Star Wars, so they expected Disney to ruin Indiana Jones. They weren’t far off, but it’s nowhere near as bad as Luke Skywalker or the past five years worth of MCU content.

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny had total revenues of $373 million, but total expenses of a whopping $516 million! The loss? $143 million.

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#4 Wish: -$131M

Disney also previously confirmed Wish was a big bomb, so again, no surprise it made Deadline’s list.

The flick only brought in $231 million but had expenses of $362 million, which is a loss of $131 million.

haunted mansion 2023

#5 Haunted Mansion: -$117M

Brought in $143 million, had expenses of $260 million, so a loss of $117 million.

teyonah parris the marvels brie larson iman vellani

Adding all the Disney losses?

  • The Marvels: -$237M
  • Indiana Jones: -$143M
  • Wish: -$131M
  • Haunted Mansion: -$117M

Disney’s total loss in 2023 with just these four movies: -$628M

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