Indiana Jones, The Marvels Confirmed Nearly $400 Million Loss For Disney

Disney releases a new financial report that shows Indy 5 lost them well over a hundred million dollars.

indiana jones the marvels 400 million loss disney

Add another $130 million to that $224 million already lost by The Marvels and Wish, and with Indiana Jones and the Dial Of Destiny, Disney has lost nearly $400 million on the projects in 2023.

The news about Indy 5 comes ahead of tomorrow’s big meeting which will reveal if Disney or Nelson Peltz won that proxy battle for two board seats.

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The Marvels a bigger fail than Wish

Back in February, Disney already confirmed that they lost $224 million on The Marvels and Wish, which had budgets of nearly $300 million for the Captain Marvel sequel starring Brie Larson and Iman Vellani as Ms. Marvel, and $200 million for the animated Wish movie.

However, both massively bombed at the box office as The Marvels only brought in $206 million, with Wish performing better at $254 million, which means a majority of the loss came from the Marvel film.

We can also add The Marvels followed the billion dollar Captain Marvel movie, so that has to be looked at as even a bigger fail. The film is also the worst-performing MCU and superhero movie of all time.

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Kathleen Kennedy bombs big time with Indy 5

Now we get info about Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny from Disney via Forbes who reports that “according to financial statements released on Friday, Disney spent $134.2m more on making the movie than it is understood to have received in ticket sales.”

So that’s at least a $134.2m loss for Disney, and we can add, it’s probably MORE because the studio doesn’t get back 100% of the ticket sales.

Indy 5’s budget? It’s said to have been a massive $387.2 million, with $79 million spent on post-production work (to put the $79M in perspective, that’s the TOTAL budget of Gareth Edwards’ The Creator).

So adding the two up, that’s at least a $358 million loss for Disney from these flicks.

Disney losses:

The Marvels/Wish: $224M

Indiana Jones 5: $134.2M

Total loss: $358.2M

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