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'She-Hulk' Producer Clears Up Ghost Rider Confusion
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‘She-Hulk’ Producer Clears Up Ghost Rider Confusion

An executive producer on the Marvel She-Hulk Disney Plus series addresses the rumor and clears up the confusion surrounding Ghost Rider. Some fans have thought a recent promo for the show features a Johnny Blaze Easter Egg, who of course is known for being Ghost Rider, but as I explained, the image is of Donny

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Ryan Gosling Nova Rumors Not True; Would Play Ghost Rider

Ryan Gosling has been said to have been in talks with Marvel with a rumor offering for Nova, but it’s not true. Josh Horowitz took to Twitter to squash the rumor as Horowitz recently spoke to Ryan Gosling on his podcast and asked about Nova. “Ryan and I chatted about the Nova rumors yesterday which

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Kevin Feige Planning Next 10 Years Of Marvel

The next ten years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are in the planning stages as confirmed by Kevin Feige at CinemaCon. During the Disney and Marvel presentation at CinemaCon, which included the opening from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (sorry, not posting spoilers here as the movie gets released next week), Kevin Feige

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Nicolas Cage Says No Ghost Rider For ‘Doctor Strange’ 2

With Doctor Strange 2 exploring the Multiverse, some fans are hoping Nicolas Cage could return as Ghost Rider, but the actor says he won’t be playing the Spirit of Vengeance in the film. Speaking with GQ Magazine, Nicolas Cage responded to questioning about Ghost Rider: Oh, I don’t think so. I don’t think they’re casting

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Marvel Comics Releases ‘Ghost Rider’ Trailer

Marvel Comics has released a Ghost Rider trailer for the new series that kicks off tomorrow available in local comic book shops. “Johnny Blaze rides into the next era of Ghost Rider in a new ongoing comic series by Benjamin Percy and Cory Smith!” teases Marvel. Here is the official description, and below you can

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Norman Reedus Unsure About Ghost Rider

With rumors swirling that Kevin Feige has cast Ghost Rider in the MCU, Norman Reedus says he is unsure if he is set to play Marvel’s Spirit of Vengeance. Hopefully, the actor is simply playing coy and isn’t allowed to talk about it, but Norman Reedus tells that he doesn’t know as of yet.  “Fingers

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Marvel: Ghost Rider Cast – Could Be Norman Reedus

It’s claimed that Kevin Feige has cast Ghost Rider in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with fans hoping it’s Norman Reedus, known for playing Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead. The information comes from Charles Murphy of Murphy’s Multiverse in which he adds Keanu Reeves is not playing Ghost Rider. In what looks to be a deleted

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Norman Reedus Still Wants To Play Ghost Rider For Marvel

Norman Reedus, known for playing fan-favorite Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead, again says he wants to play Ghost Rider for Marvel. Years ago saw the actor respond “f’ yeah” when questioned about Ghost Rider, and recently saw Norman Reedus offer up he still wants to play the Spirit of Vengeance when it was pointed out

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Zack Snyder Addresses Ghost Rider MCU Rumor

Zack Snyder, who recently revealed he is a fan of Marvel, has apparently been rumored for a Ghost Rider movie set in the MCU. While participating in an interview about his Netflix zombie heist movie, Army of the Dead, Snyder was asked about Ghost Rider by the Tyrone Magnus YouTube channel, but unfortunately(?) Zack shoots

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Helstrom, Ghost Rider Not In MCU

I’ve been stating this literally for years, much to the displeasure of Feige’s zombie fanbase, but Marvel TV is not a part of the MCU and it never has been “all connected.” Sorry, Daredevil fans, it’s true. Following “Marvel” having been dropped from the official info and title for the new Hulu Helstrom show, the

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Kevin Feige Shuts Down Marvel TV

I basically just went over all this in my report on how Marvel TV is not MCU canon, but now it is confirmed that Kevin Feige is indeed shutting down Marvel TV. It’s being reported that Marvel TV is being phased out with Head of Marvel TV Jeph Loeb set to depart following possibly being

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Marvel TV Not MCU Canon Hints Kevin Feige

This is something that I have been reporting for years, that it was never “all connected,” and that Marvel TV has never been a part of the MCU, which is now hinted at by Kevin Feige. Feige, who recently took control over all of Marvel, says that for the first time, the MCU will be

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Marvel TV ‘Shocked and Embarrassed’ By Ghost Rider Cancellation

Details are coming out regarding the big Marvel shake-up that sees Kevin Feige in creative control of the movies, TV and comics divisions with it said that Marvel TV was taken back by the recent cancellation of the HULU live-action Ghost Rider series. In Variety’s report about changes at Marvel, which echoes and confirms details

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Ghost Rider Disney Plus Series Rumored

Following it learned that the Gabriel Luna Ghost Rider series has been canceled at Disney Plus, and with rumors offering Kevin Feige wants the Spirit of Vengeance, a new rumor says the character is coming to Disney Plus. According to scooper Daniel RPK, via the Lords of the Long Box YouTube channel, Ghost Rider will

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Bella Thorne Teases Ghost Rider

Following having first reported on the rumor that Bella Thorne is wanted as the female Ghost Rider in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the 21-year-old actress took a screenshot of my article and shared it on her Instagram Story. An eagle-eyed Redditor managed to spot the Instagram story post from a couple of days ago. Bella

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Bella Thorne Female Ghost Rider Rumored For MCU

A few days ago saw it said that Ghost Rider is wanted by Kevin Feige, which was followed by the news that the Gabriel Luna HULU series has been canceled. Now a new rumor is offering that Kevin Feige is going to introduce a female Ghost Rider in Doctor Strange 2. It’s further said Bella

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Ghost Rider HULU Series Canceled Amid MCU Rumors

Following those rumors, now it is learned the Gabriel Luna Ghost Rider series that was to spin-off from Agents of SHIELD on Hulu is not happening. According to Deadline, due to creative differences, the Ghost Rider series is not moving forward. It’s further reported it is unclear if the series will be shopped elsewhere, but

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Kevin Feige Wants Ghost Rider In MCU

While Gabriel Luna from Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD is returning in a series of his own for HULU, it is claimed that Kevin Feige also wants to use Ghost Rider in the MCU. DanielRPK on Twitter posted an animated GIF of Ghost Rider adding, “Feige wants him too.” The GIF is of the Sony Pictures