Ryan Gosling Said To Have Joined The MCU

Who would be a good choice? Doctor Doom? Ghost Rider? Richard Rider Nova?

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  • Ryan Gosling is said to be confirmed to have signed on to the Marvel Cinematic Universe
  • His role in the MCU is currently unknown, but there have been rumors that he may play Nova, Ghost Rider, or Doctor Doom
  • Gosling has expressed interest in playing Ghost Rider 

It’s now said that Ryan Gosling has definitely been cast in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Gosling’s name has been mentioned with the MCU on more than one occasion.

The actor recently found massive success with Barbie and will be starring in David Leitch’s Fall Guy which gets released in May.

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What does the rumor say?

The rumor comes via the MyTimeToShineHello Twitter account who is thought to be a Disney or Marvel employee or possibly an account run by a PR company (running damage control with Toast).

“Ryan Gosling has been cast in the MCU,” tweeted the account Wednesday.

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Who is Ryan Gosling playing in the MCU?

It’s unknown who the actor is playing but characters that have surfaced at one time or another include Richard Rider Nova, Ghost Rider, and Doctor Doom.

Marvel is currently prepping Fantastic Four for filming, so maybe the Ryan Gosling as Doctor Doom rumor is true. Another name thrown out there for Doom happens to be Henry Cavill who is also said to be playing Wolverine in Deadpool 3.

Regarding Nova (Marvel exec confirms Nova is in early development), if you are a fan of the comics (we used to help Marvel promote the 2007 series and Guardians of the Galaxy), you know that Infinity War may have set up Nova in the MCU. Thanos and his Black Order destroyed Xandar so what could happen is that a hurt Rhomann Dey makes his way to Earth and gives Richard Rider the Nova Force. Another possibility is that they could ditch the origin and simply have Ryan Gosling as a Nova who was on Xandar when Thanos attacked, and Gosling is the last survivor and becomes Nova Prime.

Military space epics are seeing big popularity right now with Dune and the Helldivers 2 video game, so Kevin Feige adapting Annihilation from the comics would likely be super successful if done right.

That said, Ryan Gosling has actually said he wants to play a more street-level type of character in the MCU and has said he wants to play Ghost Rider. I could definitely see that, and, again, if done right, any Marvel character Gosling plays would be pretty cool.

“Ryan reached out to me to say there is one superhero he wants to play…GHOST RIDER,” said Josh Horowitz back in 2022.



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