Ryan Gosling Is Marvel’s Ghost Rider Claims Rumor

The actor previously told Josh Horowitz the only superhero he wants to play is the Spirit of Vengeance.

ryan gosling ghost rider marvel rumor

Ryan Gosling might have gotten his wish as it is claimed the actor has been cast as Marvel’s Ghost Rider in an upcoming movie involving the Midnight Sons.

Back in January while talking with Josh Horowitz, Ryan Gosling addressed the Nova rumors and said they weren’t true.

However, Horowitz revealed the one superhero Ryan Gosling really wants to play is Ghost Rider.

ryan gosling ghost rider fan art
Fan art

What is the Ryan Gosling Ghost Rider rumor?

According to X user Rejected Scooper, Ryan Gosling is Ghost Rider. 

“Ryan Gosling will portray Ghost Rider in the MCU,” claims the account.

When questioned if it’s a live-action movie or series, the account replied, “Live action movie but he could appear in future shows down the line.”

The X user also says Ryan Gosling is playing the Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider (which Nicolas Cage played in the Sony movies) and retweeted a claim it’s a “Ghost Rider & The Midnight Sons” movie. In the comics, the Midnight Sons, include Blade, the Johnny Blaze and Dan Ketch Ghost Riders, Morbius, Magik, Nico, Wolverine, Kushala, Elsa Bloodstone, Caretaker, Doctor Strange, Werewolf By Night, and more.

ghost rider ryan gosling fan art
Fan art

Make sure Ghost Rider is done right

Apparent talks with Marvel followed Ryan Gosling coming off the super popular and successful Barbie.

Assuming Kevin Feige really wants Gosling in the MCU, and Gosling only wants to play Ghost Rider, it seems possible Gosling could have landed the role.

That said, Gosling Fall Guy recently bombed big time at the box office.

If I’m Gosling I would also make sure Disney, Feige and Marvel don’t screw things up as they have with the past five years of the MCU.

The story needs to be good, and the special effects need to be spectacular (something Marvel is having major problems with as of late). The story also can’t be woke like Feige tried with Mahershala Ali’s Blade which is in development hell. Good luck, Ryan.

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