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Review: Gambit #1

The “Ragin‘ Cajun” has once again been given a chance to fly solo. But does the second most popular X-Men character “explode” on the scene or fizzle like a water logged firecracker? 

Although fan favorite Clay Mann does an exceptional job rendering the suave, ladies man — it is not enough to bring anything new to the evolution of the Gambit character. Asmus‘ tech savvy Gambit, sans a few funny quips, is quite bland and comes off as a poor man’s James Bond. Charming women and conning crooks is the normal M.O., and that’s all we get from this tale — a repetitive look at the same ol‘ same ol‘! 

Asmus does do a fine job finding the voice of Gambit. The internal monologues are well crafted and gives us insight into how Mr. Lebeau feels regarding being a teacher, hero and “sometimes” boyfriend to Rogue. But, all of that fades as the action ramps up and the story falls back into mediocrity. The con, the gadgets, the showmanship — it just isn’t enough to make this a story that we haven’t seen a thousand times before. 

The tale is fun, if not for a lack of originality, but if you were looking for something more “explosive” in terms of story — you won’t find it here! Even the ending, both strange and surprising, doesn’t warrant a purchase of a second issue. Sorry, “Mon ami!”

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