Scoop Confirmed: Warner Bros. Discovery To Sell To Universal

Exactly what my Comic-Con insiders told me while talking about the real ending to 'The Flash.'

Exactly what my Comic-Con insiders told me while talking about the real ending to 'The Flash.'

Scoop Confirmed: Warner Bros. Discovery To Sell To Universal

Mark another one of my Comic-Con scoops confirmed as it is reported that – exactly as I said – there look to be plans to sell Warner Bros. Discovery to Universal.

While I was at Comic-Con over the Summer, DC insiders filled me in about the real ending of The Flash which was going to lead to more Ben Affleck as Batman, Henry Cavill back as Superman, AND lots more.

I was told that didn’t happen because Warner Bros. Discovery is broke AF and that WBD CEO David Zaslav demanded James Gunn recast DC with cheaper talent (David Corenswet).

Update: THR has also confirmed my Daredevil scoop.

Justice League
Justice League

David Zaslav to sell Warner Bros. Discovery in 2 years

Per my article from July, I said, “David Zaslav plans on selling Warner Bros. Discovery within a couple of years ‘hopefully’ to Universal.”

Now in a report about Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom being a complete disaster, Variety confirms exactly what I said:

Regardless, some on the lot are convinced that another company, most likely Universal, will buy Warner Bros. within two years, making recent DC subplots and upheavals feel quaint.

“The bottom line is they need to get DC to work whether Zaslav owns it, whether Brian Roberts owns it, whether somebody else owns it,” says LightShed’s Rich Greenfield, a Wall Street analyst and venture capitalist.

I was also told that Zaslav hopes Universal would split up the sale of WBD, and that Zaslav wants to retain control of Discovery again, minus Warner Bros., which also includes DC.

ben affleck zack snyder batman

There were big Ben Affleck Batman plans

I was told Mike DeLuca had grand ideas for the DCEU which also involved the possibility of Zack Snyder coming back if he wanted to, and DeLuca’s plans also involved DC TV, as the reason Grant Morrison was included in the Titans Multiverse scene was because of big plans surrounding Ben Affleck.

Also, recall how Affleck showed up as part of Snyder’s Full Circle event.

'The Flash' Post-Credit Scene Reveals Ben Affleck As Batman

A take on Final Crisis

Well, I was told DeLuca’s plan involved bringing back Ben Affleck as Batman at the end of The Flash movie where Affleck was shown stuck in time – a take on Morrison’s Final Crisis – which would have led to Affleck’s solo Batman movie (the scene was filmed but not used). That’s why Affleck filmed all those recent Batman cameo scenes.

I also think that is why James Gunn said he talked to Affleck about returning, but then Affleck said he would “absolutely not” direct anything for Gunn or DC, which is because Affleck got f’d over again.

That’s also why you heard about The Flash being the best superhero movie ever, because the original version just may have been, but then David Zaslav forced all kinds of changes, where the VFX even went unfinished and the end scene with Affleck was removed and replaced with George Clooney.

david corenswet superman
David Corenswet Superman fan art

What about James Gunn’s DCU?

Regarding what happens to the new DCU and James Gunn if/when WBD gets sold to Universal, I was told Gunn’s stuff will likely continue at Universal (hopefully the same for the Matt Reeves stuff).

James Gunn is set to launch the DCU on July 11, 2025, with Superman: Legacy.

Interestingly enough? Gunn and Snyder got their big start together at Universal with Dawn of the Dead.

Read my original report for the full rundown.

The same insiders filled me in about the problems surrounding Marvel’s Daredevil: Born Again, that Kathleen Kennedy wasn’t fired from Lucasfilm, Kevin Feige and AI, Zack Snyder’s Flashpoint connecting to Man of Steel, and Superman & Lois Season 4 being a disaster.

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