Exclusive: Kathleen Kennedy Likely Not Fired

Rumors surrounding Kennedy's departure might not be exactly true.

Exclusive: Kathleen Kennedy Likely Not Fired

Since my buddies at Bounding Into Comics ran with it, I’ll also put it in print, as last night I tweeted that Kathleen Kennedy is likely not fired from Disney, Star Wars, and Lucasfilm.

I had a lengthy conversation last night about a range of topics with my Hollywood buddies, as we are prepping for Comic-Con next week. Each year at the SDCC, we all get together, hang out and have a great time.

Some previous scoops that have been proven true include the Stan Lee DC Comics project from longtime Batman producer Michael Uslan, that Dwayne Johnson wanted to take over the DC films, Henry Cavill wanted more money, that Marvel is a big mess, all my Crisis info, etc. Recently they told me about the special effects surrounding The Flash, and I was given tons of info on the state of DC. More on that to come.

Regarding Star Wars, we are like-minded fans and can’t begin to understand how and why Star Wars has been so bad and why they would actually do what they did to the IP, and my friends are also deeply troubled by what happened with Indiana Jones 5 as my friends grew up loving Harrison Ford and Indiana Jones.

So I questioned my friends about the rumors surrounding that Kathleen Kennedy will be fired from Disney.

I was told that she is likely not fired.

Update: I’ve been told Kennedy is not getting fired because of the strike.

Update #2: As of 8/29, Kennedy has not been fired.

The conversation we had is similar to past things said about Kathleen Kennedy and Lucasfilm.

No one wants the job.

I’m told things are such a mess at Lucasfilm that no one wants to take over.

So if that is indeed the case, of course with no one wanting to take over, that only leaves Kathleen Kennedy.

I’ll be honest, I’m hoping what my buddy said isn’t exactly true and that Kennedy gets replaced, but again, I’m told that things are such a mess at Lucasfilm that no one wants the job, which is something that has been said in the past.

Worth a mention is that Bob Iger’s contract has been extended through 2026, and it has been said Iger and Kennedy have been butting heads and are in some kind of “war,” so if that is also the case, it looks as if Iger has come out on top (of course). Iger just said yesterday he is pulling back on Star Wars (and Marvel). Star Wars has already been pulled back a lot as it is, so how much more, guess we’ll find out.