Exclusive: The Flash Director Andy Muschietti Covering Up Poor CGI

Hollywood insider offers the CGI team wasn't given enough time and more.

Hollywood insider offers the CGI team wasn't given enough time and more.

Exclusive: The Flash Director Andy Muschietti Covering Up Poor CGI

I’ve been contacted by a Hollywood buddy of mine in regards to why the special effects in The Flash movie are so bad where I am told Andy Muschietti is covering things up.

The Flash is currently bombing big time at the box office, where many fans have pointed to the VFX as a major problem.

Update: I’ve also been told the real ending.

Andy Muschietti recently filled in io9 that the visual effects are meant to look like that:

“The idea, of course, is…we are in the perspective of the Flash,” explained the director. “Everything is distorted in terms of lights and textures. We enter this ‘waterworld’ which is basically being in Barry’s POV. It was part of the design so if it looks a little weird to you that was intended.”

The article continues with the mention:

And there you have it. If you see The Flash and wonder, “Wait, are those visual effects real? Did they finish that?”, the answer—whether you love it or hate it—is yes, they did. It was done on purpose and was the filmmaker’s intention to make sure what the Flash sees is different from what a normal person would see. 

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Andy Muschietti is full of shit

My Hollywood source tells me that is “total BS.”

“[Andy Muschietti] is full of shit about the CGI meaning to look like that,” states my source who I regularly hang out with at Comic-Con. “They didn’t give the CGI team enough time to complete the scenes. It’s why even scenes outside of the ‘speed force’ are trash, like Ben’s cape and moments with the Flash on Keaton’s plane & during the Zod final battle.”

My friend continues, “Director is covering up for it by saying it was a creative choice, total BS.”

The source also says the final version released in theaters isn’t what has been screened in screen tests and isn’t what Andy Muschietti intended, which may mean Muschietti’s version is a lot better (reported to have a four-hour cut) and why Muschietti was given Batman The Brave and the Bold.

“I enjoyed all of the stuff with Keaton, honestly. It’s a shame, from what I was told The Flash people screened last year was not this,” says my source. “A lot changed. The Director was hoping to use this to conclude Snyder’s universe but execs didn’t allow it. Such bullshit.”

Similar to what I said in my review, my source also feels James Gunn has a lot to prove with his new DCU.

“DC is done. I feel like regardless of what Gunn puts out, it’s an uphill battle,” says the source.

My Comic-Con sources’ proven track record includes Batman producer Michael Uslan on the Stan Lee DC Comics project, Dwayne Johnson wanting to take over the DC films universe, Henry Cavill returning as Superman, Marvel in chaos, all the Crisis info, Abrams on Superman, Gunn at DC, and more.

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