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‘The Flash’ Teases Batman, New Suit At DC FanDome

The Flash teaser was released last weekend at the DC FanDome online event giving us our first look at footage from the movie including Ezra Miller in a new suit, the Sasha Calle Supergirl, and a tease of the Michael Keaton Batman.  DC also teased: The Speed Force struck DC FanDome’s Hall of Heroes when

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The Flash: Antje Traue Rumored Back As Faora

A wild rumor has hit the net that The Flash movie will see the return of none other than Antje Traue as Faora, the badass Kryptonian from Zack Snyder’s Superman movie, Man of Steel. While the rumor might seem like a stretch, as it is based on speculation in regards to Antje Traue having gone back to a

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‘The Flash’ Movie Possibly Teases Batman The Red Death

Director Andy Muschietti has possibly teased Batman The Red Death on social media for The Flash movie. Saturday happened to be “Batman Day,” which saw Andy Muschietti post the following image on Instagram which is an image of the Michael Keaton Batman suit spray painted red with the yellow symbol of The Flash. Some fans are

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‘The Flash’ Logos Officially Released

Warner Bros. has officially released the logos for The Flash movie, which are the title treatments for the flick. Below you can check out the logos which come in red and black, black, and white. The official synopsis for The Flash is yet to be released but the movie has been described by the trades

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The Flash: Supergirl Sasha Calle Costume Revealed

The Flash director Andy Muschietti teases the Supergirl costume for Sasha Calle, which follows teases for the new Ezra Miller suit and Michael Keaton’s Batsuit. Update: Set video has hit the net offering a look at the costume: –️ @SashaCalle as supergirl on set for #TheFlashMovie (get your glasses) — sasha calle source (@sashacsource)

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The Flash: Andy Muschietti Teases New Costume

The Flash director Andy Muschietti takes to social media to tease the new costume for Ezra Miller’s Scarlet Speedster. Gone is the armored version of Zack Snyder, and in its place looks to be a version using fabric of some sort, which is something teased by Muschietti in April. Ezra Miller previously confirmed his Barry Allen would be

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‘The Flash’ Teases Bloody Batman & It’s A ‘Big’ Movie

The Flash director Andy Muschietti teases the bloody return of the Michael Keaton Batman in a new post on social media, with his sister producer partner, Barbara, also chiming in. Andy Muschietti posted a pic on Instagram of the Michael Keaton Batman suit where blood is splattered on the symbol (which reminds me of Watchmen

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The Flash: Andy Muschietti Shares Logo, Music Score: Now Filming

The Flash movie is now filming as director Andy Muschietti has taken to social media to post a teaser featuring the flick’s logo and what could be a taste of the multiverse music score.    “Here we go!!! THE FLASH Day 1,” posted Muschietti on Instagram. Composer Benjamin Wallfisch followed up the post by reposting on his own Instagram, so

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IT Movie Review

It Brings Back Horror A Film Review of It (2017)   If there’s one thing American horror films can be counted upon these days it’s adhering to a relatively basic list of prerequisites to get the final product in the can as quickly as possible to move on to the next project.  Jamming in tropes,

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