Michael Keaton Batman An ‘Idiot’; The Flash Movie Woke

Director Andy Muschietti's comments leak online about an "idiot" that is a part of the movie. Update: It's probably the second Barry Allen played by Ezra Miller.


The Flash looks to be another woke agenda movie put out by Hollywood judging from director Andy Muschietti’s recent comments that leaked online which appear to make Supergirl out as the better while The Flash and Batman are put down.

Sound familiar?

In the promo featurette footage that leaked online, director Andy Muschietti seems to refer to The Flash and Batman in the flick as “idiots” while he refers to Supergirl as a half-powered alien:

“…Justice League that is not the powerful Justice League that we all know. Half solar-powered alien and two idiots. I embrace the fact that these underdogs are going to save the world.”

Now, I will give it to Muschietti that the Ezra Miller The Flash could be looked at as an idiot (never was a fan of the Snyder version), but the Michael Keaton Batman is an idiot, too?

This is what fans have looked forward to after 30 years? For the return of the Michael Keaton Batman as an idiot? Wait, where have we seen this before?

It’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi all over again with Michael Keaton’s Batman treated similar to how Mark Hamill’s Luke Skywalker was ruined for the sake of political correctness.

Michael Keaton Batman The Flash

The Michael Keaton Batman is an idiot in The Flash

So The Flash movie sees The Flash and Batman trying to save the world, but they are idiots, so Supergirl, who apparently is not an idiot, is also helping to save the world? So how are two idiots going to save the world? Answer: They are not. It will be Supergirl.

Recall, there is also the rumor that the Michael Keaton Batman will be sticking around the DC films, but what is his role? Why, it’s to prop up Batgirl, not Batman Beyond. Batgirl.

It could be possible that since Andy Muschietti is from Argentina that he used a poor choice of words, and bear in mind the footage isn’t official, it was leaked, so if ever it does get released, the footage could be changed, but if anything, it certainly offers that The Flash and the Michael Keaton Batman “look bad” while Supergirl “looks good,” which of course is the woke Hollywood agenda of making female characters look bad at the expense of male characters and quality content and story.

It could also be possible that Muschietti wasn’t talking about the Keaton Batman, but then who? The Ben Affleck Batman? And if so, it really doesn’t change anything as The Flash and “said character” are still idiots while Supergirl is not.

Guess we know why Muschietti posted that bloody Keaton Batman image. Good luck.

Update: The idiot in question appears to be a second alternate universe Barry Allen played by Ezra Miller. Now it makes sense.

(via Reddit)

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