Exclusive: Kathleen Kennedy Not Fired Because Of Strike

Makes no sense to let her go during the strike.

Exclusive: Kathleen Kennedy Not Fired Because Of Strike

Conversations I had last night at Comic-Con have filled me in that Kathleen Kennedy hasn’t been fired from Lucasfilm because of the actor and writer strikes.

Indiana Jones 5 is a massive failure and Star Wars is a huge mess, so in addition to being previously told that no one wants Kathleen Kennedy’s job at Lucasfilm, I’m also told she hasn’t been fired because it doesn’t make sense to fire her right now.

Since the actors and writers are on strike, nothing is in development and everything is shut down, so I am told Kathleen Kennedy isn’t getting fired.

I am told the writing is on the wall that she will eventually get let go, which could happen once the strike is over.

Talks I have had with multiple people within the industry have offered that the strike could go on for a couple of more months or even until the end of the year.

Worth a mention is that Bob Iger recently extended his Disney contract through 2026, so Iger is in charge, where it previously has been rumored there was a war between Iger and Kennedy at Disney, so it appears as if Iger has won.

I’m also told it’s true regarding the possibility of Iger selling Disney to Apple.

Update #2: As of 8/29, Kennedy has not been fired.