Exclusive: Superman & Lois Season 4 A Disaster: ‘Better Off Canceled’

Cast fired and the budget absolutely butchered.

Cast fired and the budget absolutely butchered.

Exclusive: Superman & Lois Season 4 A Disaster: 'Better Off Canceled'

DC insiders have filled me in that Superman & Lois Season 4 is a big disaster and told me it was better off getting canceled than what they have planned for the fourth season.

Recently saw it announced that Superman & Lois starring Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch has been renewed for Season 4 on The CW, which is great news as I love the series and so do a lot of people. The new cohead of the DCU, James Gunn, even said similar, as Gunn said since so many people like the show that it can continue.

However, with it learned a Season 4 is in the works, it has also been learned most of the cast has been let go and the budget has been cut. I’ve actually been told the cast has been fired, as returning for Superman & Lois Season 4 only includes Hoechlin, Tulloch, and Alex Garfin and Michael Bishop.

So how we got onto the topic of Superman & Lois is that we talked about the state of DC, where I have been told a variety of things (more to come), but my DC insiders happen to be buddies with various producers associated with the DC shows on The CW (I’ve met them at Comic-Con).

Well, the fans have always remarked how low-budget the DC shows have been on The CW, where my DC insiders filled me in that the budgets for the shows were actually lower than anyone thought. The info fits as I know Marc Guggenheim said he coughed up something like $10k of his own money to get Crisis made. So my insiders filled me in that the showrunners of the shows were always upset in regards to the budgets for their shows (like really upset) but did the best they could do with what they were given.

So regarding Superman & Lois Season 4, the last DC show on The CW, I’m told the budget has absolutely been butchered.

How bad is it? It’s FN bad.

I’m told the budget has been slashed so much that they are turning Season 4 into a “drama” where in the script it’s said Superman loses his powers.

The reason they are stripping Superman of his powers is so they don’t have to pay for the VFX. That’s Superman & Lois Season 4.

So my DC insiders are so upset about what they are doing with Season 4, they said WB should have just canceled the series.

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