Exclusive: How Zack Snyder’s Flashpoint Connects To Man of Steel, Batman vs. Superman, Spider-Man

I spoke with DC insiders at Comic-Con about Zack Snyder.

I spoke with DC insiders at Comic-Con about Zack Snyder.

Exclusive: How Zack Snyder's Flashpoint Connects To Man of Steel, Batman vs. Superman, Spider-Man

In addition to Barbie (believe it or not) the big talk at Comic-Con is also about The Flash movie.

As most of the fans here are hardcore fans, most of the fans here despise the version released in theaters.

I also happen to know DC insiders that are close to Zack Snyder’s people, and at Comic-Con we had conversations about Zack Snyder’s version of The Flash movie which was going to be Flashpoint (Snyder previously confirmed this himself).

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What is the Spider-Man connection?

Well, Snyder’s Flashpoint had Lord and Miller onboard as directors but then they were offered a Star Wars movie by Disney.

Lord and Miller jumped at the chance to do Solo but then Kathleen Kennedy canned the both of them. So what did Lord and Miller do? Lord and Miller took their Flashpoint ideas to Spider-Man. So Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is their Flashpoint.

jeffrey dean morgan lauren cohan flashpoint fan art
Fan art

What is the Batman vs Superman connection?

Regarding Batman vs. Superman, the Flashpoint comics have Barry altering the timeline where Bruce Wayne gets killed and his father, Thomas Wayne, becomes Batman, with his mother becoming Joker.

I’m told Zack Snyder intentionally cast Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan in Batman vs Superman with the plan to cast them for his Flashpoint as Batman and Joker.

Zack had everything planned out and Flashpoint was supposed to spin out of Batman vs Superman by Lord and Miller starring Ezra Miller as Barry with Jeffrey Dean Mogan as Batman and Lauren Cohan as Joker. But that’s not all.

Enter Supergirl.

pa kent man of steel

How does The Flash connect to Man of Steel?

So a major issue I have had with Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel is the Pa Kent death scene where Kevin Costner stops the young Henry Cavill as Clark from saving him from the Tornado.

Argue however you want, he’s your dad and I just can’t see “Superman” not saving his dad.

So we talked about things where it was brought up that if you do a close watch of Man of Steel, Clark didn’t have his super speed yet (somebody double check that for me — and also much like he also hasn’t flown yet). Also, the reason Pa Kent stopped his son from saving him is so as not to expose himself. But Zod forced Clark out anyway in Man of Steel, so what is going on? Doesn’t Zack know what he is doing?

It turns out Zack knew exactly what he was doing.

I’m told Zack Snyder planned on having that Pa Kent death scene connect through Supergirl which still made its way into The Flash movie.

Pa Kent was afraid of Clark being exposed because he was afraid of something happening to a young Clark, which is something that exactly happens to Supergirl — getting captured by the Russians, depowered, and experimented on.

So while fans and myself have complained about the Pa Kent death scene, it turns out Pa Kent was right because it happened to Supergirl.

man of steel 2 henry cavill superman sashe calle supergirl

Zack had big plans that connected everything

I’m told this was also supposed to tie into the real ending of The Flash movie where Supergirl went through all this trauma and all the while thought her baby cousin was dead, but then Barry fixes the Multiverse, and Kara realizes her cousin is alive and Henry Cavill is shown there next to her as Superman.

I’m told Zack had big plans to explain all the things he has done in Man of Steel, Batman vs. Superman, etc, but obviously, we all know he never got the chance. Zack’s grand plan expanded through multiple movies and he was building things up throughout his DC films universe where there would have been a big payoff in the later movies.

Zack’s Flashpoint ideas are light years ahead and better than the theatrical release of The Flash movie.

As I go over here, the original plan for The Flash movie led to a lot more things including Ben Affleck back as Batman (it wasn’t a coincidence Affleck appeared at Zack’s Full Circle SnyderCon and that Zack teased Final Crisis).


Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan are best friends

I’m also told Christopher Nolan was heavily involved in things as while Nolan is “simply” listed as an executive producer, Nolan and Snyder are best friends and often hang out in Hollywood and meet with like-minded directors and discuss their films (and used to meet up at the Skywalker Ranch with George Lucas yearly).

I’m told Christopher Nolan actually came up with the story for Man of Steel.

I’m told Matt Reeves was actually up to take over the DC film universe following Nolan completing The Dark Knight Trilogy but Christopher Nolan put Zack Snyder in charge.

I’m also told that Geoff Johns butted heads with Zack Snyder over using Jason Momoa as Aquaman instead of going with the original white version from the comics that Johns had just rebooted in the New 52.

I’m told Christopher Nolan overruled Geoff Johns, so Zack Snyder was able to go with his Pacific Islander approach to Aquaman and cast Jason Momoa.

Well, Zack is no longer doing DC and is with Netflix, and Nolan left WB following WB going day and date on HBO Max. Nolan also recently said he will never do another superhero movie, but what did Nolan say he’s interested in? Star Wars.

Big things are also expected out of Snyder’s Rebel Moon which is Zack’s Star Wars movie that he first pitched to Disney. Recall what I just said about Nolan, Snyder, and Lucas at Skywalker Ranch.

Update: Zack Snyder confirms Rebel Moon started off as a Star Wars movie.

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