Exclusive: Kevin Feige The Hero? AI The Talk Of Comic-Con

VFX insiders offer a different perspective.

VFX insiders offer a different perspective.

Exclusive: Kevin Feige The Hero? AI The Talk Of Comic-Con

Kevin Feige just might be the hero after all which means he isn’t one of those darn and dirty Skrulls.

Disney, Feige, and Marvel received some heat for using artificial intelligence to create the opening sequence to the Disney+ Secret Invasion series, which is pretty wonky,

While it has been thought Disney and Feige used AI to go the cheap route, conversations I have had with VFX insiders at Comic-Con actually offer the complete opposite.

Artificial Intelligence is a big reason for the ongoing actor and writer strikes, as the actors and writers want a new contract that explains and limits the use of AI. It has also come out that studios want to scan background actors and pay them something like $350 to use their likenesses for eternity. Now, that’s a complete joke.

So while at Comic-Con, I had a chat with VFX artists, and they actually said they’re not too worried about artificial intelligence right now. They said it’s like using another paint brush, it’s another tool, and they are toying with it, but when it comes down to it, artificial intelligence can’t match the human mind.

Regarding the Secret Invasion opening, the artists pointed out how bad it looks, so again, they are not too worried.

But while some have been blaming Feige for the use of AI, the VFX artists offered the opposite perspective.

The VFX artists actually think that Kevin Feige used AI in the Secret Invasion opening to intentionally show that it’s not up to par and doesn’t match the high-quality work of VFX studios.

The VFX guys pointed out that Feige using AI in Secret Invasion came just before the writers strike, and now the actors strike. So they thought that Feige might have used AI in Secret Invasion on purpose to bring attention to the cause and back the strike as well as VFX artists.

I also chatted with a commercial director who isn’t a member of the Director’s Guild and who directs national brand commercials. We spoke and he said they are using artificial intelligence, as he was provided storyboards by the national brand for the commercial. I asked about the quality and he said they were decent enough, but again, much like the VFX guys filled me in, it’s not the best. I told the VFX guys about the national brand commercial using AI for storyboards and they were actually really surprised, so while AI can’t quite match up to the human element, it’s definitely a tool being used.

On a side note, while checking out Comic-Con, I came to the Diablo booth which has a closed-off interactive display where fans can walk through; however, there happens to be a sign before you walk in that says they are filming and that you give up all your rights and that they can use your likeness forever, etc. A friend of mine I am here with happens to be a SAG actor, so just imagine if he didn’t read that notice, went into the Diablo booth, and they got the “rights” to use his likeness. Unbelievable. Yeah, Activision is run by Skrulls.

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