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Norman Reedus Suffers Head Injury On ‘The Walking Dead’ Set

Norman Reedus has suffered a head injury while on the set of The Walking Dead, reported to be a concussion. The news first hit yesterday when Fandemic Tour gave an update on Facebook about a convention appearance and noted, “Norman Reedus had to postpone due to an injury. We are sending all of our thoughts

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Norman Reedus Unsure About Ghost Rider

With rumors swirling that Kevin Feige has cast Ghost Rider in the MCU, Norman Reedus says he is unsure if he is set to play Marvel’s Spirit of Vengeance. Hopefully, the actor is simply playing coy and isn’t allowed to talk about it, but Norman Reedus tells that he doesn’t know as of yet.  “Fingers

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Marvel: Ghost Rider Cast – Could Be Norman Reedus

It’s claimed that Kevin Feige has cast Ghost Rider in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with fans hoping it’s Norman Reedus, known for playing Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead. The information comes from Charles Murphy of Murphy’s Multiverse in which he adds Keanu Reeves is not playing Ghost Rider. In what looks to be a deleted

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Norman Reedus Still Wants To Play Ghost Rider For Marvel

Norman Reedus, known for playing fan-favorite Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead, again says he wants to play Ghost Rider for Marvel. Years ago saw the actor respond “f’ yeah” when questioned about Ghost Rider, and recently saw Norman Reedus offer up he still wants to play the Spirit of Vengeance when it was pointed out

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Will Death Stranding Be Any Good?

(Editor’s note: The following is an opinion piece regarding commentary on the reviews for the “Death Stranding” video game. Lawrence Napoli reviews movies for us and at times handles video game-related content.) Understanding Death Stranding’s Metacritic Scores Ever since Death Stranding was announced at E3 back in 2016, gamers have been intrigued and excited at

Death Stranding
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Death Stranding E3 Thoughts

E3 2018 Quick Asides: Death Stranding What’s With All This Walking?   Those who follow the video game industry know that it has more than its fair share of drama, corporate buffoonery and political power moves all in the name of vying for control of what’s to be done next with the company’s assets moving

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