Norman Reedus Opens Up About Melissa McBride Exit From ‘The Walking Dead’ Spinoff

The actor recently appeared on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' and talked about details.

The actor recently appeared on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' and talked about details.


Norman Reedus opens up about the exit of Melissa McBride from The Walking Dead spinoff series that was originally going to be a Carol and Daryl show.

The actor recently appeared on Jimmy Fallon and talked about details involving the spinoff which is filming and will be set in Europe and now focuses solely on Daryl Dixon. 

“Yeah, I know it’s going to be much different than the show,” said Reedus. “It was originally Carol and I, Melissa McBride and I, and she’s taking time off. Twelve years is a grueling schedule and she wanted to take some time off, so she’s doing that, and she deserves it.” 

Norman Reedus did hint that Daryl and Carol might be eventually reunited and hinted at other characters popping up. 

“I imagine those characters are gonna meet back up at some point and I might even meet up with some other characters down the road,” he said. “But she’s taking time off and in the meantime, they were like, ‘Hey, you wanna go on a mission?’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah! Let’s go on a mission.’”

Watch the footage below.

At first, it was said Melissa McBride left the spinoff over creative differences, but then AMC released an official statement stating McBride didn’t want to film in Europe, so she is taking some time off.

Following it learned Melissa McBride exited the spinoff, then it became known showrunner Angela Kang also bailed on the show, said to be unrelated. 

With Melissa McBride leaving the show, a lot of fans were unhappy and some blamed Norman Reedus as some fans think the show is filming and being set in Europe so Reedus can be closer to his family, but Negan-actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan took to social media to slam the rumor and blast those toxic fans that think that.

The Norman Reedus The Walking Dead spinoff is due to get released in 2023.

Norman Reedus talks The Walking Dead on Jimmy Fallon:

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