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Norman Reedus Suffers Head Injury On ‘The Walking Dead’ Set

Norman Reedus has suffered a head injury while on the set of The Walking Dead, reported to be a concussion. The news first hit yesterday when Fandemic Tour gave an update on Facebook about a convention appearance and noted, “Norman Reedus had to postpone due to an injury. We are sending all of our thoughts

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The Boys Season 3: First Look At Laurie Holden As Crimson Countess

Check out the first look at Laurie Holden as the Crimson Countess all suited up for The Boys Season 3 coming to Amazon Prime. “Payback’s a b*tch. #CrimsonCountess,” posted the show’s official Instagram account. Laurie Holden, who is also known for playing Andrea in The Walking Dead, joined the series in June and will have a recurring role.  “Time

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Norman Reedus Still Wants To Play Ghost Rider For Marvel

Norman Reedus, known for playing fan-favorite Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead, again says he wants to play Ghost Rider for Marvel. Years ago saw the actor respond “f’ yeah” when questioned about Ghost Rider, and recently saw Norman Reedus offer up he still wants to play the Spirit of Vengeance when it was pointed out

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Robert Kirkman Rumored To Buy DC Comics

It’s claimed that The Walking Dead‘s Robert Kirkman is in talks with AT&T to purchase DC Comics. The claim was made last month by former DC Comics artist Ethan Van Sciver who commented on a Bleeding Cool article about a potential DC Comics buyout, something that Van Sciver first said was going to happen over

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The Walking Dead’s Star-Crossed Lovers


Love Is Strange

By: Chris “The DOC” Bushley

Warning Spoilers Dead Ahead

With Cupid slinging arrows and plastic wrapped boxes of chocolates piled throughout every store, it’s safe to say that Valentine’s Day is quickly upon us. As you waded through crowds to pick out just the perfect card for your loved ones, you may have missed that the world of comics was full of romance as well. Miss Harley Quinn was paying an awful lot of money to get Bruce Wayne in the boudoir, Silk and Spidey were content to just hold each other after the events of the epic Spider-Verse conclusion and Barry Allen was dealing with some second date “quickness” issues on the CW’s The Flash! But none of the romantic scenario’s can compare to the tale of first love in the pages of The Walking Dead #137.

Throughout the past few months, Robert Kirkman has taken his cast of survivors and launched them two years into the future. Rick Grimes and company have established a world of peace, inner trade and prosperity but nothing has changed more than Carl Grimes and his onset of puberty. He has decided to become his own man and, with the blessing of his father, has taken up an apprenticeship and moved to the Hilltop. There he is reunited with his best friend, Sofia, and they spend almost every waking moment together. But alas, their budding feelings are put on hold as both of them are attacked by two boys, and as Carl runs away, they continue to pummel Sofia. The “knight in shinning eye patch” returns with a shovel and nearly kills the boys before he picks up Sofia and runs for help. Carl’s valiant save of Sofia changes the entire dynamic of the Hilltop however as the boys’ parents call for brutal retribution for the beatings and Maggie, leader of the Hilltop, places Carl in jail to appease the masses. While there, Carl befriends a fellow prisoner, Lydia, a pretty girl that is a member of the Whisperers, a roaming group of people that wear the flesh of others so they can blend in with the walkers. Lydia is there because she was part of a group that killed some of the Hilltop’s patrolmen. As things progress, a friendship blooms between these two imprisoned teens and eventually Carl gives her his father’s hat as a reminder that you can get through anything. Eventually, both Carl and Lydia are released and Carl is solely responsible for Lydia’s actions while she is free. So, like most new friendships, he threatens to kill her if she harms anyone. As the day winds down, the two teens from different lifestyles , settle upon a quiet hilltop on the outskirts of town. Hormones rise to the surface and Lydia tells Carl she likes him and Carl reciprocates. She asks him why he wears glasses with an eyepatch covering one lens, Carl cringes and asks her not to touch the glasses, that it is gross and doesn’t want her to see. Lydia finally steals the glasses and sees Carl’s damaged face and hollow eye socket. But instead of being repulsed, she gently licks the socket and exclaims, “I think it’s sexy.” Appalled and confused, Carl lets Lydia lay him down and the two star-crossed lovers take the final step in changing Carl from a boy to a man. 


Nothing says,”I love you” like a good ol‘ eye socket lick! Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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Review: The Walking Dead #137

Robert Kirkman has taken us on many trips throughout the series of The Walking Dead. Some have been overtly brutal, encompassing the horror that man can bestow upon one another in heartless, meaningless ways. Some have been more introverted, focusing on the development of the characters as they soul search their way through their world, becoming better or worse for it. He has dealt with death and birth consistently, shocking readers with every turn. This week’s issue will shock you like you have never been shocked before, and I guarantee it will get fans more in a frenzy than the newest episode on AMC!

As Kirkman’s two year jump ahead in time has left several changes and characters (where is Michonne!) up for question, there is one thing that is obvious, little Carl is no longer little! He has not only become a legend in the world of TWD, but he has also become a young man that is trying to find his own place in that world. He is not under the watchful eye of his father anymore and his decisions, like most adolescents, may not always be the best choice. As fans lost their minds after last month’s tale where Carl gave the captive, Lydia, his father’s hat, the most revered item in all of TWD fandom; so too will they be in an uproar over the choice he makes in this issue. It is one that will forever change, not only Carl, but the dynamic of the entire storyline. It puts the tale into a domino effect that will encompass everything.

The second story thread deals with Maggie and the aftermath of Carl’s vicious beating of two boys that attacked him and Sofia. As leader of the Hilltop, Carl’s actions have made her a target and puts her leadership into question. A coup has been brewing but due to Maggie’s focus on interrogating the imprisoned, Lydia, to find out more about the Whisperers, it has gone unnoticed by the rank and file. Underhandedness ensues and by issues end, the future of the Hilltop is in question. 

Another fantastic issue that delves deep into the trappings of youthful foolishness and the ramifications it has. We have all made bad choices due to the fluttering of the heart but in the world of TWD, adolescent fervor can lead to a most deadly outcome! Fantastic issue!

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Review: The Walking Dead #128

After the shocking time jump last issue, Robert Kirkman lulls us in to a sense of security with a tale that lets readers reconnect with their favorite characters.

This issue is the poster child for “slow burn” storytelling but the manner in which Kirkman tells the tale makes the reader feel comfortable with the fact it isn’t about shock and awe. This is a great “breather” issue in which we get to learn more about Carl, Eugene, Rick, Andrea and the small new cast of characters introduced last issue. Kirkman delves deeper into the inner workings of how Rick’s community works, from bread making to a more precise ammunition crafting process, and we get to see just how far Kirkman’s world has changed. 

The subtleties Kirkman weaves into his characters is what drives this issue. Carl’s new hobby/career choice is something I would have never expected from the hard nosed, lethal weapon he was prior to the time jump but it is something that makes me enjoy his character so much more! Eugene’s relationship, or lack there of, with Rosita is equally as shocking and forces Eugene from a character that I never thought I would care for into one I desperately need to know about. Even the diminutive rant from Neegan brought a well earned smile to my face when I thought I could only like him as an extremely over the top maniac. But that is what Kirkman does! He can shock you with big, overwhelming storylines that make you squirm in your seat but he can also write smaller character pieces that draw you to his characters in a way few books can. 

So, if you are looking for “walkers” just turn to the middle of the book, but if you are looking for something that has a little more meat on it’s bones, start at the beginning and enjoy until the very end!

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Review: The Walking Dead #127

Warning: Spoilers Dead Ahead!


After the controversial ending of Robert Kirkman’s twelve part event, “All Out War,” wrapped up last issue, he sends us all two years into the future and starts “A New Beginning.”

I am not going to lie, seeing characters that I have been following since the very beginning thrust two years into the future was a little jarring. Some of their physical appearances have changed so much it was hard to find their “voice” as I read along, especially Rick’s!

Most comic stories that make dramatic jumps in time are merely for gimmick reasons. It is to foreshadow things to come, bring back a dead character or, worst case scenario, work around a horrible plot that failed commercially. This is not the case with The Walking Dead. Robert Kirkman has progressed the story two years without upsetting the overall tale of the story in any way. It is directly related to the events that happened in “AOW” and even if you haven’t been following TWD for very long, you can follow and enjoy this tale without missing anything. It is crafted to be the perfect stepping stone for those that have never ventured into the world Kirkman has created and still will enthrall ravenous fans with every page!

Kirkman has been promising “BIG” changes to the world of TWD this year and we can finally see what he means with this issue. It is no longer about a group of survivors struggling through the world searching for a safe place to stay and some scraps to eat. Kirkman has officially changed the entire scope of his book to include the rebuilding of civilization itself. There are communities, families, trading, farms, schools and careers all being built and it gives the book an air of hope that has never been felt before. Kirkman adds so many new layers to characters this issue as well. Rick has become the older, wiser leader that exudes strength and hope through his community and has acquired a new way of utilizing both hands! Andrea has grown as the more physical leader of the group and as Rick’s “right hand woman,” makes sure that all is well with construction and roamer corralling. She has also become “mom” to Carl as well. Carl has emerged as the budding teenager, seeking to become his own man, and has begun to ask certain questions a father may find uncomfortable answering. Whom he asks instead, is a great ending that is both shocking and fitting and is sure to be all the buzz at the water cooler tomorrow.

With the introduction of new characters, the future exploration of fan favorites and a new logo to top it all off, this issue was perfect on all levels. It was fascinating to see how the characters progressed not only by themselves but as a community as well. Some may complain about the two year jump and that they want to see how the characters got to this organized world. I say reading two years worth of planting seeds and training people to ride horses does not keep readers interested in your book. 

This was an overall great great book for fans and new comers alike, a book that will re-energize Kirkman’s entire franchise!

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Review: The Walking Dead #124

Building off of the characters big push on Sunday’s episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead, Eugene finally takes center stage this issue — with astounding results! Kirkman has been gradually making this mediocre character into something multi-faceted in the last few issues, but this is where he truly shines. Kirkman puts Eugene in a situation where he NEEDS to become a leader without hesitation, a life or death moment that portrays him with confidence akin to Rick. A moment that has completely changed the character from “brilliant oaf” to “brilliant leader” in an instant, and I can’t thank Kirkman enough for it!

Robert Kirkman wastes no time with this “feverishly” paced issue that leads to the most dire of consequences for many key characters. Besides Eugene’s transformation, we see the battle rage on between Neegan’s forces and the residents of the Hilltop. We also see the results of the wound Rick received from last issue, and NO, I will not reveal it’s end result — unless I already have in this review! 

Even though this issue is a must have for every Walking Dead fan, Kirkman’s layout and pacing is too rushed in this issue. Everything after the opening sequence seems forced upon you and it never becomes truly fleshed out, leaving too many simple questions unanswered. Questions like, “If it’s too dark to see anything, how did Dwight attack Rick?” and, “If Dwight and Neegan were together when he attacked Rick, why are they not when they follow him?” It’s the simple things that build a story and keep it cohesive, unfortunately, this issue lost some of that in order to quicken the tale to fit within it’s 12 issue parameter. But, I can see past the rushed feel of the story for the overall end result. The “big reveal” may not come as a shock but it is still shocking none the less, and it is those great build up pieces that will keep fans clamoring for more regardless of how quickly the story pushes on!

Comic Book News

Review: The Walking Dead #122

A “slow burn” tale awaits you this week as Robert Kirkman continues to build to the deafening crescendo of the, “All Out War,” story arc.

Kirkman is known for his “ebb and flow” style of storytelling and this week is all about strengthening the bonds between the main characters to further the tale along. Taking place mostly at the Hilltop, Kirkman narrows his story to just a chosen few, but he exponentially builds upon their layers of characterization with brief insights between the larger scope of the tale. We are privy to some tender moments between Andrea and Rick, we see a confession from Ezekiel to Michonne, a rather sad exchange with Heath and a doctor and the burden placed on Maggie’s shoulders by here decision from last issue.

These short insights into the individual worlds of the characters drives the overall story, one laced with the converging of peoples against a common enemy and rife with despair for what is to come. But, as well written as those small pieces may be, the revelations about the character of Jesus and Neegan’s new choice of weapon, is what fans will be clamoring about around the water cooler tomorrow! I won’t mention the one secret about Jesus( I’m sure there will be plenty of people sounding off on the message boards about it!) but I will reveal that we are finally given his real name! But I have to say, I’ll still call him Jesus! I also won’t reveal Neegan’s new choice of weapon although it is organic in nature, and no, it’s not a zombie bomb!

Horrible things await our heroes in this continuing story arc and I could not be more on the edge of my seat! Secrets tend to hurt those they are being kept from, by the sheer amount of secrets revealed in this issue alone, everyone will be feeling the pain! 

Only two weeks until the next issue!

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Review: The Walking Dead #121

Robert Kirkman is the master of “ebb and flow” storytelling!

In the wake of last issues all out barrage on Rick’s quaint little community, Kirkman takes the time to reflect on the changes thrust upon his characters. He sets up some well crafted character driven moments that show how much damage has been bestowed upon them both physically and emotionally, while delving ever deeper into Neegan’s bipolar threats. I don’t care what critics say, the character of Neegan is so much fun to read that it’s almost mesmerizing! One moment you are shocked by the string of vulgarity that flow from his lips, the next you are lulled into a false sense of security as he ensures you he would never hurt a fly and then — BANG — he bashes in your best friend’s head with a barbed wire baseball bat! Insane? Too over the top? Of course! But, there is also an intriguing factor woven into the character, a synergy of opposites that transcends past the level of shock to create a character that is both comedic and horrifying! 

This issue lays the groundwork for what is to come in the future of The Walking Dead universe. Some have fallen, others have had their desire for battle washed away and others still, face an uncertain future in the hands of Neegan. It is a time to regroup, a time to mourn those that have been lost and most of all, a time to move on. Fans of the AMC television show never got the true importance of this object, but the comic fans will give a slow nod of remembrance as Rick finally “hangs up the phone.”

Great issue!

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Review: The Walking Dead #120

We are only halfway through Robert Kirkman’s latest storyline, “All Out War,” and the casualties are already piled high!

This latest issue sets the stage for the future of the Alexandria residents, or what little future they may have left. Riddled with action, this issue is brimming with intensity from the opening sequence all the way to the final page, with enough shocking moments in between to keep you on the edge of your seat!

Kirkman shows us the final fate of Holly, Neegan’s retaliation on Rick and the rest of the residents of Alexandria and the return of a fan favorite character that will have TWD fans cheering! This particular piece to the bigger story, is sprinkled with some miniscule character development, not including Neegan’s fascinating discussion to his favorite weapon, Lucille, but chock full of jaw dropping moments that will leave any reader clamoring for more. I found myself muttering a hushed, “No,” throughout most of the tale, a tribute to Kirkman’s raw talent for weaving these characters into the hearts and minds of the reader more and more with every passing issue. He has created characters that are relatable, but most of all, breakable. In a genre where character death is a dime a dozen and six months is the normal window until said character returns form the grave, Kirkman’s characters are finite and mean so much more to the reader because of that fact. This is the end for some but just the beginning for others!

Chaos tears through the very fabric of Rick’s life and there is no end in sight to Neegan’s lust for revenge. This issue is the beginning of the end of another chapter in the world of TWD, but at least it is going out with a resounding BANG!

Comic Book News

Review: The Walking Dead #116

After a lackluster 10th Anniversary issue last month, Robert Kirkman redeems himself with an explosion of action and an ending that leaves the reader with both unease and excitement!

This issue, part 2 of the 12 part storyline “All Out War,” gives the reader exactly what they should expect as a swathe of chaos rocks the TWD universe when Rick and Neegan square off against each other. Fans of the hit AMC TV series of the same name, will see some familiar things in this issue but, this time, it is Rick that drops the “zombie bomb!”

Laced with minimal characterization, this issue is all about the action we have all been so patiently waiting for. The first punch in this battle has been thrown, but fans may not want what they have been wishing for by tales end. There is a seething, eerie feeling that will perch in the front of your mind regarding a character that has not been seen in awhile. A fate awaits them that may be worse than death, one that will make any reader cringe as Neegan’s smile stretches across his face. 

But, that is why we love TWD! It is the moments that touch us in some profound way that keep us coming back for more and if the last page doesn’t whet your appetite for what comes next — you must be dead inside!

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Review: The Walking Dead #115

It has been ten years since Robert Kirkman pitched a deceptive idea to the heads of Image comics, one that would eventually make him into a multi-media juggernaut! Ten years of pushing the envelope and evoking feelings in fans that has caused them to have emotional ties to his characters, something that is rarely seen outside of the confines of characters developed by the “Big Two.” 

Today, the “Ten Year Anniversary” issue was released, but I wish that the tale given had as much pomp and circumstance as the promotions have been given. Not that it wasn’t a well crafted tale, it was, but it was merely nothing more than stage rehearsal for the big event.

Issue #115 is rich with Kirkman’s patented “check-in” style of writing prior to some serious shake-ups. We see Rick and Andrea discussing the decision of war, we see Michonne and Ezekiel discussing their potential, we see Andrea and Carl discussing who is in charge when Rick is gone. We “see” the build up, we are given the usual ominous undertones that Kirkman perfectly laces within his tales, but that is all we “see.” 

Coming off of an intense past few issues where your heart was racing through the entire tale, this one read like a checklist of sorts. Taking stock of weapons? CHECK. Touching base with all major characters? CHECK. Rick makes angry face at Neegan? CHECK. I understand that this is the “calm before the storm” but for the ten year anniversary issue I was expecting something on a grander scale.

Collect the covers, there are enough of them, enjoy the story but don’t expect too much and you will be fine. Save all that anticipation for the Season 4 debut this weekend and hopefully it will resonate more.

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Review: The Walking Dead #111

As a tribunal converges in The Kingdom, Neegan pays a visit to our hero’s community in look for his monthly “tribute” unbeknownst to Rick! What happens when that “tribute” is not ready? All I’ll say is that you have to have “guts” to survive in the world of The Walking Dead!

Robert Kirkman continues to set the stage for an ultimate showdown between Neegan and Rick’s factions, but it is the journey to it’s eventual conclusion that has been quite intriguing. Steeped in suspense with an underlining of perpetual horror, this issue is another slow burn tale that gets all the players on the field to see how they play together. Andrea, Michonne, Rick, Ezekiel and Jesus prepare their troops for battle with a vast array of training techniques while miles away, Neegan has a plan all his own. 

Kirkman has a knack for creating multi-faceted characters that exude confidence, if not a sense of arrogance. None so far have even come close to the twisted narcissism of the Neegan character! He seems bi-polar, if not certifiably insane and his flippant tantrums, ranging from overtly coy to down-right brutal, make the reader hold their breath every time he enters the stage. He is fantastic because of his ever-swinging moral compass and Kirkman is brilliant for not just making him another Governor knock off.

Fast paced, this issue is over before you know it but the ending is another shocker that no one will ever forget!

Ah, Neegan, you are so witty!

Comic Book News

Review: The Walking Dead #110

Don’t be mistaken by the cover, you won’t be able to whet your appetite for action in this issue! Although, Kirkman does rectify the situation with an intense look at the expanded world of TWD, a slow burn build up of a larger battle to ensue.

Fans may see this issue as just another actionless issue that doesn’t give you any shock and awe, but it is this type of issue that truly broadens the scope of the book past all the other “zombie” books that litter the racks. It is the building of emotional ties to the characters that gives the biggest payoff when something horrible occurs, the tether that keeps fans interested is built by the issues that rely on characterization and not always the shock!

The book is broken up into three distinct tales, focusing on small individual groups, that merge into one grand overall tale. The first aspect deals with Jesus and ramifications he must endure after having told Kal EVERYTHING about the plan against Neegan! It showcases the fear and hatred that Neegan has bestowed on everyone he meets and just how much others are willing to do to survive.

The second story arc revolves around Rick and his “hit squad” traveling to and eventually meeting with Ezekiel, the “king” of The Kingdom. It deals with the division of the crew and their ideas on the newly acquired “friendship” with Ezekiel. It is a nice piece and well thought out, especially since we get to see wonderment in Carl’s eye again.

Finally, the second arc branches into the third as we see Michonne and Ezekiel find a camaraderie out of their mistrust. Beginning with the drawing of swords and ending with a smile, this was the best part of the book. We receive both Ezekiel and, his pet tiger, Shiva’s origin tale and find this new character quite intriguing. He is a man that has taken the challenge of leadership upon himself in a similar fashion as Rick has, but choosing a higher moral compass.

This is another well written tale that will become a stepping stone for a grander finale, it may leave the “action junkie” in all of us a little depressed. But, all you have to do is look at the cover of June’s issue #111 to get that adrenaline pumping once more!


The Walking Dead #111

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Review: The Walking Dead #109

It begins with a solemn look at death in the world of The Walking Dead and ends with what could be the catalyst for ensuring the deaths of many more. What happens between these solemn tent poles is an issue full of drama and characterization that separates it form so many other books.

Rick’s lies to his community begin to catch up with him, making the call to arms against Neegan a more difficult task than originally planned. It also helps set the stage for a threat that looms within the very confines of their home, one that may eventually see Rick in dire straits amongst friends. The build up of the ensuing battle against Neegan is what drives most of this particular book, but it is the “down time” of two extremely different characters that make the book truly resonate with the reader.

Maggie’s mourning of Glenn is a pitch perfect piece that shows that no matter how difficult and jarring life has become in a walker filled world, some things still anchor them to the world before. A burial, a tombstone and the ritual of grieving will never lose it’s meaning to those who hold them dear. In fact, the mere sight of of these things can make someone who has become numb with death realize just how important they are to keep their own humanity.

Secondly, there is a conversation held between Rick and Michonne that truly puts their entire world into perspective. Tired and weary, Michonne let’s her softer side prevail as she expresses her feelings about taking up arms again. It is a brief but compelling moment that makes us believe that beneath her hardened facade beats the heart of a woman that yearns for a moment of peace.

Kirkman’s pacing is top notch on this issue, giving the reader glimpses into possible future outcomes as well as making a well deserved look at the internal workings of key characters. It may not be flooded with walkers nor be riddled with flying bullets, but it is a well built story that paves the way for both of those things to come. So, enjoy the relaxation for the moment because the cringing ending guarantees that it will not last for long!

Comic Book News Star Wars

The “DOC’s” Top Of The Pile for 3/13/2013


The Top Of The Pile

By: Chris “DOC” Bushley


This is a “quick pick” look at the Top 5 comics that EVERYONE should be reading this week! Whether it’s rife with characterization, filled with emotional strife, has a bevy of high octane battle sequences or is just a plain ol’ great read — these books belong at the “Top Of The Pile!”

1. Sledge-Hammer 44 #1(of 2) (Dark Horse): Straight from the pages of Lobster Johnson: Iron Prometheus, comes the tale of Mike Mignola’s version of an “iron man!” What could U.S. troops in the middle of a warzone, surrounded by Nazis, use more than a little help from above? How about a bomb that encases the ultimate fighting machine?! This quirky Mignola tale melds WWII drama and sci-fi zaniness into the perfect story that will leave you begging for more!
2. Batgirl #18 (DC): Even though the cover suggests that the issue will focus on the loss of Damian Wayne, this story barely touches on it but is a stunning tale just the same! Ray Fawkes creates a fantastic and eerily creepy tale of Batgirl’s sadistic brother, James Gordon Jr., playing mind games and hunting for prey as his sister deals with a bruised body and a broken heart. It is rich in character development and a true page turner that just might keep you up at night.
3. The Walking Dead #108 (Image/Skybound): Robert Kirkman has been giving fans heart attacks with the last few issues — feigning the death of Carl will do that to a reader! This latest installment will give an insiders look at a bevy of characters thoughts on their new situation and expands on the ever growing world of TWD! I won’t give too much away but I will say, “Ezekiel has a tiger!” Nuff’ said!
4. Star Wars #3 (Dark Horse): Brian Wood has created a fantastic series that feels more cannon than ANY of the prequel movies ever did! Focusing on the strength and determination of everyone’s favorite Princess, this series is a testament to Leia’s true leadership of the Rebellion and that she should NEVER be considered just a damsel in distress! All the original cast is there, no need for discussions or contracts in the world of comics, and this will bring you back to the wonderment of childhood and the amazing movies that shaped our lives from an early age.
5. Avengers Arena #6 (Marvel): Okay, don’t let the cover throw ya, this book has some of the best characterization and dramatic scenes of any comics on the shelves today! Dennis Hopeless and Kev Walker have taken an over done concept and truly made it into something smart and original. Part Lord of the Flies part Hunger Games, this book is harrowing from front to back and it is something every good comic fan should check out more than once! Plus, this one has ANOTHER major death, who would have thought that, right?
Comic Book News

Review: The Walking Dead #108

The fate of Carl has, at least so far, been determined and all has turned right with the world again. Or so you think!

Robert Kirkman does what he does best in issue #108 of The Walking Dead. He has slowly built a story that is multi-faceted and wholly engaging! In this issue we begin to see an array of future possibilities, not only for Rick and Carl, but the entire cast of the book. Extremely character driven, Kirkman takes his time delving into the inner most thoughts of the group and some of it’s villains’. 

There are some great moments in this issue, beginning with a few pages of Carl and Michonne building a rapport that fans of the AMC television series will surely appreciate! But, it is not just this fierce duo that takes the spotlight. A bevy of characters try to work through some emotional turmoil, creating an issue that truly immerses the reader into the inner workings of these characters. It is robust with dialogue, seasoned with all the gory action we have come to love and doused with a shocking revelation that, may or may not, bring the end to a brand new beginning.

Along with the surprises, Kirkman has also introduced not only some new characters, but essentially a whole other “world” in this issue. I do not want to spoil anything regarding this intriguing place but I will say, “Hail to the King!” It is somewhat amusing at first but once you have entered this “other realm”, your penchant for laughter will abruptly stop and you will be as enthralled and intrigued as you were the first time you read an issue of TWD

It is a glorious time to be a fan of The Walking Dead and this issue goes to show that the possibilities for it’s continued growth are endless!

Comic Book News

Review: The Walking Dead #107

Like a rolling thunderstorm, The Walking Dead #107, begins with a cavalcade of chaos that assaults the senses but then mellows out to a distant calm leaving us weary, jubilant for the coming sunshine and hopeful for a better tomorrow.

With all the hype and expectation of something “BIG” to occur in this issue, fans may be taken aback by the subtle change in the overall tone of the end to the “Something To Fear” storyline. There is no grand execution of major characters as may have been perceived by fans and critics alike, but rather a more disturbing look into the bi-polar mannerisms of the Neegan character. There is something truly disturbing about a man who projects his hate and anger into the form of an inanimate object just to believe that his “bad deeds” are not all his doing. It is all the fault of “Lucille” that certain things must be done, a barbed wire wrapped baseball bat that is Neegan’s most cherished possession that will exact punishment with blinding fury!

Tonally, The Walking Dead #107 becomes something different than all the others leading up to it. The fear of what may happen to Carl is dealt with rather quickly creating a a release for all the anxiety fans have been holding onto all these months. It is a shift that is more than welcome and sets the stage for a bigger story arc on the way, one where we may see hope rise once again into the hearts and minds of our disheveled heroes. One that will bring a bigger depth to the world Kirkman has created and give the reader a chance to breathe easier as they can focus on deeper characterization and less on shock and awe.

Some may be disappointed while others may be relieved, regardless, things change in this issue. I for one, thought that it was the weakest of the entire arc and did not have the emotional pull that the others manifested so well. Although the story stayed true to the rest of the tale, it was a decent wrap up issue, a great launch pad for the bigger world for the Walking Dead.

Buy it for the definitive fate of one of the most beloved characters, stay for an open door of possibilities!

Comic Book News

Advanced Review: The Walking Dead #106

Now that we have seen the extent of Neegan’s insanity and his peoples unnerving loyalty in issue #105, it is high time to see the fate of Carl! Well, not quite yet!

Robert Kirkman does what he does best in this latest issue of TWD. He ropes you in, making the storyline surround you and begin to close in. Your fear for the characters and their fates becomes palpable, there is a moment when you are on the fringe, unnerved and clamoring for what comes next. And then he pulls back! He slows the tale down, giving some much needed time to the development of other characters, ones that might not pull on the heartstrings quite as much. And you can breathe again. 

This is exactly what transgresses between the pages of #106. We touch upon the fates of Carl and Rick, weaving in a little more uncertainty about the mental state of Neegan, and then we focus on others in the group and how they are dealing with the notion of Rick working with Neegan. It is a much slower pace than some of the last issues, but a much needed one as well. It gives the reader time to delve into the psyches of the second tier characters and how they are dealing with Rick’s lie. Some moments can be perceived as foreshadowing of worse things to come, but what can be worse than the fate awaiting Carl?

That’s where Kirkman truly encompasses the reader. The hints and misdirection, the foreshadowing and the let down, it’s the continual tease of what could happen next that makes this book so enticing! It is the subtle hints that all may not be well that drives you insane in his stories, but that’s the best kind of storytelling, the kind that makes you crave more!

By books end you are coaxed into a sense of comfort, you have made it through another great book with not too much blood on your hands. And then the hits come, the last page turns and the air is squeezed from your lungs. The cliffhanger rings out and you curse the next thirty days for being so long away.

Damn you Kirkman, why did you have to make these characters so good!