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Joss Whedon Responds To Justice League Allegations, Gal Gadot, Ray Fisher

With the Snyder Verse over and done with, Joss Whedon can now work on rebuilding his image, as an interview was released on MLK Day where the director responded to the Justice League allegations, including Gal Gadot and Ray Fisher. Below are some highlights; read the full interview at Vulture (bold my own follows). I’ll offer

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Geoff Johns Back At DC Comics With ‘Flashpoint Beyond’

DC Comics announces a new comic book series from Geoff Johns with Flashpoint Beyond, with art by Eduardo Risso. Details include Flashpoint Beyond will be a six-issue mini-series written by Geoff Johns, Jeremy Adams, and Tim Sheridan, with art by Xermánico, available bi-weekly Starting on April 19. Find the full details and a preview below.

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‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Should Have Used Original Villain Plans

It’s learned there were plans for a different villain for Wonder Woman 1984 prior to using Cheetah and Max Lord, both of which turned out awful.  In the Wonder Woman 1984 “Making Of” featurette, co-writer and producer Geoff Johns revealed the original plan. “We had toyed around early on about using the Duke of Deception, but

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WarnerMedia CEO Shoots Down Ray Fisher Justice League Claims

WarnerMedia CEO Ann Sarnoff shoots down claims made by Ray Fisher in regards to interference and racism while filming the 2017 Justice League movie with Joss Whedon, Geoff Johns, and Jon Berg. Among Fisher’s allegations includes that Joss Whedon replaced actors of color in Justice League and lightened their skin, with Fisher also claiming that

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Geoff Johns Still At WB, DC Despite Ray Fisher Claims

Despite claims made by Ray Fisher, it is reported that Geoff Johns is still at Warner Bros. and DC who is involved with films and TV projects. Fisher, who has been accusing Johns, Joss Whedon, and Jon Berg, of various allegations in regards to filming the Justice League movie, claimed on Twitter on Thursday that

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Zack Snyder Responds To Patty Jenkins’ Weak Wonder Woman

Following Patty Jenkins stating she didn’t like a Wonder Woman who was “harsh and tough and cutting people’s heads off,” Zack Snyder responds on Twitter quite epically. Jenkins recently appeared on Marc Maron’s “WTF” podcast in December, where she talked about developing Wonder Woman for ten years at Warner Bros and said the following (via IndieWire):

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Review: DC Comics Rebirth #1


(If you have not read Justice League #50, do so BEFORE you read this review…you won’t regret it!)


Superman is dying, Darkseid is a baby, Wonder Woman has a twin brother, there are THREE Jokers, Sector 2814 gets ANOTHER Green Lantern and Lex Luthor is the new Man of Steel! You may think DC is really pushing the envelope with Rebirth after hearing all of that, then you realize, you just read Justice League #50 and haven’t even started Rebirth yet! 

Geoff Johns has become the spokesperson for DC’s new Rebirth project, and whether you believe this isn’t a “reboot” or not, I have to say that he has truly convinced me that this story is well beyond the standard “reboot” fundamentals. From page one you are immersed in a tale that weaves in and out of current DC stories and, instead of denying that they ever existed, enhances them to a point that they form one grand story that surpasses them all. 

Our narrator, the original Wally West, pulls us along as he tries to reconnect with those who may remember him, since he has been trapped in the Speed Force since the Flashpoint storyline. He takes us through various points of the current DCU, “eavesdropping” upon heroes, and we see that the universe we know is already in flux, eliminating some characters while setting others on center stage. Johns gives us a huge story, eighty pages worth, that could have quickly become a convoluted mess of overlapping arcs that eventually lead to nowhere. Instead, he gives the readers just enough to pacify the curious and ensnare the enthralled, leaving both clamoring for what comes next. He bounces the tale from point to point, never losing sight of the eventual shocking payoff and never cheapening the way to get there. Johns, through Wally, asks questions that DC fans have asked since the “New 52″started and in a way, though veiled, we are given some answers that are not glazed over and eventually, promise to be fleshed out thoroughly. 

To give away all of Johns surprises, would only do a disservice to the book and the reader. It is so rich in both detail and surprise that it can only be enjoyed properly by reading it yourself. You will be so shocked and enamored by the dynamic tale Johns lays out before you that, you can’t help but resent the days until all the Rebirth books are released!

On the “Rebirth” promotional tour, Geoff Johns would always read this quote, “I love this world. But there’s something missing.” Well, Mr. Johns, DC may have been missing something, but I think you just found it again! 

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Review: Forever Evil #7 (of 7)

The long awaited conclusion to Forever Evil is here and BIG changes are in store for the DCU! It seems as though we have been waiting “forever” for this issue to hit the stands, but it is well worth the wait!

Geoff Johns has created a tale that will bring long lasting changes to all the corners of the New 52, a feat that has been promised with other crossover events throughout comicdom but never seems to pay off well. Believe me, by the time you turn the final page, you will be gasping for air!

Beginning directly where issue six left off, this issue begins in a rush. It feels that mere seconds pass between the first few pages and the shock of issue six’s conclusion is lost just as quickly as our heroes and villains ready themselves for an even more brutal attack. It is no holds barred as all the pieces fall on the table and Johns entices readers with page after page of devastating battles that culminate in more than just a few deaths. David Finch draws some of his best work and stages the layouts in glorious ways to harness the sheer brutality of each and every fight. Every panel feels like a splash page of ferocity even though there is only a single splash page in the book and it comes at the very end!

Even though Johns is quite generous with the amount of eye popping violence throughout the tale, it is the quieter moments that truly define it. Johns finds the true voice of Lex Luthor in this issue. He is an amalgam and every tiny nuance comes into play. From his brilliant deduction skills to a deep rooted sadness over the loss of “family,” Johns makes him THE best villain in the entire DCU in a single issue. There are instances where you will be left speechless and one that will spark controversy, but all of them culminate in an epic tale that is at the pinnacle of perfection.  

I could tell you TONS of spoilers, but that’s not my thing! What I do want is for you to run out, get this book and behold the beginning of a darker world. One where the line between hero and villain has become blurred, where a man who has saved them all may have more than just good intentions up his sleeve. One where Lex Luthor has become greater than he ever was before!

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Review: Forever Evil #5



Geoff Johns has given DC fans a well executed tale that shines a spotlight on those we normally see through the eyes of the superhero. Villains tend to be a one trick pony but, in Forever Evil, we have the chance to delve deeper into certain individuals machinations as to why they do what they do and in this instance, see them as not so much villains but heroes no matter what their grand scheme may be!

So far, Johns’ mini series has been laced with some subtle and not so subtle nods to past storylines, the inclusion of Otis from Donner’s Superman, the creation of B Zero, Batman wearing the Yellow Lantern ring, this issue however forgoes those subtleties and focuses more on the all out action! The tale straddles two fronts, Luthor’s legion in Wayne Enterprises and Sinestro’s battle with Power Ring. Although Johns begins his story with Luthor’s monolog, it is the sheer viciousness and unyielding might of Sinestro that truly drives the story and in the end, leaves the Crime Syndicate reeling with the loss of a core member! 

Johns doesn’t strictly rely on death and destruction this issue either. Power plays are exchanged, roles are reversed and an uneasy alliance between Luthor’s legion and the Bat and Cat emerge. Johns creates a well played chess match that unfolds before your very eyes, one that will leave you rife with questions and an eagerness for what is next to come! My only qualm, regarding this overall story, is that it does not unfold into other DC core books to further enhance it. There have been so many interesting pieces to Forever Evil that it would only benefit by reaching into other books, besides the Justice League titles, and emerge from just an isolated mini into an epic event!

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Review: Justice League #23.4: Secret Society

All in all, DC’s grand scheme to bring about a focus on their villains has been extremely flat. Most books have been only used to tell you what to buy next without giving you a story that would actually make you want to do so! Add to that, the negative hype regarding the 3D cover shortage and the dollar price hike and DC has really painted themselves into a corner.

There have, however, been a few exceptions to the rule and Justice League #23.4 is a shinning example of what this entire event should have been!

Geoff Johns and Sterling Gates give us a glance into the villainous world of Owlman and the alternate version of Alfred Pennyworth, in which evil reigns supreme and history is twisted. Bat fans will enjoy seeing the legend they love so much be shown in a completely different light, one where Thomas Wayne has taken up the mantle of the Bat and Alfred seems to be pulling the strings of the Dark Knight. Speckled with a myriad of Bat characters, this story has that subtle “Easter egg” feel to it, but it is the tale of Alfred and his inevitable change into the character wrecking so much havoc on the Justice League that is the most compelling. 

This tale is by far the pinnacle of this “event” for DC. Where other books have failed to grab the reader, partially due to a ton of fill-in writers on the stories, Johns and Gates have created something that has depth and is truly character driven. Not only does their tale deliver on developing a marvelous “new” villain but it directly leads to pertinent storylines in the “Forever Evil” mini-series. Coupled with dark and gritty art by the fabulous Szymon Kudranski, this book is the overall best effort put out so far and it will actually make you want to continue with next month’s Forever Evil #2!

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Review: Justice League Of America #1

There is something amiss in the DCU. The Justice League, a team that has been put on a pedestal by the general public, has been falling out of favor with the U.S. government. Mostly resulting from the ramifications of the attack by Atlantis, the Justice League now finds itself with a target on it’s back, one that has been put there by the same people that helped to back them in the first place. Now, another team has been put into play, and this one has been hand picked to take the Justice League down!

Blockbuster scribe Geoff Johns and fan-favorite artist David Finch have come together to give us a tale of deep intrigue, covert operations and betrayal that will both excite and captivate readers. Though the general outline of the story has been done many times before -government covert ops set up a team of super powered individuals to take down other super powered individuals – it is the structure and scope of the tale that will entice readers to dive into the series wholeheartedly. Through flashback sequences mingled with aspects happening in the present, Johns builds a powerful story of a manipulative Amanda Waller that will not take no for an answer as she builds her ultimate team to become the poster child of the U.S.. government.

The tale is steeped in collusion, bringing some fan-favorite characters back into the DCU in completely new ways and bringing them to the forefront, whether they like it or not. Personally, it was a pleasure just to see Star Girl and Hawkman in the same book once again, and although they have become foreign to me in their New 52 incarnations, they are as exciting to me now as they were the first time I read them in James Robinson and David Goyer’s JSA #1 in 1999! But the character to watch will be Vibe — I know, I can’t believe I said it either! With a completely new origin, Vibe has the potential to become a truly fantastic character and one that will far surpass it’s previous incarnation.

Although Johns weaves a fantastic first issue of beguilement, it is David Finch’s artistic duties that catapults this book further than it would have reached with a lesser talent. His work on Avengers was great but this is truly something special! Darker and using slightly different techniques to diversify the core characters, Finch has given his all for this book. He has gone from a well rounded penciler to an outstanding artist that will tantalize the eyes.

As “set-up” issues go, it is outstanding and will envelop you into Johns’ vision of the new JLA! His opening salvo into a darker era is intense and exceptional while his choices for the team and the reasoning behind them are fantastic, if not somewhat diabolical. I can’t wait for everyone to see who is chosen to take out whom, it will definitely light up the message boards! So, choose your individual state flag cover and get to reading!

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Review: Justice League #0

Do not fret Justice League fans, although not a single Leaguer is seen in this book, it is still a great story that gives us the New 52 origin of Shazam!

Finally, no longer just a back-up story, Geoff Johns gives fans what they have been clamoring for! Billy Batson may have entered this series as a mere troubled boy, but he emerges as the wielder of the living lightning — Shazam!

The story is one of power and what you can do when the odds that have always been stacked against you, come crumbling down. What would you do if you were suddenly able to do anything you could ever dream of? What if you could do anything, but still retained the mind of a troubled youth — one that has seen too many hardships over the years? Would you squander it, do horrible things with it or just have fun with it?

Johns isn’t afraid to ask the smart questions in this book, but at times his tale seems to parallel Mark Millar’s Superior mini-series far too closely. Not to say this tale doesn’t have a unique story to tell, quite the contrary, but it does have similarities that are far too glaring. Similarities aside, the book itself is very well done and will make any fan glad that Shazam is back in the DC Universe!

As good as the core story is, the back-up is the one that will garner the most buzz. Written by Johns and drawn by Ethan Van Sciver, we are drawn into the web of the enigmatic — Trinity of Sin. We witness Pandora’s frustration over her judgment and finally get to see a fleeting glimpse of the mysterious “third” sinner. What we don’t know is why these beings are here, what they mean to do and if they are working for or against mankind. A truly rich and intriguing finish to a great book, one that will leave you with questions. Or better yet, THE Question!

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Advanced Review: Green Lantern #0

First, there was all the hype regarding the reexamining of the Alan Scott character. Then last week we saw “the kiss heard around the world” as Superman and Wonder Woman locked lips! This week is Geoff Johns’ turn to generate hype for the DC Universe! The introduction of a new Green Lantern is never an easy task, especially when it revolves around such a hot button issue such as religion.

When the first pictures arose of Simon Baz, the new GL, there was already people up in arms regarding the fact he was holding a gun. But when it was revealed he was Arab-American — it became an intensely more heated discussion. 

Geoff Johns has crafted many outstanding tales for the entirety of the DC Universe and Green Lantern #0 is more of the same. He has created a character that, not only will be controversial, but has a depth and range that far outreaches the shackles laid upon him by the public over his religion. Empathetic and jarring, the tale follows Simon from an innocent youth to criminal intentions in his adulthood, making him nothing short of a questionable “hero.” And therein lies the intrigue! Johns tale is littered with enigmas, from Baz’s past to his current stressful situation, the reader is bombarded with an array of winding questions that leave you craving more. 

Insightful, and well paced, Johns has broken through the walls of the status quo, creating a character that may not be worthy of the power he is bestowed but has the heart and drive to. An everyman that is just trying to do right by his family, and we can all empathize with that.

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Advanced Review: Justice League #12

Everyone has been clamoring over the image of Superman and Wonder Woman in a passionate embrace that adorns the cover of Justice League #12. It has been donned here at the CBN offices as, “The kiss heard around the world!” But, is the hype regarding this image actually warranted? Does the book stand on it’s own merit, or is it just an afterthought overshadowed by the big, money grab cover?

I am pleased to say, that issue 12 has been one of the best books of this entire run! Rife with characterization, Johns and his army of artistic talent, have crafted an outstanding tale that is a solid foundation for all the pomp and circumstance that comes with it’s cover. One that finally shows, an often at odds group of heroes, meld into something they haven’t truly been before — a team! Relying on each other, seeing each other’s fears and overcoming them as a single unit, the Justice League solidifies itself just in time to see it all come crashing down. Subsequent events will forever change the dynamic of these heroes, but it is their journey together that makes this book worthwhile. 

Johns has taken every essential aspect needed to craft the perfect tale, stirred them together and created something better than the sum of their parts. He both excites and moves us, from our rudimentary need for action to our longing to be understood by another — it is pitch perfect! And the cover, which will be eclipsed by the story within (trust me!), is just icing on the cake. Nothing can overshadow the frailty Johns bestows on his godlike characters. The least human of characters that can become the epitome of humanity in one single moment! Amazing!

This is my pick for best book of the week — hands down! Not for the kiss, but for what transpires to make the kiss occur.

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The “DOC’s” Top Of The Pile for February 29th, 2012

The “DOC’s” Top Of The Pile

By: Chris “DOC” Bushley

(A weekly quick pick of the five titles that should reside at the top of your pull list. In no particular order!)



I do the research, you reap the reward! Before you head out to your favorite shop today, be sure to add these five books to your list of goodies. Forget that apple a day nonsense, this “DOC’s” prescription to good health begins with these top five books of the week!

1.  Moon Knight #10:  Echo is dead, Moon Knight is in a hospital under police custody and Madame Masque has set her sights on retrieving the stolen Ultron armor! This book may be going out, but Bendis is definitely having it go out with a — BANG!

2.  Invincible #89:  Invincible goes Ultimate Spidey style with this one and the status quo will never be the same again! Kirkman brings the cosmic back to the forefront — at least one company does! Check out the full review.

3.  The Walking Dead #94:  Kirkman does it again and sets us all up for a world of hurt! Is Jesus truly a peace bringer or a “piece” bringer? Only time will tell but it all starts here! Check ou my full review for more speculation! Full review!

4.  Tiny Titans #49:  The penultimate book of the Eisner award winning series by Art Baltazar and Franco! The all “Squishy” issue is the perfect read for parents and children that incorporates current storylines into their banter. Like how Beast Boy and Robin discuss how Superman no longer wears “red undies” on his costume! Aw Yeah Titans!

5.  Justice League #6:  This is the best of the best and the type of story that reminds us how good comics can be! Plus, a back up story featuring Pandora and The Phantom Stranger! Does Pandora look a little familiar to anyone else or is it just me? Maybe I’m just over Zealous! Check out my review here!

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Advanced Review: Justice League #6

There is only one word that can be used to properly describe Justice League #6. It is a word that I have only used once before to review a book. It is a word that has lost it’s impact in recent years, becoming a type of catchphrase in social media, used by people that cannot see it’s true scope. By definition it means:

1. A literary or dramatic composition that resembles an extended narrative poem, celebrating the feats of a legendary or traditional hero. 2. Surpassing the usual or ordinary, particularly in scope or size. 3. Heroic and impressive in quality.

Geoff Johns and Jim Lee have brought together the Justice League for the first time — once again! Few of us remember the original origins of the Justice League, but no one will forget it the second time around! Darkseid has conquered many planets before and now he has his sights on earth. He says he is here for “her” and will stop at nothing to obtain his goal. He would have destroyed us easily, if not for the seven strangers that have aligned themselves to stand against him. Now they will stop at nothing to send Darkseid back to where he came from!

The scope of this tale is the exact reason why I started reading comics! The adrenaline, the art, the characterization and the pure heroism that leaves you breathless; these are the things that capture the soul of the comics industry! A whispered cheer escapes your lips as Superman slams into Darkseid. Amazement glazes over your eyes as Cyborg finds that he is more than the sum of his mechanical parts. And euphoria floods every pore of your body as the Justice League stands before you, and their adoring public, for the first time. An unstable team of individuals that would die for the very world they call home. It is “super hero” comics at it’s finest hour, spinning glimpses of nostalgia into something amazing for the future. One that I hope will see Johns and Lee teaming together for a very long time!

So, to return to my original statement, the only word that can describe, not only the sum of the book but every individual page, is — EPIC!      

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Review: Justice League #5

Destruction rains down wherever the eye can see. Creatures from another world soar through the air, causing chaos to the very fabric of the earth. All this, the pain, the suffering, is being done on the breath of a single name — Darkseid!

Johns and Lee pit our newly formed heroes against one of the greatest foes the world has ever seen! And the victor in this malevolent battle — the reader!

I must say, that between Lee and his bevy of inkers and colorists, this is the best work he has put out to date. Not only beautiful, it is explosive and fluid — creating page after page of pure excitement! If this book doesn’t get your pulse pounding — you’re dead inside!

Not to be outdone by his artistic counterpart, Geoff Johns creates a tale that is brimming with action and yet, focuses in on select characters of the team to further enhance who they are. Yes, we all know these characters, but Johns brings new niches to their iconic status. He makes them fresh and energetic for not only new fans, but for all fans of these beloved characters. I personally appreciate that Johns does not set these heroes up as the near omnipotent Justice League that they will become. Remember, this story takes place five years in the past, this team is actually forming before your eyes and Johns makes their partnership faulty at best. But, it is the lack of leadership, even teamwork, that makes this book so well done. Plus, Johns has made Green Lantern one of the cockiest S.O.B.’s around, and yet, he gets pummeled EVERY issue! Brilliant stuff! 

The alien, the amazon, the cyborg, the king, the lightning bolt, the hotshot and the human; all heroes in their own right, must finally learn to depend on others to topple this unstoppable force set before them — before it’s too late! An amazing book, full of velocity, ferocious action and whip smart tenacity; this one should sit proudly atop your pull list. Pull up a chair and watch Hal Jordan break! Too bad it wasn’t Ryan Reynolds instead!

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Review: Justice League #1

I hold in my hand — the beginning. The new era at DC has emerged from the pages of Flashpoint #5, and I am torn between a feeling of loss and utter excitement. What we knew has changed with the speed of light, and what we are left with is something strangely familiar yet, curiously

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Review: Flashpoint #5 (of 5)

The end is here and the CBN offices are blown away by the shocking, yet some say — confusing, end to an era of DC comics! Me? I say bring it on! Geoff Johns continual love affair with Barry Allen has turned the DC Universe on it's ear, creating one of the most creative stories

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Review: Flashpoint #3 (of 5)

*Warning: Spoilers*   The hair on your arms stand up as the crackle of ion fills the air. There is a storm emerging from the heavens, one that can change the fate of a world with a single bolt of lightning. But the man that awaits this miraculous gift lays broken and dying, his body

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