David Zaslav Targets DC Comics: Failures Exposed

Warner Bros. Discovery accounting is said to be taking a hard look at DC Comics.

Warner Bros. Discovery accounting is said to be taking a hard look at DC Comics.

David Zaslav Targets DC Comics: Failures Exposed

In addition to the film and TV division, now Warner Bros. Discovery and David Zaslav have their sights set on the failing DC Comics division.

As I have been reporting on for years, DC Comics has been in dire straits due to its SJW and woke agenda where the company doesn’t care about the fans, doesn’t care about the characters, doesn’t care about quality content, and doesn’t care about making money (much like Marvel Comics).

Well, with the new merger it’s all coming to a head for Jim Lee and Marie Javins as it is reported the accounting offices of Warner Bros. Discovery have been taking a hard look at the books of DC Comics, where things are so bad that only Batman sells, as last month saw over half of the comics published not making the Top 100 list of sales.

It’s also no coincidence that at Comic-Con and following that DC Comics has made big announcements, which includes Todd McFarlane and Greg Capullo on a Spawn/Batman crossover, Geoff Johns is involved with the “New Golden Age” of DC Comics and JSA (right in time for Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam who I have been told wants to take over the DC films) and Stargirl.

The November 2022 solicits also saw reveals involving Marc Silvestri on Batman & The Joker, a relaunch of Wildcats and Wildstorm, the return of Superman, and more. I’ve also been told in the works include some sort of “Stan Lee take” on the DC characters.


David Zaslav and Warner Bros. Discovery accounting taking hard look at DC Comics

YouTuber Thinking Critical reveals what is happening is that David Zaslav and Warner Bros. Discovery are getting to DC Comics a lot faster than most people thought they would, which explains why all the recent big announcements.

A source for the YouTuber reportedly works in the accounting field that has sources at the accounting departments of both Disney and Warner Bros.

It’s said the accounting division of Warner Bros. Discovery is questioning DC Comics on why they aren’t making money and they want to be told exactly what the state of DC Comics is, which is said to have already happened as Warner Bros. Discovery accounting requested management reports from Warner Bros. for all print DC Comics of all formats allocating total overhead for each book title to see which are winners and losers.

“Things are tanking across the board due to bad management, terrible editorial, and just some of the worst creative decisions we’ve seen in the history of DC Comics,” states the YouTuber.

Warner Bros. accounting is said to have told Warner Bros. Discovery accounting that they have over 30 years worth of data they can provide, so Discovery sent someone over within an hour to pick up the data, which has exposed all of DC’s failures as the company hasn’t been profitable.

It’s said the next day following receiving the reports, the Warner Bros. Discovery accounting offices started asking questions: Who have these management reports been sent to? Why are loser titles being kept on in print and extended? How can we double-check who authorized all these decisions? Do you know of any common sense reasons for purposely losing money on DC floppies, and so on.


Hammer is about to drop on DC Comics

Much like former Green Lantern artist Ethan Van Sciver has suggested, the YouTuber suggests Jim Lee’s days as an excutive are over at DC Comics, but that Lee still may remain onboard creatively doing various art chores (it’s also been suggested Jim Lee may jump ship to Marvel).

“They want to know who made these decisions when these things were failing. Who decided to keep them failing and continue on in the current direction? Why did you hire all these unfit creators that drove your fanbase away? Most importantly of all, why are you purposely losing money on your products that you are selling?” states the YouTuber about the accounting offices of Discovery questioning DC Comics.

“The hammer is about to drop on DC Comics,” adds the YouTuber.

Regarding the future of DC Comics, again much Van Sciver, the YouTuber suggests DC Comics will feature mostly Batman titles, a Superman title or two, Justice League, and then not much else, as Jim Lee and Marie Javins, in their incompetence, have only shown Batman to be successful while everything else is toxic.

“The day of reckoning is here for DC Comics and their management staff… In my opinion and in the opinion of a lot of DC Comics fans, this right now, the here and now is the worst era in the history of DC Comics as far as quality publishing, quality creative, it’s all terrible across the board,” says the YouTuber.

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