Geoff Johns’ Wife Refutes Ray Fisher Racism Claims: ‘Part Of A Black Family’


It turns out that Geoff Johns might actually be in the clear and might not be the villain of the DCEU as he has been made out to be.

Following accusations from Ray Fisher who accused Johns of being a racist while filming the 2017 Justice League movie and involvement in SYFY’s Krypton show, USA Today happened to reach out to Johns’ ex-wife who is a black woman.

USA Today reports Johns’ ex-wife, Anissa Dorsey, stood by her former spouse, saying she “will always believe he is innocent of these racist stories and fictitious allegations against him.”

“I am a proud, beautiful, strong, and intelligent black woman from Louisiana and I ran to California to escape real racism,” Dorsey said in a statement to the site. “Geoff has enjoyed and been a part of a black family since 2000 and someone’s bad feelings cannot erase that time nor the truth.”

Former DC Comics artist Ethan Van Sciver has also publicly refuted Fisher’s claims of racism against Johns and said Johns, whom he worked at DC for over 20 years with, is no racist. Van Sciver was actually the first to come out and state that Johns was no racist and had a black ex-wife. 

What’s rather interesting about Fisher’s claims against Johns is that in an article published by THR, Fisher says he had what sounds like only one conversation with Johns, which didn’t sound racist at all (Johns also wrote Cyborg for DC Comics), but Fisher says a third party filled him in about racist claims, which is hearsay when it comes down to it.

Fisher has yet to actually prove anything and a former federal judge and lawyer that worked the Justice League investigation also said Fisher’s racism claims are baseless.

Zack Snyder Justice League

Zack Snyder to blame?

What is also interesting is that the article at THR is blaming Fisher’s actions on Zack Snyder, as the article offers:

For their part, Warners sources contend that Fisher was being manipulated by Snyder, who hoped to reclaim control of the DC film universe.

This is something that I have suspected myself (Zack has a great PR team), and that is it’s no coincidence that Fisher came out with all these accusations around the time of the release of the Snyder Cut of the Justice League movie.

I have also suspected it was Snyder’s camp who was leaking info to YouTuber Grace Randolph about Geoff Johns, as Randolph has come out numerous times against Johns, but as I have said, when it comes down to it, it’s Snyder’s fault his DCEU failed, which is because of Man of Steel

While I have no insider knowledge, I’m betting Johns and Snyder butted heads over the portrayals of the DC characters, as Johns probably wanted them similar to the comics, but as seen in the Snyder DCEU movies and Snyder’s outrageous Justice League sequel plans, Zack wanted to basically destroy the characters, which is what he did to Superman and was going to do to Batman.

Johns couldn’t let that happen. Good for him.

(via USA Today)