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Bokeem Woodbine Cast As Another Spider-Man: Homecoming Villain

By my count this makes three, possibly four, potential villains for Spider-Man: Homecoming.

THR reports Bokeem Woodbine has been cast as another bad guy, though the role is unknown.

Michael Keaton has already been said to be playing Vulture, with Logan Marshall-Green said to be a secondary villain.

Better Call Saul‘s Michael Mando may be playing some sort of villain as well.

While shades of Spider-Man 3 come to mind, bear in mind some of these villains could simply be “bad guys,” meaning drug lords or burglars and not necessarily super villains.

It’s also possible they could be setting up super villains down the road (Sinister Six?), with the actors playing their alter-ego in Spider-Man: Homecoming (i.e. Norman Osborn; then a later movie sees Green Golbin).

“Spider-Man: Homecoming” has a July 7, 2017 release directed by Jon Watts also starring Robert Downey Jr., Michael Keaton, Marisa Tomei, Laura Harrier, Tony Revolori, Michael Barbieri, Kenneth Choi, Martin Starr, Donald Glover, Isabella Amara, Jorge Lendeborg Jr. and JJ Totah.


Spider-Man Sony Hacked Documents Now Online


The leaked e-mails and documents as a result of the recent Sony hack are now online.

WikiLeaks published all the hacked documents, which includes information on Spider-Man and Marvel.

The WikiLeaks site has a search engine which allows users to input keywords, with “Spider-Man” returning more than 1000 results (inputting “Marvel” yields a similar number).

Leaked e-mails also reveal communications between Pascal and Disney billionaire and Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter.

E-mails reveal that Pascal and Perlmutter had a friendly relationship as e-mails are regularly sent back and forth between the two ranging from Pascal congratulating Marvel for a movie’s success, to Perlmutter and Pascal talking about Kevin Feige, to Perlmutter offering Pascal a Happy Jewish New Year and a happy birthday.

Further e-mails reveal some sort of problem with Drew Goodard as litigation is cited. E-mails from Head Of Marvel TV Jeph Loeb state something about litigation, Drew Goddard, Sony and Netflix – with Perlmutter replying to Pascal they should be “very concerned,” which was dated April 15, 2014. Subsequent e-mails read Marvel worked everything out, with Pascal excited for the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Goddard writing Sinister Six. Perlmutter regularly replies Marvel and Disney will help in any way and often calls Spider-Man, Marvel’s “baby.”

An e-mail sent from the CEO of Sony, Michael Lynton, reads he thought putting Spider-Man in Captain America 3 served no benefit to Marvel: “Putting Spider-Man in Captain America 3 with Chris Evans and with Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man doesn’t provide much benefit to Marvel, but it definitely provides a significant amount of benefit to Sony and to Spider-Man.”

An e-mail offers a tidbit about Sinister Six in that Spider-Man is set to appear. Andrew Garfield had questions about his pay as he wondered if it would be the equivalent of  an “Amazing Spider-Man 3,” as well as if it would fulfill his three movie contract obligation. Sony’s Doug Belgrad told Garfield’s reps Sinister Six was a “standalone” with Spider-Man only set to “appear.” In addition, a Sony e-mail reads they are not paying Garfield “the same money.”

Another e-mail from Perlmutter to Lynton reads Perlmutter apparently is against solo female movies and cites Electra, Catwoman and Supergirl as being “disasters.”

An e-mail from an executive at Marvel, John Turitzin, concerns Fox’s Deadpool movie as an article at Variety is cited to state Kevin Feige is producing. Turitzin’s e-mail to Bob Cohen of Fox Studios tells Fox that isn’t the case and to correct their information. The e-mail says Marvel doesn’t want people to think there is a chance of a Marvel / Fox crossover with the “falsehood” of Feige being involved on Deadpool (dated October 2014).

Regarding Spider-Man returning to Marvel, e-mails from Lynton to Perlmutter feature a list of articles on various sites, dated October 2014, about the character’s return. Perlmutter states some of the mainstream press is asking about Spider-Man returning to Marvel – with Perlmutter questioning “how can this be?” – and states it could be a problem. Lynton responds it has been brought to his attention, but he has no idea where it’s coming from, and that it can be ignored.

Other leaked Spider-Man documents include information on the Amazing Spider-Man films media budget, TV spots, Amazing Spider-Man 2 Superbowl trailer, marketing strategy (where a memo mentions they think AS2 will do better than the first), and lots more.

Bear in mind the e-mails were date 2014, so obviously things could have changed regarding some of the contents and subjects (and obviously have such as Spider-Man now a part of Marvel).


Kevin Feige Not Involved With Spider-Man Spinoffs: New Spidey In High School


Last night saw the news of Spider-Man being a part of the Marvel movie universe with the news Spidey set to appear first in a Marvel Studios movie followed by a Sony solo film.

The news also made mention that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige would be onboard the new Spider-Man as a producer.

Now details regarding the Sony and Marvel deal have apparently come to light as Variety offers the following details:

It’s actually said to be a “free” deal as Marvel Studios won’t have to pay Sony for the use of Spider-Man in Captain America 3, an Avengers movie or any other film.

It’s also reported Marvel won’t be receiving a cut of the box office from Sony’s Spider-Man movies, and  also that Sony will not be getting anything for the Marvel movies.

It is said Marvel may benefit from the Sony Spider-Man films if the new Spider-Man movies hit certain box office milestones, with that deal being likened to more of a producer structure.

How the deal benefits both sides is that Spider-Man gives both Sony and Marvel a way to generate more exposure for their properties as Spider-Man is one of the biggest household superhero names.

The report also states that Spider-Man will be recast, and they are looking for a younger actor to play the role as Spider-Man will have his roots set in high school.

It’s further said that Kevin Feige will not be involved with the planned Spider-Man spinoffs, Sinister Six, Venom, and the female-centric Spider-Man spinoff, which are still on the table.

Captain America: Civil War has a May 6, 2016 release; the new Spider-Man movie is set for July 28, 2017.


Andrew Garfield Said To Be Out; New Spider-Man To Be Cast & Sinister Six Cancelled


Moments ago Marvel announced Spider-Man will be featured in the MCU.

The big question on everybody’s mind is whether or not Andrew Garfield will return as the Amazing Spider-Man.

The official press release made no mention of Andrew Garfield and did state:  “the new Spider-Man.”

In addition, no mention was made of director Marc Webb or producer Avi Arad.

Now a reporter for The Wrap is stating Andrew Garfield is out and a new actor will be cast as Spider-Man.

“CONFIRMED: Andrew Garfield is NO LONGER Spider-Man,” Linda Ge tweeted. “Someone new will be cast. First appearance in MCU, then solo film.”

Likewise, a journalist for the Wall Street Journal also says Andrew Garfield will not be Spider-Man and adds Sinister Six will not be coming out next year.

“Andrew Garfield will not be in any more Spider-Man movies. Time to cast a new web-slinger!” Ben Fritz tweeted. “Sony will NOT release Sinister Six in Nov 2016, source says. Sony delaying, rethinking, but still developing in light of new deal.”

Marvel and Sony have given the new Spider-Man movie a July 28, 2017 release date.

Update: It’s now said Sinister Six is delayed.


Sony Teases Sinister Six & More Spider-Man

Following news that Sony will be possibly filming Sinister Six in Vancouver, a Sinister Six teaser image has been found as well.

Sony Brazil posted the following Sinister Six image a couple of weeks ago on Facebook, which reads (translated): “We have plans for you.”

Accompanying the image was the following text (translated): “many plans. #Spiderman”

There has been mention of Spider-Man going back to Marvel in Sony leaked e-mails, but most recently Sony and Marvel both shot down the rumor.

With the mention that Sony is looking to film Sinister Six in Vancouver and now Sony Brazil releasing the teaser image with mention of Spider-Man, it seems likely Sony is moving forward with Sinister Six, and possibly also will retain the rights to Spider-Man.

We see on the post that the Brazil fans are well aware of Spider-Man going back to Marvel as the top comment reads (translated): “We want him in Avengers. If this is the plan, I support … “



Sinister Six Said To Be Happening; Spider-Man Might Not Be At Marvel


A pair of interesting tweets, which have since been deleted, surfaced stating the Sinister Six movie is happening.

A resident of Vancouver tweeted, “It seems the @SinisterSix movie is going to shoot in Vancouver. I might see Spider-Man running around my hood! I’ll eat sand to be an extra.”

The Twitter user apparently got confirmation about Sinister Six from someone who worked on Planet of the Apes.

@Mugsyface dude who worked on Planet of the Apes and used our stock for it came back. Requested S6 stuff for research. Said it was happening.”

The news of Sony moving forward on Sinister Six brings up the question whether or not Spider-Man is back at Marvel.

According to leaked e-mails from back around November, Sony and Marvel were in talks for Spider-Man to return to Marvel.

The e-mails revealed that if Spider-Man returned to Marvel, Sony would be fast-tracking a new Spider-Man solo movie, and also that Sinister Six was up in the air.

A Spider-Man summit was also said to be held this month to determine the future of Spider-Man at Sony.

It’s possible with this news of Sony filming Sinister Six in Vancouver, that Sony is following their original plans to go with a Sinister Six movie first, possibly followed by Venom, a female superhero Spider-Man character film, and then Amazing Spider-Man 3.

In addition, both Sony and Marvel have recently denied rumors that Spider-Man is back at Marvel, with Sony stating the rumors had “no validity whatsoever” and Marvel seemingly being surprised by the latest rumors.


Leaked: Drew Goddard Says FU Doctor Strange; Tom Hardy Wanted As Sandman


New e-mails as a result of the Sony hacks reveal information about the Sinister Six movie.

E-mails obtained by a Twitter user reveal director Drew Goddard communicating with the co-head of Sony Pictures, Amy Pascal.

Goddard apparently sent Pascal an e-mail following an article published on Deadline in regards to potential actors for Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange movie with Tom Hardy and Benedict Cumberbatch.

In the e-mail, Goddard writes as if Tom Hardy is playing Flint Marco, aka Sandman.

Goddard goes on to give Amy Pascal talking points as to why Sinister Six is better than Marvel’s Doctor Strange.

Goddard also apparently gives away the ending to the film as he writes, “What does Dr. Strange have? Magic tricks? Fuck you, magic tricks — we’ve got a skyscraper Tom Hardy knocking down buildings!!!!” 

It probably should be noted the e-mail was sent in July, so things regarding Sinister Six could be changed as obviously Tom Hardy is playing Rick Flagg for Warner Bros.’ Suicide Squad movie in 2016.


Leaked: Sony’s Release Dates Includes Sinister Six and New Spider-Man


More information is learned regarding Sony’s movies from a series of hacks aimed at the company by a group calling themselves “The Guardians Of Peace.”

This time it’s Sony’s movie release dates, which includes Sinister Six for 2016, a Spider-Man film for 2017, the Jump Street and Men In Black crossover for either 2016 or 2017, the Django Unchained and Zorro sequel, and Valiant Comics’ Bloodshot.

Business Insider got ahold of the following, with the e-mails dated November 2014:

Ghostbusters (or 2017)
Angry Birds
Mib/jump street (2017)
Winters knight
Fifth wave 
Billy Lynn
Baby driver
Little woman

DJANGO zorro 
Jump street 
Girl team up 

Another e-mail that mentioned planning the future included:

The Craft
Lisa Joy
girl #2
Sausage Party
Pride and Prejudice Zombies
ghost house horror movie
Grown Ups 3

Another e-mail also mentions possible sequels for:

Jumanji reboot
Hotel Transylvania
Smurfs 3