Kevin Feige Not Involved With Spider-Man Spinoffs: New Spidey In High School



Last night saw the news of Spider-Man being a part of the Marvel movie universe with the news Spidey set to appear first in a Marvel Studios movie followed by a Sony solo film.

The news also made mention that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige would be onboard the new Spider-Man as a producer.

Now details regarding the Sony and Marvel deal have apparently come to light as Variety offers the following details:

It’s actually said to be a “free” deal as Marvel Studios won’t have to pay Sony for the use of Spider-Man in Captain America 3, an Avengers movie or any other film.

It’s also reported Marvel won’t be receiving a cut of the box office from Sony’s Spider-Man movies, and  also that Sony will not be getting anything for the Marvel movies.

It is said Marvel may benefit from the Sony Spider-Man films if the new Spider-Man movies hit certain box office milestones, with that deal being likened to more of a producer structure.

How the deal benefits both sides is that Spider-Man gives both Sony and Marvel a way to generate more exposure for their properties as Spider-Man is one of the biggest household superhero names.

The report also states that Spider-Man will be recast, and they are looking for a younger actor to play the role as Spider-Man will have his roots set in high school.

It’s further said that Kevin Feige will not be involved with the planned Spider-Man spinoffs, Sinister Six, Venom, and the female-centric Spider-Man spinoff, which are still on the table.

Captain America: Civil War has a May 6, 2016 release; the new Spider-Man movie is set for July 28, 2017.