Andrew Garfield Said To Be Out; New Spider-Man To Be Cast & Sinister Six Cancelled



Moments ago Marvel announced Spider-Man will be featured in the MCU.

The big question on everybody’s mind is whether or not Andrew Garfield will return as the Amazing Spider-Man.

The official press release made no mention of Andrew Garfield and did state:  “the new Spider-Man.”

In addition, no mention was made of director Marc Webb or producer Avi Arad.

Now a reporter for The Wrap is stating Andrew Garfield is out and a new actor will be cast as Spider-Man.

“CONFIRMED: Andrew Garfield is NO LONGER Spider-Man,” Linda Ge tweeted. “Someone new will be cast. First appearance in MCU, then solo film.”

Likewise, a journalist for the Wall Street Journal also says Andrew Garfield will not be Spider-Man and adds Sinister Six will not be coming out next year.

“Andrew Garfield will not be in any more Spider-Man movies. Time to cast a new web-slinger!” Ben Fritz tweeted. “Sony will NOT release Sinister Six in Nov 2016, source says. Sony delaying, rethinking, but still developing in light of new deal.”

Marvel and Sony have given the new Spider-Man movie a July 28, 2017 release date.

Update: It’s now said Sinister Six is delayed.