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First Look At Nicolas Cage As Dracula

Check out the first look at Nicolas Cage as Dracula in Renfield, the horror-comedy from Chris McKay, and Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead. posted the images featuring Nicolas Cage as the undead vampire where the actor can be seen with slick back hair, pale makeup, long fingernails, colorful jewelry, and a blood-red scarlet velvet …

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Nicolas Cage Cast As Dracula In ‘Renfield’ Chris McKay, Robert Kirkman Movie

Nicolas Cage is set to play none other than Dracula in a new monster movie from director Chris McKay which has the story and original pitch by The Walking Dead‘s Robert Kirkman. Details include the movie is titled Renfield and will star Nicholas Hoult as the titular character, from Universal Pictures, with the script by Ryan Ridley. Update: Awkwafina …

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Watch 5-Minute ‘Invincible’ Clip

Watch a five-minute clip for Robert Kirkman’s new Invincible animated series coming to Amazon Prime that is based on his stellar comic book of the same name. Clip description from IGN Fan Fest: In our exclusive clip from Amazon Prime Video’s adaption of Robert Kirman’s Invincible graphic novel, watch Mark Grayson (voiced by Steven Yeun) …

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The Walking Dead Getting Re-released In Full Color With Variant Covers

Image Comics, Robert Kirkman and Skybound have announced The Walking Dead will get re-released in full color featuring multiple variant covers. Kirkman surprisingly ended the series last Summer with issue #193. The re-release full-color series kicks off in October with The Walking Dead Deluxe #1. Find the details below. Press Release THE WALKING DEAD SERIES …

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Fear The Walking Dead & Talking Dead Get Renewed

Following the season 2 premiere of Fear The Walking Dead, AMC has now announced that series has been renewed for a Season 3 with 16 episodes in 2017.

“What Dave Erickson and Robert Kirkman have invented in Fear The Walking Dead is to be applauded,” said Charlie Collier, president of AMC, SundanceTV and AMC Studios. “Watching Los Angeles crumble through the eyes of our characters and seeing each make decisions and try to figure out the rules of their new world – it’s fresh, eerie and compelling and we’re all in for the ride. As Victor Strand observed, ‘The only way to survive a mad world is to embrace the madness.’ We thank the millions of fans for embracing this mad world and look forward to sailing far into the future.”

Fear the Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC and is the No. 2 show on cable (behind only The Walking Dead) and the No. 7 show in all of television – cable and broadcast – among adults 18-49 this season.

AMC has also announced Talking Dead will be back for another season.


AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead returns at sea, aboard the Abigail. The group is unaware of the true breadth of the apocalypse; they assume there still a chance that some city, state, or nation might be unaffected, some place where Infection has not hit. Abandoning land, Madison, Travis and Daniel gather their grieving families for ports unknown. But the respite of Strand’s ocean-side home is short-lived. They will discover that the water may be no safer than land. 


Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman & Scott Gimple Compare Season 6 Finale To Lost (LOL)

Dang it. I think Robert Kirkman has finally gone over to the dark side.

Following tonight’s uber disappointing Season 6 finale, spoke with Kirkman and showrunner Scott Gimple who comment on the cliffhanger and fan reaction to the episode.

What’s rather intersting is that the interview (more than likely) took place prior to the episode aired, so they knew going in that fans weren’t going to like it.

Gimple even compares the cliffhanger scene to Lost (lol).  Holy clueless.

I’m actually wonder if AMC themselves don’t even know who died. Think about it. Say for example, if Norman Reedus is leaving the series to do another, but his new series tanks, he may come back, so he’ll live. But say Reedus decides not to come back, then he dies. Honestly, it’s the only reason I can come up with that explains how bad the episode was.

Scott M. Gimple on the cliffhanger ending:

“The end of the story is what people saw. And when we reveal who was on the receiving end there, that’s going to be the start of another story. The kickback effects from that, what it makes everyone into, how people react, how the world changes for everyone, that’s the next part of the story.”

Kirkman on the cliffhanger ending:

“I’m feeling, oddly, great. I’m very excited where it’s at. What’s happening in the show is extremely sad and extremely depressing but I think it’s going to put us into a good place going into season 7.”

Kirkman on people being upset abot the cliffhanger:

“First of all, as a fan, I love cliffhangers. I love that tension. I love the anticipation of finding out what it is. If you read the comic book series, I think pretty much every issue ends with a big cliffhanger… And I think that’s a lot of fun. But this story, the cliffhanger isn’t the story. The story of the episode, and Scott and Matt Negrete did such a great hob of setting up how confident Rick was going into this. This episode is about the loss of that confidence. It’s about changing that mindset. It’s about tearing Rick Grimes down and that’s the conclusion of this story. So while it does seem like a cliffhanger, that’s the conclusion. And the story of who died, the story of what comes next, of who Negan killed, of what comes after that, that’s really the story of season 7.”

Gimple on people being upset about the cliffhanger:

“I would say, when they opened up the hatch [on Lost], we had to wait and see who was in the hatch. I liked thinking about that. I liked talking about it. … We have to do an episode that justifies it to you. We have to do something so great and so intense that you’re like ‘Okay, all right, fair play.’ That’s the challenge we have and we’re going to do it. We’re going to deliver you something fantastic. … We want you to be one of those people in that lineup. We want you to feel that suspense and that terror and that pain, and were going to deliver you a story next season that justifies it.”